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 How to rescue and  a good care for an animal

If you are one of the people that you like and cause animals tenderness, this is the perfect article. Well, we need people who are worried about this issue on a daily basis, since thousands of animals are lost every minute of the world, because they do not have a person by their side who can take care of them and educate them in a home. These beings, despite not being human, are capable of loving and having feelings, although they can not demonstrate it through words, they do it through gestures and even looks. They are not guilty of any damage in society and have all the desire to live as a human being any, and, why not give them that opportunity?

. A lost animal

Whenever we find an animal in the street, the first thing we must do is look around to see if there is someone looking for it, because not all the animals we see on the street were abandoned, many are the cause of a disappearance . This we will notice in the composure, feeding the animal and if it has a collar. We can ask around and even go to specialized sites on the internet. If we see that the animal does not have an owner, it will be a task for us to procure for it and not leave it alone but we must always do our best to see if it has former owners and find them, because they must be desperate for the loss.

. Love and love

This is the first and fundamental step when it comes to caring for and rescuing an animal. If these feelings do not exist within us, it will not be possible to do so. Well, we do not have to feel it as an obligation or a favor, but as an action that is saving lives and based on love towards these beings. It is the most beautiful feeling and the healthiest bond that can be given.

. Remove it from the environment where this

is the first action we must commit to find an animal, we must be smart and attract them to us in the best way possible to get used. The most advisable thing is to talk to him with love, love and offer him food, because we must get him to feel trust in us and stop seeing us as strangers. We must be careful with the bites of cats and dogs, it is always important to use a collar or a muzzle before grabbing it to avoid dangerous risks.

. Home

It is necessary to provide them with a roof, quality of life and affection so that they are happy and can easily recover, with these three recipes, there would not be any abandoned animal going hungry and cold. The warmth of a family could make them feel encouraged and they could feel like another member of the household. This is the best option since taking them to shelters implies a risk in the aspect that these sometimes do not have the appropriate conditions and they would never be treated the same as we can offer ourselves.

It is not necessary to have a perfect home for them, it is enough to have a small patio to protect them from the cold and heat. If there is an impediment in the family, we should feel and talk, we must convince that these animals do not harm anyone, and that they also deserve the opportunity to have a long and healthy life like humans.

. My name is

When we have established a piece of our home for our animal, we must give it a name, which he can adapt easily and in this way we will be providing a demonstration of affection and affection. This name will adapt slowly until responding to it completely.

. Restore your health

If you see an abandoned animal, or a sick puppy in the street, or you just started to follow a hungry dog ​​or found a kitten suffering, you should know that when rescuing it the first factor is to restore your health, give it a necessary attention, observe it and previously call a veterinarian so that he prescribes the medicines needed, because we should not self medicate ourselves, the most consistent is to go to a specialist in the subject who knows how to help.

Take advantage of the visit to the veterinarian and find out their data as weight, approximate age and size. We should not neglect this aspect, because animals do not have the same resistance as a human in the body and not provide attention at the right time could bring devastating consequences and even death.

. Food

It is essential in the correct recovery of the animal food. If it is a dog we should not give bones, nor the cats, the ideal would be to buy packaged foods, but in case of not being able to buy them it would be enough with homemade food, but if well prepared. It is advisable not to cook with excess oil or salt. This is of vital importance to speed up the recovery of the animal. The legumes could be very helpful as well as the abundant liquid, however, a veterinarian could tell you more exactly how to manipulate the animal’s diet.

. Internet

Social networks can be a good tool when looking for or finding an owner. You must make yourself heard by creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other. Create an adoption page to which people can visit and be interested in the subject. Take pictures of the animal and describe how its personality is, let people see that they deserve the opportunity to have a home, a family, to feel loved and protected. This will help people to create an emotional bond with the animal until they decide or want to adopt it.

These animals know fidelity, respect, gratitude and can become our best friends. It is necessary to specify its size, approximate age and publish an album of photos, in this way it can be shared among friends and spread easily and more quickly.

