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How to care for the environment on the world.

The environment is nothing more than the set of physical, chemical and biological components with which we interact living beings. This is not only about a space in which life develops. But also includes living beings, objects, soil, air and water.

This is a very important issue in society. Well, it’s about the world we live in,. It’s about how to do to protect our world and the planet. We must be aware that the deterioration of the ozone layer .We can be very harmful to the lives of human beings.

That’s why I created this article, so if you’re interested in the subject, you can raise awareness and see the importance of taking care of the environment a little more.

. What is contamination?

This is nothing more than the introduction of substances or other elements in a medium that cause it to lose its security. The same pollutant can be a chemical as energy. In general, the pollution that causes is lost, risk, danger. It has recently been proven that pollution can reduce fertility in both men and women.

. Sound pollution

We can also call it noise pollution. It is the excess of sound that alters the normal conditions of the environment in a certain area. This is a factor causing severe damage to the quality of life of human beings if not properly controlled. This pollution can be caused by entertainment, boats, airplanes, traffic, industries, construction of buildings or simply by excessive volume in a car horn or in a house. Acoustic pollution induces deafness, high blood pressure, stress and sleep disorder. We have no idea of ​​the harmful damages that this causes to the hearing, and the worst thing is that sometimes we do not inform ourselves and without knowing the danger we are exposed to, we are the cause of sources of noise that can harm us as well as other people. .

. Caring for the waters

Perhaps we have never asked ourselves what a life without water would be, because the answer I am sure is that every person knows it, because there simply would not be life on the planet.

Sometimes we do not want to listen when a person tells us to save water, or when an elder asks us not to leave the key open, or simply when our parents scold us, and it is necessary to know that this vital liquid and without which there would be no life has a great importance, and every drop we can save will be very helpful.

Water pollution is caused mostly by human beings, which makes it dangerous for consumption, industries, agriculture, fishing, as well as for animals. Industries have become the main cause of pollution in the oceans. We must raise awareness and each of us must contribute their bit to achieve the goal, which is more than living in a durable and healthy environment.

We must also know that there are sources of natural pollution such as mercury in the earth’s crust, climate among others, but to date the greatest source of recorded pollution is that of man. Water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to contamination of drinking water.

Protecting the waters should be a task for everyone since without this precious liquid social life would fall apart and would be greatly affected. It is in our hands to try to solve this problem.

. Protect the soil

Although most people do not know it, there is also contamination of the soil. This is due to the introduction of chemical substances or elements of a solid, liquid or gaseous type, which causes the degradation of them and causes the plants, animal life and human health to be affected.

Among the forms of soil contamination is the rupture of underground storage tanks, the application of pesticides, sewage leaks, blind wells, direct accumulation of industrial or radioactive products, the uncontrolled discharge of plastics, uncontrolled spillages of organic matter from of agricultural activities, application of pesticides.

This type of contamination comes into direct contact with sources of drinking water which is very harmful to health. Agriculture is one of the sectors that more pollution brings to the environment indirectly. The causes of the same are the fertilizers and pesticides used for the fertility of the earth and for the fumigation of crops. These products through the rain contaminate surface water and aquifers. We must be aware of the importance of maintaining the soil that we tread in the best state, because without it an important link in the chain of life would vanish.

We must know that grazing animals are beneficial for vegetation because their feces fertilize the land. Soils are not just to step on, and it is what many people may not understand, soils are our livelihood, they are nourished plants and therefore human beings.

. Purity in the atmosphere

Air pollution is a very dangerous factor in society, it brings with it the presence in the air of materials or energetic forms that involve risk, damage or serious annoyance for people and goods of any nature. Sulfur dioxide directly affects the atmosphere thus damaging the vegetation and is irritating to the lungs.

Burning fossil fuel, tobacco smoke also causes damage to the atmosphere. All this pollution that is found in the air and which we breathe brings severe damage to our health, mainly in adults and children, such as strong dizziness and intense headaches, and if contaminated air is inhaled in large quantities, it can cause death.

