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How do we do it too?

Well, I’ll show you how to get the music. Music that you can legally copy.

We go to thepage Soundcloud.


To start you will go to the bar and we will put the genre of music that we want to search for.

We will select “tracks” those are the songs and we will look for songs that are not copyrighted.

For this we click on “to listen”

Now we will click where it says “for commercial use” so we avoid problems with the copyright

These songs are ready to use, but to find the best and most modern ones, click where it says added at any time and click where it says in the last year.

You will have to click on the song you want and you will notice that it says download free.

Once you see how it works then you must create a free account on Soundcloude.

Once registered, the website will allow you to download the songs. and how do you do it?

Well, click where the 3 dots are and a window will open and say “download”

To avoid legal problems and for us to have our patience to clean, we will add in our YouTube channel in the description a copy / pate taken from soundcloud.

The line under the song and it will be something like this

And we will add the word souncloud and you will add the link where you took the song that is copying it in the google bar and it would be triple protected.

Well we downloaded the song… .but how can we make the video?

Simple follow me that this is FREE….



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