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Love in society.

Love is the purest feeling that moves in society. It is the affinity that exists between beings. It is a feeling related to affection and attachment and as a result produces a series of attitudes and emotions. Within love we can find representations such as the goodness and compassion of the human being.

Love in society is manifested in all possible ways and in all areas, it is the most important lane of a train in which we travel every day. It is the ticket for the entrance to a new world in which love as a feeling more powerful will reign among the good people and capable of delivering the best of themselves without expecting anything in return.

It is important to know that there are several types of love. There is personal self love which consists of the healthy love we feel towards ourselves, towards our qualities and characteristics.

We find what can be known as filial love which is located between children and father and vice versa, unconditional love that is compassionate, is offered without expecting anything in return.

We also feel love towards plants and animals which is born of a protective feeling and we find the love we can feel towards a God. The devotion which more than anything it is based on faith and it is cultivated from an early age.

Each one of these types of love are born with our being in one way or another and as time goes . They flourish in our interior until they are fully known, they come out and perfume our soul. This feeling is the purest, the most lasting.

The most colorful and resplendent that every human being can be capable of feeling. I can affirm that one of the most important loves in our life and that mark us in addition to him that we feel towards our family is that of a couple.

Which consists of that desire to want to protect someone, in that harmony that you feel when you see that person. That remote happiness that makes you feel a smile, a caress or just a look, it is a support, a reality to find a person in life that may be able to bring out all those feelings in one and overflow them, and is very important  because of that love the family is born. Which is known as a very important link in society.

We are always going to need that love, because it is precisely the one that accompanies us and guides us, the one that heals us and makes us passionate, the one that shakes us, marks us, warms us in winter and shelters us in the cold.

Many say that they have never felt love for anyone, they may be cheating, because it is not about what our mind thinks or affirms, it is about what our heart feels, and there are times when we do not want to admit being in love when we are really feeling it, that is deceiving ourselves, it does not mean that we are going to suffer.

No that we are going to be less than anyone, it means that we have a heart in our chest and that we are human beings, it means that they are giving us the opportunity to open ourselves as people and know what true happiness is.

It should not seem strange when we talk about love to hear the name of Cupid, because this is in Roman mythology the god of amorous desire. According to one of the versions Cupid is the son of Venus the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, and Mars the god of war.

He is usually represented as a winged child. Blindfolded and armed with bows and arrows. To which we can make reference to that sometimes love is blind, this because Cupid wore bandages in his eyes.

Love in society is a fundamental pillar, it is an emotional support, we must be surrounded by this feeling to flourish, to strengthen ourselves, to feel alive and eloquent. We live in a world that, although we do not want there is crime, violence, abuse, mistreatment, infraction, disobedience and I think that a little love in each person could change the thought a lot.

I do not mean that love is the cure for all the ills of humanity, but if I want to say that it is capable of forgiveness, because it is free and spontaneous.

True love does not look defects, does not feel resentment or believes in fears, it simply exists and it can be the best medicine for the problems of the soul, it can heal and forgive.

Animals are also capable of feeling love and more than feeling it they are able to demonstrate it with a simple gesture, this is evidenced in a puppy as it can be able to lick the hand of the owner. Which makes us think about the possibility that love It is so true, necessary and strong that even animals can feel it.

Not only is the love between an animal and a human being demonstrated,  among the animals themselves, by feeling that instinct of protection of a mother and her child . The point of attacking anyone who tries to separate them, this bond of parents and children it is a strong proof that love is pure, and although it is created in the womb of every mother since we are very small.

It is strong enough to cover our whole life and protect us,  that is a living example of unconditional love , the mothers, those women that whatever happens and whatever the path we take in life will be there to guide us and support us in everything we need.

The same can happen with a plant, in which the fact is that we know that it is a living being like us that can make it the object of our love, affection, care and protection.

Since time immemorial, love and everything related to it has been associated with symbols and icons. The flowers, the red color, certain perfumes or romantic music, are elements that are repeated in a good part of romantic relationships. In the West, chocolates and other details are sometimes interpreted as a meaning of sincere and true love.

