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When we talk about friendship, the first thing we have to take into account is its true meaning. When talking about being a good friend we have to think about how that friendship manifests in our interior and how we can make it known to other people in our environment.

What is friendship? We can describe it as an affective relationship that occurs between two or more individuals and in different circumstances of life, a bond that is created from the feelings, communication, language and idiosyncrasy of each human being. We can affirm that friendship originates when people find restlessness, emotions, and mutual trust.

It is necessary to know that there are friendships that are created within a few moments of relating while others take years, that is, which shows that we will never know exactly when that bond will be born after having met someone. Not only do we feel friendship for people, we can also manifest towards animals, and we appreciate it in that feeling of protection towards those beings that, despite not being human, earn the affection and affection of the people, and personally, I believe that the friendship of a human and a dog can be one of the healthiest and cleanest.

Even friendship can arise between animals of different species. Being a good friend keeps definitions such as loyalty, honesty, sincerity and respect, definitions that are born with us or life gives us a little bit of possession. It is not about being good with all those who in one way or another approach us, because deep down we do not know the true intentions of each one, it is about looking for the right people and time to carve such a link. To be a good friend is to understand, understand support, value, be able to hold a friendly shoulder in delicate moments without expecting so much in return, is to feel inside that more than a simple friend you want such a person as a brother, whether small to which you will always want to protect everything, or greater than always you will take the best advice.

It is to substitute solitude for company, sadness for joy, boredom for fun. Maybe not everything in life is happiness and beautiful things, because it may be that many of us have had to go through the bitter experience of having a bad friend, it is simply that feeling of feeling betrayed, hurt, used and even weak, as better is in those moments that we wonder if there really is friendship or if it is pure fantasy, if in reality there are people to trust without wounding you up and the answer is very simple, YES, if there are good, reasonable, sincere people, it’s just a matter of not closing the doors to friendship for the simple fact that someone has left a bitter experience, because we should not isolate ourselves in an empty life, lonely, colorless only for fear of failing, we should not judge all people of the world for simply one that ended up being an error, because that could be our mistake.

Being a good friend is not something that we can learn, study, or simply plan, it is something that we feel inside, it is a connection with one or several individuals that makes our thinking flourish, our day to day. We can not talk about friendship without mentioning Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, The Three Musketeers in which these inseparable friends live under the motto of “all for one and one for all,” in short, what I mean is that not only do we find friendship on a day-to-day basis or in reality, but also in literature and storytelling, which makes it a feeling, an art.

Friends have no limit of reason, race, culture, age, we just live it and feel it. In my personal opinion I believe that true friendship is not a bond that breaks so easily, because when you are a friend of heart and not only of words, you create a bond so strong and powerful that not even an earthquake could bring you down. A friend is a support in all kinds of circumstances, situations or problems, it is a door which we can touch at any time that we will always be well received, a shoulder in which to mourn and let go, a diary to which we can tell the day to day, an accomplice, a person with whom to share experiences, similarities and tastes.

What would life be without color ?, is the same as asking what would be life without friends, because that is precisely what they add to our life, color. Being a good friend is wanting, loving, knowing how to give good advice, learning from silence, from glances, knowing the values ​​that will make lasting friendship possible, having patience, waiting, wisdom and dedication.

Being a good friend of heart, of soul, of life, is knowing how to have the strength to overcome obstacles, to believe in goodness, in the supreme feelings of the human being, is to listen, to know how to interpret. It is mentally healthy to have a happy, pleasant environment, surround yourself with good, simple people, who are able to make smiles even in the most difficult moments, who lead a healthy life and know how to lead the way. To be a good friend is to be oneself, spontaneous, natural, but oneself, without losing the essence that characterizes each human being in society and what makes us fit in this same. Do not try so hard, that goes with the essence of each, I can only say that in addition to love, friendship is one of the most important pillars that balance society, because friendship is peace and commitment.

A good friend is like a flower that has to be watered daily, which must be cared for with love and affection so as not to see it wither, it is like seeing the sun rise day by day and understanding that a sunrise is approaching, it is a Hope, is the path to happiness. It is necessary to give ourselves to everything, it is necessary to give the best of ourselves in order to hope for the best of others, it is necessary to learn a fundamental value called sincerity, because even being your friend you must know how to guide, instruct and be honest in each one of your tips or suggestions.

Let’s not be selfish, do not waste time of life that can be very short, let’s live every second as if it were the last, let’s do good, let’s be equitable, responsible. We should not give up on the path of life, because each human being is in a different way which does not mean that there is more evil than goodness, it is just a matter of doing things correctly. The International Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30, that is the day to open our arms and say congratulations to the people we consider not only friends, but partner , brothers, it is the day to say no to violence, not to abuses, is the day to acclaim for peace without borders.


Thalía Lorena Cabrera López


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