It is not necessary to reach that extreme, everything depends on us, of every human being, it is necessary to be aware of this because without a pure air to breathe there would be no life in any way.

The main affected in air pollution, we are human beings, and if we ourselves do not take measures for our care and protection, we will not live in the health we need.

. Forests

We need to raise awareness among people who smoke to take care of throwing a cigarette to where there are trees, because we need it to be everyone’s job to take care of the forests of the fires that can be caused by a cigarette.

Deforestation is a factor that affects the land because trees and plants take a long time to grow back and are elements of great importance for the environment and the land that has been damaged takes years to return to be usable.

We must fight this factor with reforestation and know that every seed we plant is a good that we are doing to nature. Forests are fundamental in nature, besides being the habitat of many animals are the basic means from which we extract wood for the comfort of the human being. Thanks to them we have chairs where we can sit, we have beds where our body can rest, we have decorations to decorate and we have houses to live in.

We must value a little more what nature offers us, since it gives us everything, and the least we can do to repay all that it gives us in caring for it and protecting it. The trees are the lungs of the earth.

. Garbage

This is one of the biggest pollutants in the environment. The large accumulations of waste and garbage is a growing problem every day. It is originated by the great accumulations of population in the industrialized cities or that are in the process of urbanization.

Garbage is accumulated mostly in landfills, but most of the time it is swept away by the wind or rivers and disperses over the surface of the land and sometimes reaches the ocean. Sometimes we do not make this kind of awareness and we do not give the slightest importance, but we do very badly, because every waste that we vote pollutes the air we breathe and makes it dangerous for the organism especially the lungs.

Electronic waste or technological waste also constitutes a contaminating irrigation for society. To maintain a balanced society it is necessary to solve these problems because they do not harm anyone but the human being. Domestic solid waste produces a large amount of waste. Recycling or the minimization of waste is of great importance, which avoids the continuous consumption of exhaustible raw materials and its polluting discharge into nature.

. Wars

Wars are social conflicts between different human groups through the use of weapons of all kinds that bring individual or collective death and material damage of a considerable entity. I am one of the people who think that there should not be war between countries, for the simple reason that everyone is part of the world in one way or another.

The wars, the discord do nothing but bring human losses. The pumps cause serious damage to people’s health. It is necessary to mention that children are still born with deformations due to nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

. Pollution as a global problem

Several international catastrophes have already been recorded throughout history. The boundless nature of the atmosphere and the oceans has resulted in the problem of pollution being considered globally, especially when it comes to global warming.

The growing evidence of global and local pollution has driven the development of the environmental movement whose main purpose is to protect the environment and reduce the impact of human beings on nature.

. Effects of pollution on nature

In man pollution brings harmful damages. Ozone pollution can cause respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, throat inflammations, nasal congestion and chest pains. Let’s try to join forces and fight together for a healthier life and with less pollution.

. Fight against pollution

Together we can do great things in life, it’s just a matter of joining forces. We must practice recycling, reuse and general prevention.

. The beauty of nature

We must not destroy the beauty of nature, because it is a recurring theme in modern life. Art, photography, painting and poetry are a link that is closely related to it since it is taken as background and as inspiration.

What would be the life of an artist without nature, in which he would be inspired, are questions that we must ask ourselves in order to value a little more what life has offered us for free.

. Black Gold

We all know that this meaning is attributed to oil, either because of its monetary value or because of the great use it has without in the lives of human beings. But perhaps we do not know that this is made up of highly toxic and carcinogenic compounds.

Oil is lethal to fish and kills them quickly. This same can have serious consequences for human life such as leukemia and exposure to major infections.

World Environment Day is celebrated globally on June 5. This was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972. This is the day to raise the flag of peace and say NO to wars, NOT to the pollution that daily kills so many human beings, NOT to the idea of surrender to a better world. It is the day to raise our voice and let the world know that, without the care of an environment, life would totally break.


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