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How to beautify and take care of the apartment your self.


There is nothing better than feeling the purity of home and freshness. In order to breathe this air we must take care of the details and mainly know how to make our apartment look bright.

The home is the place where we live feeling in this the feeling of calm and security, it is necessary to remember that a home is not the same as a house, but in this article I will talk about the subject in a general sense.

If you are a person interested in decorating and feel all the splendor of your apartment this is the ideal article, in which I will explain details about how to make dazzle each wall of your apartment and each corner. Making the right decisions when decorating can be a bit complicated when you do not have the necessary knowledge in certain areas, however, we can use certain tricks that can help us maintain the modern design of your apartment without the need to invest a large amount of money.

Precisely for that I wrote this blog, to help you and make you understand that we can make our home the most pleasant place where you can live. Remember that you must be your absolute taste and you’ll feel and live the skin every wall and slab of your apartment

…A good taste

Having good taste for things is not bad, it is simply not being satisfied with everything we see. It is not about being explicit but about knowing that you can look better and not. In this we do not have to be alone, we can also ask for the help or opinion of other people.

. A fresh painting

This is one of the main factors to take into account to look for the luxury of our home and know how to beautify it. Choosing tender and warm colors for our walls will make us feel a happy and illuminated atmosphere. Light colors are elegant and dream our corners. We need to feel that positive energy throughout the house, energy that will not give us any dark color. Painting the white walls in addition to its modernity will bring us as a benefit a better lighting at any time of the day. This color gives us ease when choosing furniture for our living room or other spaces as it adapts without any problem to other colors of greater or lesser intensity. In addition to overflowing modernity, this color is ideal to maintain harmony throughout the room and also reflects peace, which, in a home, is of vital importance.

. Give color to the corners

It is important to aromatize and beautify our apartment, and what better way to do it than with the flowers, those that perfume and give color to our days. A house with flowers and ornaments will give color and life, it will provide a cheerful feeling. We can place them in vases, or simply have them in a glass of water, especially in the living room where visitors stay and where they stay the most. Choose a beautiful vase would allow the decoration of those spaces that are empty and would be liked by most people who visit your home, because the flowers do not provide more than purity and life. We can also think about the possibility of placing one or another plant, because these clean the air, decorate and reduce noise.

. The mirrors

It is advisable to include, even if it is a mirror in one of the walls since in addition to making decorative object function is ideal for the light of the lamps to be projected in a better way. It can even become a convenience since we do not have to go to the bathroom when we can have it so close.

. Placing carpets

Covering parts of our floor with carpets would be an elegant idea, these will bring beauty to our walk wherever they are. They are very necessary in the beautification of our home because it provides a soft warmth and at the same time they perfect our decoration. In addition, highlight in a bright way any object or accessory that is on top of it.

. Furnish with delicacy

Being cautious and insightful will help us when it comes to knowing how to put each piece of furniture in our home, it is necessary to choose colors that go in combination with the walls and the color of the flowers. It is not necessary to make our apartment look like a rainbow because if it were like that, it would lose its essence, we should use the different combination techniques in most aspects. The furniture allows spaces to be more functional and flexible. It is advisable to choose furniture that is preferably dark in color since they bring modernity to the whole space without it looking dark and in combination with a clear wall, it would be a very elegant alternative.

. Keep the organization

This aspect is of the utmost importance, as we often leave things out of place either by hurry or by forgetting, if we want our house to remain beautiful and radiant we must take care of those details and be organized. It is not only to put it into practice, but also to contribute and warn the other members of the family so that they collaborate with this task so necessary for the clean maintenance of the home.

. Lighting Lighting

is of vital importance and in what way we will distribute it in the rooms. Indirect lighting is a great option to illuminate small spaces and in turn allows the elements and details to stand out. We must be careful to put too much lighting because you can lose the natural brightness of objects. The lamps would give an elegant and resplendent touch to our rooms, it would be good to place some of this and cause a very excellent impression.

. Vitality of spaces

It is not necessary to fill each and every one of the spaces in our home, we must give each room its logical space to not feel charged or full. Avoid having objects that will not be necessary and that could hinder at a certain time.