The symbol of the heart is the one with which love is most often represented.  It is crossed by cupid’s arrows symbolizes romantic love and is the most common way in which adolescent couples draw it in various places to record his love. The heart is the motor of our life and our body, and therefore love is that very thing, the machinery of our life, body and thought. We can also find other symbols such as a broken heart that refers to the lack of love.

The emotions directly associated with love can be extremely strong and powerful, reaching the point of being irresistible. Love acts as an important facilitator of interpersonal relationships and is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the creative arts such as film, literature and music.

The filial or paternal love is the truest one that can exist. I am one of the people who think that relationships in life come and go, however the family, the father, brothers or true friends will be those who stay by our side supporting us, giving us a shoulder, giving us the best possible encouragement to continue with our lives.

Do not let us collapse when we believe that everything is lost and that’s why we should gratify that unconditional love with a kiss, a hug and I love you before life. They take them by the hand and that’s where we’re going to regret not having done it at the right time.

Love in society consists in leading a life without conflicts, without problems, as harmonious as possible. Treat others with due respect, because we can not always have a smiling face or the greatest desire to chat.  Some good days are never more, or a simple hello, are social values ​​that we should never lose. We must contribute to create a peaceful society, where good feelings abound, the true ones.

Those that many believe that youth have lost. I think that it is not so, that they are hidden inside each person waiting for the right moment to leave.

We must all together contribute to the construction of a safer and less dangerous society. Cultivate love in our children since they are small. We must instill values ​​of affection, understanding, dedication and respect to later obtain those important social values.

Love encompasses a large number of different feelings. From the passionate and intimate desire of romantic love .To the asexual emotional closeness of family love and Platonic love. The latter alluding to Plato’s philosophical view of love, however . The meanings given to this expression are like unrequited or impossible love.

Platonic love is the motivation or impulse that leads us to try to know deeply. Contemplate the beauty itself, whether physical or mental, that is, according to Plato. We should first appreciate the physical beauty in general and then move towards the appearance of the spiritual. Beauty to get to feel love for a person.

Love is not felt towards family, friends or partners,  towards art, beauty, humanity or nature. In the great majority of cases it implies a great affection for something. That causes a remote happiness or pleasure to the one who loves. What makes it clear to us that an artist will always love his profession. What he is capable of creating, designing or painting, a model will always love or admire. Its beauty and dexterity, and if we all love humanity in different ways . That without this we would not exist in the world as the predominant race. Loving our profession, our neighbor, what we do. What we do, speaks very well of us and of our guarantees of life.

Love and passion go hand in hand, since the latter is an emotion. Defined as a very strong feeling towards a person, theme, idea or object. Because I am in favor of which there would be no passion without love or love without passion.

Although it is this feeling of devotion that moves mountains in the world. Can sometimes be painful and sad. This happens when we feel cheated or betrayed. Loving a person can sometimes be harmful. Sometimes we can make mistakes like everything. But not because that we must close the doors to love. We should not let an error cost us a life without joys. Without emotions, without mixed feelings, without happiness . Without the opportunity to feel in love.

We must be strong and recover from the circumstances that life imposes on us.  Know how to value what we have and how we have it. We must act in life as our hearts dictate. So as not to have so many mistakes. We must inculcate in our children, relatives, brothers and friends love, kindness, kindness, compassion, honesty and sincerity. These  values ​​that we can not allow to be lost in the society we live in. We must be strong to face the difficulties and impose ourselves to a new challenge every day.

But we do things correctly and act between legality and reason. We must not expose ourselves to bad habits. That could destroy our lives and what we achieved at a certain time , it is not about that. It is about living peacefully and within the framework of of happiness. Because that will be our constancy and our supreme legacy, happiness. Because I can assure you that love is a direct synonym of joy, happiness and tenderness.

Thalía Lorena Cabrera López

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