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How to keep our body healthy today

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If you are one of the people who are frequently asked how to keep the body in the correct line without reaching the excessive I think this article would be very helpful to understand how your body works and thus maintain a regimen of healthy body life. The first thing we have to take into account when talking about a healthy body is the difference between mental health and physical health which are two totally different concepts.

. Maintain a proper hygiene


This is one of the most important factors to take into account when it comes to maintaining our body in optimal condition, hygiene is essential so we must know and take it to practice. In external factors we can find examples such as brushing the teeth 4 times a day, properly bathe our body to eliminate fats and sweats and wear clean clothes. The personal hygiene is not more than the basic concept of cleaning, cleaning and care of the human being which makes it extremely necessary for the health since it maintains the cleanliness of the body. Keeping our body clean and neat is not a right, but a duty of every person. This is one of the main factors that threaten a healthy and healthy body and that could even become a bad habit.  

. Rests enough


It is a real need to give our body a proper rest, because this is the time we have to recover and collect energy to continue carrying out our daily activities. It is essential to rest in our body to produce the different adaptations that physical activity brings and to exercise an improvement of body performance. I give you as a recommendation to analyze our dream and this will offer us a perspective on our sleeping habits. Some devices analyze our sleep and thus could help us in determining the amount of time we should be in bed sleeping, are able to calculate the time we spend on the bed and can even analyze our night movements. Rest of mind and body is important.

. Physical performance


This will give us a consistent result of our bodily abilities. Systematic exercise for our physical vitality is of vital importance. We must practice a little resistance, strength, agility, skill, coordination and flexibility. Being disciplined and systematic in this aspect would help a lot, since the benefits of a good physical performance could be very beneficial for our health.

. Physical


exercise Physical exercise is nothing more than repeated body movements for the purpose of maintaining good health and maintaining it in our range of life. It is necessary to practice physical activity at any age, either in young people or the elderly since it produces well-being and improves both our state of mind and physically. And It does not offer an improvement in athletic ability and ability, for example, in athletes. It is important to practice physical exercise in a balanced and conscientious way, because we should not exhaust our body to the maximum and thus avoid what can become major problems.

. Frequently practice aerobic exercise


This physical exercise depends on breathing to be able to perform correctly. This type of activity makes us maintain a higher heart rate. You need oxygen in this exercise to burn fat and sugar. The most frequent aerobic exercise is dancing, skiing, pedaling and walking or jogging. It must be a need of our own to require a certain time to perform this type of activity, even if it is a few times a week to maintain our optimal body and in perfect condition.

. Having good mental health


When our body is constantly exposed to changes it is necessary to balance our mind and give it good health in order to avoid breaking down emotionally. Mental health is nothing more than our emotional and psychological well-being, in which we can use our emotional and cognitive capacities to function in society and give them a solution to the demands of life. Freeing ourselves from bad thoughts could be very helpful in the search for our inner peace.

. Maintaining good nutrition


For the proper functioning of our body and our body we need to stay nourished and fed. Food is the main factor to consider and which we can not neglect for any reason. Good health is achieved through a balanced diet with a wide variety of foods. It is necessary to consume few fats and lipids, abundant fruits and vegetables. The cereals should be consumed constantly and before each meal the fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly. In nutrition is very important the hygiene that is necessary to avoid stomach diseases.

. Malnutrition


All in one way or another we must know what malnutrition is, because this is nothing more than a pathological state of varying degrees of seriousness caused by the deficient food supply by the body. This is caused primarily by a poor diet in which the body spends more energy than it consumes. Other causes may be social, environmental or economic circumstances. We must not allow our mind to seize the obsession about how to maintain a good figure, it is of the utmost importance not to risk having major problems due to excessive condition.

. Obesity


In its most common concept, obesity is just like malnutrition a pathological state that is characterized by an excess or excessive and general accumulation of fat in the body. Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of this century. It is necessary to be aware of the danger that this causes our children. We have to learn that it is necessary that from an early age we provide a healthy and progressive diet to our children.