. Making use of corners

It is very common that apartments do not take advantage of corners, however, it is important to emphasize that these spaces can be very useful for us and we can make this idea an impressive reality if you decide to put it into practice

. Feel the fresh air

The ventilation is of transcendental importance at the time of beautifying our home, because we need to breathe the air and feel free, and what better way to do it than decorating our windows with curtains. Besides being a brilliant idea it will be very gratifying to see how they move in time with the air.

. Keep the decorative line

This aspect is necessary since we should not use the same tones to avoid losing the original design, this could be catastrophic if you do not find it, it can be reflected in the diversity of colors in which there is no combination.

. The memories

Decorating our home with objects that in one way or another bring us memories is a brilliant idea, because memories should always remain in some special corner and what better place than our house, the place where we rest and stay. Undoubtedly this could be a good complement when it comes to beautifying our apartment and add an original and personal fee.

. Be discrete

This aspect should not be absent, because in any place, whether wide or broad, discretion can not be absent and that is a necessary element. If the place is small, we should pay more attention. But it is important not to place large objects in small spaces that can obstruct our passage or small objects in large spaces as they may look empty. It is not necessary to be extravagant.

. Decorative doors It

could be very good idea that the doors of each room were mahogany, because other than this wood is very good and durable reddish color will make a good combination with the walls and furniture. Remember that it is very important at all times to use the color combination, this will give visual organization to our apartment. We can include in, even if it is a wall, a sliding door, because it makes the spaces look more fluid and the views are improved. This is a good solution that can aesthetically make a great creative contribution.

. Combine different materials

Well, in the decoration absolutely everything goes. Combining the different materials can provide a space with very elegant and informal details. Everything depends on creativity. The combination of glass, wood and stones could be a big explosion in our apartment and provide those details of elegance that are fundamental.

. Some color It

would be nice to include a few strokes of color to our desktop. In this case, it would combine well a small range of colors to highlight the details and bring passion to this room. It is important not to exceed these details because we do not want to dim the light with the color of the walls.

. Use accessories

A house without accessories would have no color, these small details will give a magical touch of elegance and brightness.

. A family atmosphere

Although we do not believe it, the heart of a home is the family, because that is where the feeling of care and protection is fed. What better way to contribute this than with photos on the walls of the family, photos that look past and remembering old times, those little details are what feed our home and gives it shine, because I’m sure a house without a good family, it would not be called home.

. Cleaning

This aspect is fundamental in the maintenance of order. To take care of our apartment it is necessary to clean the house at least twice a week, to maintain hygiene, not to accumulate dirty clothes and to designate 1 day of the week for a general cleaning.

This should not be a task of a single person, but in collaboration with the other members who inhabit together to achieve the strength of order. A home is not easy to maintain, but I believe that with a base of support we can achieve a very good result.

To maintain the cleanliness of our home and make it remain odorous and resplendent would be a nice idea to place incense, because these by their traditional meaning are able to ward off evils and purify the air. We can also use atmospheres and aromatizers on the floor of our house to feel a pleasant and pleasant smell.

. Immerse yourself in change

The change is good, especially in the houses. Changing furniture, beds of rooms and other accessories every so often give a different air to our home and a new liking. This is a recommended option.

. A room of relief

Sometimes we have at home objects and accessories that we no longer need or that we simply do not use and in most cases we are hindered or hindered, that is why the best way to get rid of this problem and having a room of relief . In this room we can organize all the belongings that we no longer use and of which we would not like to get rid of. This will facilitate the organization of our home and give us a better space.

. Avoid humidity

Sometimes we leave our apartment closed the whole day, days or maybe weeks, and we are not aware of the damage we do to it. To take care of our apartment it is vital to let the air flow and thus not allow the penetration of moisture in our walls. We must take care of this detail if we want a strong and lasting house.

. Unnecessary hammering

We must take care of our nail walls, because the excess of these could cause severe damage to our decoration. We must be careful when placing an ornament on the wall that requires certain hammering and doing it in the most responsible way possible.

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