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As I showed you before you already know how and where to download music honestly and totally free and available for commercial use

Now we can start learning how to make the videos

You are going to go to the page MUSICVID.

You will simply go down on the same homepage and you will see the different models and choose one

You click on one of these models and the resolution with which you want your video will appear

Once you choose your solution, it asks you what song you want to put together

We load the file that you previously downloaded from Soundcloud and it will appear as if by magic.

But this is not all we can improve the quality of your product as far as you want to go and for this we will continue on this free trip … But tell me what you think about so much gift that you have received today?

I know spectacular. Many sites today earn a lot of money, others not so much. It all depends on how much you want to earn.

You set the limit.



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