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 This topic is vast as many of the thing is covered in the previous topic. Technology is maximizing its value as many of the users are wanted to have an upgrade. Up gradation in technology taking such a way that people sir getting advantage of that. Talking about technology technology has changed lifestyle of human beings. Technology help humans to do there work without any work done by humans. For example computer is generally used for performing various commands like creating web pages, developing websites, for entertainment purpose, for business purpose, some to spreadsheet, some of the people does presentation on the computer etc. Many commands are there which can be done on computer.

Similarly there various useful appliances, gadgets which makes our life easy. If you are a person who is having interest in technology and also want to know more about technology there are various aspect on which you can work for you can create your small scale as well as large scale business. If you are a person who wanted to invest some money for the growth of business Technology can easily help to grow the business you wanted. You can buy franchise of any appliance on gadget & start up with and small business. There are various Business module which can to grow your business. This industry is very vast the person who are interested have many opportunities in this industry.

Following are some of the business ideas related to oo Technology which you can start up.

  1. Start manufacturing mobile phones

  The importance of mobile phones on the people knows and the growth is continuously increasing day by day so the user are also increasing as well as production too. If you are the person who wants to invest money this can be the best option for you as the future of mobile phones seems to be increasing. You can also start manufacturing mobile phones by purchasing franchise which is very popular nowadays.

2 Start manufacturing computers

 Computer was invented to help people for mini-missing their work. It has become most popular way to move towards technology. Computers are used by most of the people for several purposes depending on their need. Manufacturing computers is one of the best way which can give you much profit because of its importance & growth. Future is all about computers & electronics so it can neither get stop it’s usage .Also people cannot stop using it because they are getting a great profit from the computers.

3 Start repairing phones & computers

As the usage of smartphones & computers are increasing day by day many people face certain problems with their devices, to get them resolved is a great way to move towards growth of technology. You can open your own asset depending on the certain need by the consumers. Offering a great value for the product repairing can help you grow up your business in fluent way. Repairing mobile phones & computers can help you to grow your knowledge as well. Many people are there who are having proper knowledge about electronics & technology just by doing this work.

4 Open cyber coffee 

 In India maximum people started using internet & people wanted to have the great service of the internet. You can do this business in a great way as the source of internet are needed & people wanted to have high speed internet at a very low cost. You can offer them an high speed internet by charging certain cost for using internet. .any of the cyber café in India are doing well job & are generating several revenues.

 5 Start developing & selling soft wares

 Software is the thing which everyone uses in their daily life ,it can be of any type. Several soft wares gets launched everyday they gets sold at a huge price amount as per the requirement you can learn how to develop software & after that you can create your own asset. Once you understood about developing new soft wares it will become your habit to make. The most important part is selling , you do so by advertisement which is the most popular way to have growth in your business. Advertisement can give boost to your business.


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