. Money

If we do not have the necessary conditions to care for an animal, we must use creativity. We can assign groups of sponsors for the pet, make raffles in lines, call your friends or relatives to help you, use the different free services, ask your contacts if someone has a veterinary friend, there are many ways to do it, and always There will be people of good feelings who extend your hand.

. Responsible people

This factor is essential when it comes to finding people who want to take care of the animal. We must bear in mind that it is a care of 10 to 20 years, that it is a game for us, and most of the people when they adopt do it by impulse  and that is what we can not allow. If an animal that we help ends up in a home where it is mistreated and exposed to danger or carelessness on the part of the owners, our work will have done absolutely nothing. That is why we must be careful and cautious, so as not to fail in that aspect.

It is necessary to know the person, ask if he has had animals before, try to analyze it thoroughly as much as we can, get his personal data and ask him to sign a document in which he is responsible for the care and not abandoning the pet. We should not trust ourselves and we should always strive for the protection of the animal. In case any child wants it, it is important to see that the parents agree, and if they are not, it helps the child to convince them, because at a young age, even if they want to have a pet, they will not be able to take care of it with maturity. necessary, because it is not a toy, but a life.

. Animals in danger of extinction

The activity of man himself has considerably increased the number of animals in danger of extinction. Excessive urbanism , pollution and hunting have endangered animals and plants that are part of the natural balance promoting the risk suffered by the ecosystems of the planet. It is necessary to protect species in danger of extinction so that they are present in future generations and thus prevail. To care for and save these animals, it is necessary for man to respect the periods of closure and the spaces where animals live.

We need to raise our voice and make contributions to organizations that fight to save animals in danger of extinction, because together we can do a better work than alone. But ,we must not contaminate waters of rivers, seas, and other natural spaces by throwing garbage and debris that may be harmful to fish and drinking water of animals. We can support with our networks and circle of friends to save an animal in danger of extinction. Report activities such as hunting, fishing or selling protected species. Avoid and proceed to the denunciation of the illegal possession of animals in danger of extinction, we must not allow them to be commercialized.

.Prevent fires

We need to avoid fires, that’s why we should not light fires or turn them off properly when we go out into the field, do not throw cigarette butts through the windows of the car, because destroying the habitat of the animals is very harmful in its reproduction. There are numerous organizations that are working to protect endangered species and in recent years have even created specific programs to prevent attacks and care for their reproduction to establish the basis of their future. It is necessary to start up specific areas that maintain the optimal conditions of care and protection of these living beings.

. Caring for nature

When it comes to doing any good to an animal, the first thing we have to take into account is the optimal state of nature, since they are born and reproduce themselves and we must procure this for the sustenance of the animals. . From the governments is very important and at the moment there are few implementation of policies to protect the environment and animal species, as well as information campaigns. Awareness-raising activities must be financed and subsidies and taxes on activities harmful to nature must be stopped.

We must understand that it is the source of life for both humans and animals and we must give ourselves the task of caring for it and protecting it more for the permanence of future species. We do not need to have so much money or come from another planet to raise our voice so that others hear our message, we simply need to be strong and have the desire to fight for a better world without animal abuse or abandonment.

. Animal feeling

It is one of the purest that can exist, without malice and with much kindness, if you are one of the people that has never had a puppy, a cat or just a pet no matter what kind it is, I assure you that those animals are capable of feeling a lot of love, affection and fidelity, as well as adapting easily to the owner. They usually know your problems, show your support with simple gestures and be there so you can vent with them. They are able to make you happy, smile and take good care of you.  

. Conclusions

Every day millions of animals are victims of abuse, illness, abandonment, hunger, crushing unfortunately for people who do not have a good heart. It is in ourselves to be able to do something to change this sad situation that is shaking the world. Please when they go to proceed to an adoption that is because we really feel that connection with the animal and we want to take care of it and try for it, that we want to protect it and make it happy, not because it is nice or because someone makes you do it, it is not a game It is a life that we are taking charge of and therefore leads to a responsibility.

In case you can not adopt simply help him to be in good health, happy as he finds a home. Remember that if you give a pet you are giving away a life, you are saving a life.


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