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How to have a clean house and tidy without dying in the attempt.

cleanhouse and tidy

If the time is not in your favor when you do the cleaning of the home, in this article you will learn to always have your house neat and clean, leaving you free time to perform other activities. Very important for clean house and tidy.

Very often, we complain about having to do household chores, say wash, clean, sweep the house, order the

 rooms … even if we have to fold our clothes we complain! Because of this and because of the bad habit that most human beings have of wanting to leave everything to the end. We decree one day of the week as the “day of cleanliness”.

Look . If you live accompanied the task is facilitated, but if it is not your case.   Surely you despair and feel that time will not reach you and that the fatigue, eventually, will consume you. But like everything in life, this problem has a solution. Now, If you follow the advice that I share next, you will have the clean and tidy house you have always dreamed of, you will no longer be ashamed to have guests arrive without warning!

  • Befriend the auxiliary furniture

Having extra space to store is key to an orderly house. If not all your belongings fit in your closet, you will need to make auxiliary furniture to solve this problem. These furniture, in addition to providing you with an extra storage space, can also bring a distinctive touch to your home.

  • A place for everything and everything in its place

One of the most important keys to a clean and orderly house is to keep in mind that each object occupies a place. Do you remember when you started decorating your home and determined a place for everything? The key is to try to keep it that way always. If you live with your family, it is important that all members comply with this rule and return things to their place after having used them.

I assure you that when you have implemented this rule in your home. You will be so surprised by your results that you will want to establish it in any corner of the house.

  • Donate what you do not need so much

What does not make you so happy, it is not necessary to keep it. Remember that all the clothes and other objects that you no longer need, can be donated to people who need it. And for your part, you will have more space, not to refill it, but to make your house look a little tidier and cleaner. Everyone wins.

  • Do not leave clothes in sight

This is essential to keep the house in order and clean. Many times we leave the clothes anywhere when we arrive at the house and we change, so the disorder begins. The chairs and tables of our rooms become the basis of a pyramid of clothing that never seems to end. But it can be solved with hangers and hangers, so then you will not even have to pick up the clothes and keep them.

Place the odd hanger that reflects your personality in your home, specifically in strategic places, such as at the entrance of the house, to give a touch of renewal.

  • Wear shoes to be at home

Apply this rule in your home that all wear specific shoes to walk inside the home, because if you use the all day you only get dirty soil. Learn from Asians and have everyone take off their shoes in the hall and put some cloth in their place, which does not allow the dirt we bring from outside to enter our home.

  • Lay the bed

The bed is the central point of a room. Having a messy bed without tender makes a room look dirty. Lay your bed every day and you will see how later the room seems clearer.

  • Ventilate your room

Open windows, doors, this allows fresh air to get out all the moisture in your room and also prevents odors. Ideally, keep the windows or doors open between 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

  • Avoid accumulating dirty clothes

Most of us accumulate dirty clothes for almost two weeks, until we realize that we have no clothes left to wear. Wash at least half of the laundry that you have dirty every week, this way you will avoid that when you go to do the laundry, you have more than one basket of dirty clothes.

  • Keep order in the kitchen

A clean kitchen guarantees health. Keep the countertop clear, leaving only the utensils you use daily, so it will be easier to clean. Use cup holders on the tables, these will save you time and work because they prevent the circle of the base of the glass from damaging and messing up your tables. Choose one day and describe it as the “day of cleaning the kitchen”, it is best to do this once a year.

This day you will empty all the cabinets, in order to throw away the expired products and clean the interior with water and some detergent or neutral soap. To clean the refrigerator, use water with a small amount of mild detergent, a little vinegar will also work. Then, go to the tiles, which you will clean with water and ammonia, making them shine with a dry microfiber cloth.

Finally, clean the floor of your kitchen well, and you will see how you are getting a cleaner and tidier house.

  • Do not stuff your home

Do not buy objects that later do not fit anywhere, just buy what is necessary, what combines with the decoration or have a use inside the house. If you fill your rooms with objects and furniture, it will look dirty and messy. Try to have a minimalist home, so it will look cleaner and tidier.

  • Order before sleep

To have a house always neat and clean, make sure you never go to sleep without first having ordered. Do not skip this no matter how tired you are. Leave the room collected, place the cushions of the sofa well, keep everything that is not in place, leave all the dishes and dishes washed, throw away the garbage and check that there are no clothes thrown in the bathrooms.