. Be disciplined and aware


The vast majority of the time we want to impose diets and restrictions without being aware of the risk that this can cause. We should not go on a diet without the supervision of a specialist, as these can instruct us and guide us towards the most appropriate and reasonable way to keep our body healthy. We must be disciplined in this aspect and use a level of logical reasoning as adults that we are to achieve a better result

. Control stress


This is something that we have to learn ourselves and self-analyze. Controlling stress is important in the physical and mental health of the body. We must equip ourselves to face this phenomenon with the right weapons.

It is necessary to have a lot of patience towards ourselves and know how to look for the method of facing the different adversities. It is very important to free our mind and body from stress in order to feel the internal liberation of our body and its correct functioning.

When talking about health, not only the physical but also the mental part is mentioned, and one of the main factors is to keep relaxed and liberated. Start by not overwhelming ourselves too much under the circumstances of life could be a great start. We all need our moment of meditation and mental relaxation, not exhausting our mind so much with trivial matters and that surely have a solution.

. Using relaxationrelaxation


techniques Atechnique is any method or activity that helps a person reduce their physical and / or mental tension. In many cases our mind closes to the point of not understanding anything and we need precisely these techniques to feel liberated. Of all these techniques it is necessary to know that they are closely related to psychotherapy and personal development. They are mental exercises in which we can improve our emotional and psychological state. Within these techniques we can find:

_ Meditation which is the practice in which each person can train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness.

_ Autosuggestion is when an individual self directs to the subconscious to come to believe in something or fix mental associations.

. Combat anxiety


Our body is like a machine that responds to the orders of our thinking.  I want to say that there is a chain between the physical, and the mental. Anxiety is one of the most dangerous factors to which our body. Can respond and not in the best possible way. This is an emotion that arises when a person feels in danger whether real or imaginary threatens. It is the adaptive response that prepares the body to react to an emergency situation.

. Eliminate the harmful vices of our life


A vice is a defect, a fault, simply an illness or a bad habit. First, we must be aware that no vice is a good thing in our lives. On the contrary. They only generate losses and addictions. It is necessary in this 21st century to make the youth understand. That the future of nations is the health risks that these bad habits can cause. Smoking is a problem that hits society very hard. This is nothing more than tobacco addiction in which one of its most active components is nicotine. It is not worth risking our physical and mental health for a cigarette, there are more important things in life. This bad habit has severe health risks such as ten types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases and emphysema.

On the other hand, we find alcoholism which is the need to ingest alcohol in which there may be a physical dependence on it. This dangerous vice has no control over the limits of its use and is increasing considerably as tolerance develops for this drug. This terrible disease not only affects and weakens the life of the addict, but that of all who are around him. I think it is not necessary to remember the thousands of people who have died in accidents because of a drunk person, or it is necessary to remember how many women and children are mistreated at home by an alcoholic father. These are evils in society that we have to fight and be responsible for when taking and then go home, because what can start as a night of teens and alcohol can end in a serious vice just without realizing it.


Causes severe diseases to our body such as liver cirrhosis, behavior problems, loss of self-control, unwanted pregnancies, venereal diseases, loss of consciousness among many more. We do not need to waste our lives. Much less throw it to the boat or our family. We must have the ability to deal in one way or another with our problems and face. Them in the bravest way possible to avoid falling into these vices. That the only thing that They do is destroy.

We should not risk our health, our vitality for things that can take away a life full of colors.

. Maintaining a stable relationship


We need to understand the importance of the need for a stable relationship for both men and women. The change of partner systematically can bring serious consequences such as obtaining sexually transmitted diseases. That directly threaten the health and welfare of our body and therefore our lives.

We must be aware and understand that not all people are what they appear or what they claim to be. That the currency always has two faces and being trusted will not always lead us to the best path. HIV has no face, nor do sexually transmitted diseases. It is necessary that we understand that once our life. That of the people who are by our side are infected. It totally changes, and it is a change that we can avoid, and a suffering that we can save ourselves.

We must educate ourselves sexually, be aware of the existing methods of protection. Be cautious and act as adults in the circumstances of life.

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