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Why should not we fear the decoration in black and white?

Choosing the colors in the decoration is one of the biggest dilemmas when we set out to design our home, as these are the ones that provide a personalized style to each of our rooms. Each color has a visual effect that causes us a feeling of spaciousness or smallness to be inside the rooms. By influencing our mood, a combination can make us feel comfortable in those spaces, or on the contrary, make us want to run away from there as soon as possible. Do not feel greatly uncomfortable in places that are not well lit or ventilated? Well, that is exactly what happens with colors and decoration.

But this great dilemma is over, no doubt.

Does this happen with the decoration in black and white? To what extent could it be a mistake or a success to decorate with the color black?

It is no less true that the color black is not the first that comes to mind when we are thinking about how we will decorate our home. It may be that amplitude is reduced to the spaces, but it is a highlight and wins in distinction, originality and daring. Bet on the absence of light and earn an urban and elegant touch with this combination.

Why dare this decoration?

The black-white binomial has always been synonymous with the classic, the elegant, that never goes out of style. Never missing in the closet, in the house …

The white increases the luminosity and vitality of the smallest spaces of the home. Ensures that the spaces are not too muted, it is a relaxing color, clean and 100% combination with others.

While the black adds elegance to the different corners. Create versatile and sophisticated environments. Even if you think not, it also adapts to the smallest spaces in the home. Every day there is more talk about the black color and the distinctive touch that it gives to the decoration. The contrast between this color and white allows a balance throughout the home. Of course, it is worth remembering the need for rooms to have adequate natural light, otherwise the rooms will be dismal and the black color, instead of being elegant, will give us a feeling of grief.

If your concern is the difficulty of combining black and white colors with others, I tell you that it adapts to any style and is perfectly combination with other colors. For example, a black and white decoration with grayish tones create a cozy, relaxing space that transmits a sense of tranquility to its inhabitants and visitors.

If you have always wanted to have your home painted in black and white but you did not know how, this is your article.

How to decorate correctly in black and white?

Giving greater prominence to this combination in the living room, while decreasing the intensity of these colors as they move the rooms of the home.

Emphasize your black and white combination by giving the room a minimalist look, where you bet to decorate with modern pieces and paintings that provide the colors that contrasts with the black-white neutrals.

In the studio, make the white color abound, which will make this space a brighter place.

For a bedroom, he opts for the white-gray combination with the black details, since the mere black-white combination is too cold for a bedroom.

In a dining room, add depth to your walls by applying the black color correctly on them. As long as the dining room is spacious and well lit, the black on its walls is an excellent and striking choice. Mix the dining room chairs in black and white to provide them with an original touch. Add a carpet with geometric patterns and you’ll have the most cozy dinners you’ve ever had.

Also in the hall we can use these two colors with geometric patterns, which add dynamism to the spaces.

One idea that fascinated me was placing the tiles in the bathroom as if they recreated a chessboard. Simply incredible. And if you also play with the color of the bathtub, the toilet bowl and the sink, and geometric patterns on the shower curtain, you will get a bath of 10. Everything is in your imaginative capacity.

If you are going to use them in the hall, which is usually a small space, not large, try to make the white color prevail, to give it a more subtle appearance. But do not let the black color behind, use it in decorative details such as ornaments or paintings throughout the hall.

If you still do not dare to paint your home in this way with the ideas I am showing you here, I tell you how to achieve a warmer look with this combination.

First, use a white wood floor in the living room, which adds texture and warmth to this large space. Wood is the precise touch to automatically become a cozy place.

The furniture with geometric patterns in black and white is an excellent bet.

Does your house have a very spacious and well-lit room?

It is the best alternative for this decoration, you can play with the mixture of white and black. The lighting is on your side, so you can paint both the walls in black, and also combine each wall in white or black. If you bet on the first option and paint all the walls black, you should not forget that the decoration should be blank, you can use paintings in which clear backgrounds predominate, as well as white furniture.

Does the opposite case occur to you, and you have little illumination?

Do not be alarmed, because you also have possibilities with this decoration. You only have to give greater prominence to the white color.

What role will you then give the black color?

You will use it in small proportions for accessories such as cushions, lamps, frames, frames …

Remember the geometric patterns and the great dynamism they have.

The doors painted black contrast beautifully with the rest of the decoration in white.

Do not you dare to decorate only in black and white? Do you want to add another color?

You’re in luck, because the decoration in black and white always allows you to add touches and touches of other more vivid colors, such as gray and yellow, very repeated combinations in this type of decoration. I love the result because it talks a lot about your personality and character.

Christmas decoration in black and white. It’s possible?

We are already almost at Christmas time, and I wanted to leave you reflected in this article how to use this decoration for our home at Christmas. These ideas will make this Christmas season arrases with your decorative style.

Add to the Christmas decoration in black and white brushstrokes gold or silver, to give that dazzling touch that every good Christmas demands. If you place some vintage furniture inside the house, neither your guests nor Santa Claus will want to leave!

If you want an innovative Christmas decoration away from the classic red and white, red and gold, dare with black and white! Your family and friends will be speechless.

Finally, remember to be careful that this combination does not flatten the spaces and, instead, reflects personality. With only these two colors, our home will look elegant, sophisticated and welcoming. Your visitors will not want to leave!

Definitely, I would encourage myself to paint my house with this combination. And you, would you dare?

Gretel García García



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