  • Keep the bathroom always shiny

Apply bleach to the toilet, and while it is working, use a sponge to clean the sink and bathtub. After 

drying, clean the bowl with the brush and if you like, place a flavoring tablet to ward off bad odors.

Finally, clean the mirrors and faucets. And Finally, sweep and scrub the floor of your bathroom. The ideal is to perform a small general cleaning. After bathing, instead of doing more thorough cleaning every so often. This habit causes dirt to accumulate for days and then it is more laborious to remove it.

  • Wash your bedding regularly

Even if you think it’s always clean, you bathe before you go to sleep, do not trust yourself, as skin remains are deposited on our pillows and sheets, so washing them regularly is a good advice to follow . If it is with hot water much better, it will eliminate all the bacteria that may have.

  • Cushions and stuffed animals

As with sheets and other bedding, cushions and stuffed animals are a focus of mites, for this reason it is advisable to wash these objects frequently.

  • Frequently clean fans and air conditioners

It is important to incorporate this point into the routine of cleaning the home. Because these air conditioning units acquire all the dust found in the environment. Clean air conditioning filters and fans at least once a month. To prevent bacteria and mold from accumulating.

Also, if you learn to give these devices a rational use.  Turning them off when no one is using the room.  Closing the doors so that the air is concentrated inside and does not spread to other rooms; You will notice it in the electricity bill.

  • Use non-chemical products

Using a few products, you already have what it takes to keep the house clean, tidy and free of germs without using chemicals.

Use the baking soda as a disinfectant for the toilet, dilute one cup of this substance in 2 liters of water and let it work in the toilet for one hour.

Replace the fabric softener with a cup of white vinegar. If you do not manage to eliminate the bad smell of the towels. It will also serve to clean the windows and shutters. Simply dilute two small jets of vinegar in a liter of water.  Spray the mixture on the crystals and then dry them with a newspaper.

To avoid odors in refrigerators, place a container with ground coffee and baking soak. It will also work to eradicate the bad smells of the garbage. Can, just place a few sheets of newspaper in the bottom . The bucket and sprinkle the baking soda on top.

The lemon has a high degreasing and deodorizing power. Clean the microwave and the oven by placing a bowl of water.  The squeezed juice of a lemon inside it, then turn the appliances on so that steam is generated. Finally, clean the walls of the microwave and the oven with a damp cloth.

The products we use for cleaning our home are as important as the cleaning routines we follow. Because of this, we mu

st always have at hand effective products that not only clean the dirt that we see with the naked eye, but end up with the impurities completely.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner when you clean your house

It is much more effective because, unlike the broom, does not raise dust or spread it throughout the room. The most modern vacuum cleaners trap all the dust in their path, they keep the house clean and free of dirt.

  • Perform tasks simultaneously

This way you will not accumulate almost anything. While you lay the bed you can wipe the night tables and the head of the bed. The idea is to not waste time and make the most of it.

  • Decorate with plants

Plants have multiple benefits, clean the air, decorate and reduce noise. You can place them in any room of the home. In the room locate a palm tree to purify the air and absorb external noise.

Which will help you sleep better. In the bathroom, place plants that resist moisture, as is the case with ivy. In the kitchen, some aromatic plants will also help you to spice up your meals.

  • Duplicate the cleaning if you have children at home

You must thoroughly clean all surfaces or objects with which they can come into contact. Keep in mind that children are the most vulnerable to environments with dust or dirt.

  • Keep your house clean and tidy if you live with pets

As difficult as it may seem to try to maintain order at home when we have pets, it is not impossible! Your pet can also be clean and tidy, you just have to train it. But  Your pet should have a fixed space to sleep.

That they go there and not to your bed when they are sleepy. You must teach him to do his nee

ds in a specific place, preferably either an outdoor patio or a garden.

To avoid the smell of pets in your home, especially in the case of dogs    You must encourage them to exercise more so that they consume more water and purify.

  • The whole family must cooperate

You must involve the whole family in the cleaning and organization of the house. Encourage this habit in them, it will be worth nothing. If you spent all day cleaning and organizing.  That when the other members of your family arrive at home, chaos breaks out in order.

I hope you liked these little tips and tricks that I’m sure will help you keep your home cleaner and tidier.

Gretel García García, How to have a clean house and tidy

Student Philology, University of Havana




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