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As we advance, you can visit the web pages that we are giving you, in order to understand better.


It is a page that measures the economic movements in the different means. Very important for you to know how others move in the different socks.

For example let’s look at Audio Library

As the Audio Library is making $ 5,000 to $ 79,900 if you want to bet that it is close to $ 80,000 per month.

Would you like that for you?

Well follow us then

There are many channels that do the same as Nocpyrightsounds

Like the first one they only play music, without videos and nothing, but millions of people listen to it.

And so they monetize

And what does the Audio library do to earn a million dollars that simple. They make music.

They copied music they paste it and people listen to it and the money so where does it come from?

Well, for the YouTube promotions.

What do they do?

Well I explain



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