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Have a healthy life

Every person in the world chooses the way they want to live their life, but it is necessary to know in what way we can do to live that life as healthy as possible. Having a healthy life either physically or mentally consists of balancing our thinking with our action.

When we talk about healing, we talk about restoring something that was sick, which can give us a clear example of how we can sometimes change and replace the wrong with the right, or sick with the healthy, in short, we will always be able to give us tell us in time how we are doing things and be able to improve them. We are free, independent to decide what lifestyle to lead, you can choose the agitated, or the peaceful, in your hands is the decision, but whichever you choose to try to take it as healthy as possible. Well, I am one of the people who think that a life without complications, without conflicts, without torments can be the perfect life and maybe many think that it does not exist, but it is already in our hands to choose whether or not it exists. Having a healthy life can facilitate a state of balance and wellbeing, can make our body and our thinking an indestructible and durable machine.

One of the consistent factors in the loss of the sanity of life are the so-called vices, which are nothing more than lack, defect and a disease of bad habit in human beings. Within these vices we can find addiction to cigarettes, which is seen with a very high rate in society and especially in youth. We do not need a cigarette to feel good, much less strong, it brings with it different diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, emphysema, among many others. It is not worth risking our lives or that of the people around us because of this simple addiction.

Another of the vices that we can cite and that directly attack our health is alcoholism, this habit of drinking alcoholic drinks ends our lives little by little, causing liver cirrhosis, problems in society, with the law, traffic accidents, loss of conscience, reason, among many more. I think it is not reasonable to risk a whole life, a world full of things, learning, experiences and adventures just for not wanting to realize in time that the vices will never lead us to anything good, much less a reasonable decision .

Having a healthy life will elevate and lengthen our life time, which should be the most precious thing for human beings who have conscience. To achieve this we can add a fundamental factor and is the ingestion of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables. Food is a fundamental factor and a constant pattern that we must follow if we want to lead a life as healthy as possible. Eating fish and whole foods would be a great step forward. Review our meals and eliminate fats would be helpful. It is also vital to wash our hands before eating any food, wash fruits and vegetables well, and cook well the meat, all this will prevent the obtaining of any bacteria to our body.

Physical exercise is essential when we talk about maintaining a healthy life and above all the well-being of people, although sometimes it seems heavy and tedious is a fundamental method for muscle strengthening, development of athletic skills, improvement of the cardiovascular system, promotes loss of fat and the maintenance of the person. It is recommended for all ages especially in older adults and with the supervision of a specialist. Exercise contributes positively to the maintenance of weight, in turn improves the muscles keletal system, slows down the changes of old age, reduces arterial hypertension and improves the quality of sleep. If we are obese and overweight, there is a greater likelihood that we will have other risk factors, since being more overweight than usual means that we can suffer from hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol problems, so exercise is very important. physical as mental.

Another factor to take into account to lead a healthy life in the food frame is to reduce the level of blood sugar since diabetes is a treatable disease but the fact of owning it can bring with it serious consequences such as suffering from a heart attack. The best way to avoid this disease is to prevent the appearance of it by controlling the level of blood sugar without having to wait until reaching old age, because we should not take the risk of suffering when in perfect condition is in our hands to prevent it.

Having a healthy life is also reflected in our day to day, more than the opinions and advice of specialists in the subject, it is up to us to decide how we can lead a healthy and responsible life. It is a matter of sitting for 5 minutes and meditate how we are doing things and if it is the right way, then we will not always have a person to guide us or guide us, we must be consistent and reasonable when making decisions.

It is necessary to avoid certain diseases that go directly to our vital health, among these diseases we are going to find HIV-AIDS which is mainly contagious by unprotected sex, and that is where our reason must go, and know what we are doing and how We are doing, it is the easiest thing in the world to use something as simple as the condom and to have our conscience clean that we are taking the right path and that we do not waste or risk our lives for a while, because health will never be bought with nothing. In addition to HIV we find other diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, condyloma, etc., that all these can be avoided, and it is up to each one of us to make the decisions that will make our long life possible.

Personal and collective hygiene is very important in matters related to health, it is important to brush our teeth 4 times a day, cover our mouths when sneezing, wash our hands when leaving the bathroom and before eating, living in a healthy environment, clean and neat.

In short, being physically and mentally healthy will give us a quality of life, it will give us an inner peace, it brings peace of mind to our day to day, because nothing should matter more than being healthy, apt to face life and Challenges that it imposes, but to achieve this requires a discipline, requires perseverance and optimism, requires a logical thinking capable of reasoning and seeing life from the point of view that without health we can not do anything, we can not achieve anything , because it is health that enables us to achieve the proposed things, it is health that gives us the strength to move forward when we believe that everything is lost, because it is precisely with health that we will be able to achieve everything in life. That is why we call ourselves to reflection so we will be able to achieve a healthy and long life.


Thalía Lorena Cabrera López




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