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 Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Not Working

The parts or conditions listed below for the symptom. Refrigerator ice dispenser not working are ordered from most likely to least likely to occur

Refrigerator ice dispenser not working

Commercial Refrigerator ice dispenser not working

Cause 1 – Dispenser control board

The dispenser control board controls most functions on the dispenser system. If the Dispenser control board is faulty, power supply to the entire dispenser system may be compromised. Only one element on the dispenser system is not working, test all other elements before considering the dispenser control board. If No elements of the dispenser system is working, it is very possible that the dispenser control board is malfunctioning.

Cause 2 – Dispenser switch

A dispenser switch sends electricity to the dispenser. If one of the switches is faulty the dispenser will not work. To determine if a dispenser switch is faulty, use a multi-meter to test the continuity of every switch; replace the ones that have no continuity.

Cause 3 – Dispenser Actuator

The dispenser actuator interacts with the switches, they interact with the auger motor, and other parts of the dispenser system. If the actuator is broken, it is very likely that switches are not activated correctly or not at all. Inspect the dispenser actuator; and if it is broken, replace it.

Cause 4 – Auger motor.

The auger motor spins the blade in the auger; and pushes ice by the ice dispenser chute. If the auger motor is burnt or malfunctioning, ice will not move to the front and fall down the chute. In order to determine if the auger motor is faulty, remove the ice bucket and spin the auger by hand. If it turns freely, use a multimeter to test the motor’s continuity. If it has no continuity or if it receives electricity but still does not work, replace the auger motor.

Cause 5 – Dispenser’s solenoid.

The dispenser solenoid opens a trap door in the refrigerator door. To release the ice and once ice has been dispensed; closes the trap door. If the dispenser solenoid is faulty, dispenser door will not open. To determine if the solenoid on the dispenser door is faulty, use a multi-meter to test for continuity. Also, verify the pin in the dispenser actuator and make sure it moves freely. If the solenoid on the dispenser door has no continuity. The pin in actuator is not moving freely, replace the solenoid on the dispenser.

Cause 6 – Ice auger.

When the lever in the dispenser is pressed, the auger motor spins the auger. As the auger is turned, ice is pushed to the dispenser door and down the chute. If the auger is faulty, ice will not leave the dispenser. Verify the auger to determine it is either broken or disconnected from the auger motor. If the auger is broken or defective, replace it.

Cause 7 – Dispenser door motor

The dispenser door motor, opens and closes the dispenser door to prevent cold air from escaping the freezer. If the dispenser door motor is faulty; the door will not open and the dispenser will not dispense ice. To determine if the motor is faulty, first determine if the motor is receiving energy. It is indeed receiving energy , it is not working, replace it. You may use a multi-meter to test for the motor’s continuity. If the dispenser door motor has no continuity, replace it.

Cause 8 – Ice Crusher Blades.

If the ice crusher blades are obstructed by ice; use warm water to melt the ice. The ice crusher blades are bent , broken, replace .

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