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When you think of the guitar as an instrument, and after watching many rock and roll videos, it is believed that it is easy to play, that in a short time you will catch the blow and we will be rock stars. This is not true, learning the guitar requires a lot of time and perseverance.

Many methods that generate knowledge and a lot of practice, above all. Learning this instrument, like any other, is not an instantaneous thing, but depends on the dedication that is placed on it, you will not be able to play it correctly on a weekend.

Even if you have skills, you will have to learn some techniques: whether you are a beginner or have learned some concepts (how to hold the mast, the most important chords, how to play with a pick), there is always something to learn; is what makes this instrument so interesting.

Online guitar course, private lessons with a music teacher, learn the basics of the guitar with a manual, an electronic book or a DVD at home or play with friends: there are different methods to learn to play the guitar.

Next we will describe the different methods to learn to play this wonderful instrument so that you can objectively decide which one is best for you.

Self-taught form:

For this the factor that most influences is the motivation to achieve the main objective.

Count on time, energy, concentration and get all the information possible to develop skills. Of course, first of all, you must have a guitar, in order to practice the exercises as they learn.

Willpower is another key factor in this aspect, not surrendering as very complex as learning results. Meet with friends, who know or who are learning as well, or just play alone, without fatigue, although your fingers bleed, and go out.

This is the way to know that we are doing well. You can also take advantage of the emulation that is created when playing in a group: you can listen, observe and chat with your friends about this or that technique, so you will receive some advice to improve the level.

However, this method has its drawbacks: on the one hand, you run the risk of taking bad habits, such as the position of the left hand, the handling of the pick, the fingers to play a chord.

When you learn some concepts, and you can already play several pieces without difficulty, and make sequences of a few chords, your level will not improve any more: it may stagnate you, and over time you get discouraged and give up.

Educational Materials

Many methods are printed on paper and you have a lot of books and other methods specific to a specific guitar style in specialized stores.

These are very well-made materials, in which pedagogy is not absent. However, with these books and methods you will learn the basic elements, you will do exercises and you will play a few pieces to get started on the guitar, but they will not make you progress beyond a certain point. Sometimes, methods include a CD or DVD, to listen to audio samples.

Tutorials in Videos:

Another way is watching tutorial videos: this is a technique that allows you to take the learning your way, go directly to the point of the method, or simply to the corresponding level. The positions of the hands and fingers described in the videos, the well-defined chords, the position of the body, among others, are observed in detail. This method is very effective, since it provides sound and visual examples, as if you were face to face with a teacher, although without benefiting from the interaction with him.

Learning to play the guitar with magazines

The third method is the magazines: there are many specialized in guitar and, although the educational part is usually less complete than in the other methods, you can find many exercises and extracts or even well-known pieces without forgetting the news musical of your favorite musicians.

There is also often a test bed to talk about material related to the world of the guitar: guitars, amplifiers, strings, tuners, methods, etc. Because they are quite cheap, they are a good complement or tool, which serve as a support and very useful.

The Internet

Internet that is increasingly popular, can not be mentioned.

A world without a network of networks is not conceived. The learning of the guitar is very pleasant. Even fun, navigating between tutorials, tablatures, videos, virtual teachers, and an infinite of possibilities. On the Internet you can find many examples according to the style of guitar you want to practice, instructional videos, bases to accompany you in the background, online magazines, etc. The biggest problem on the internet is that since there is absolutely everything, as there is the best, there is the worst, and you have to be very selective with these things.

Do not get scattered and waste your time in front of the screen. You have to know exactly what you are looking for. Do not hesitate to visit several websites to compare information and consult forums . Other guitarists may have the same concern as you.

Learning the guitar with a private teacher

The last way to learn the guitar is without doubt the most classic. But the most effective: it is about the guitar lessons with a teacher. Whether it’s a music academy, a conservatory or a community center. The important thing is that there is a teacher and a student.

The direct teacher-student link is developed and a pleasant exchange is formed. With the possibility of asking all kinds of questions.

Define your style and choose your teacher, and of course, always attend, at least 2 to 3 times a week. There are many advantages of this way of learning to play the guitar. Progressive learning with a follow-up of your evolution, correction of possible defects and bad habits. Encouragement when everything goes well and when you make mistakes . Or when you get stuck, talks about the instrument itself and the world of guitar and music, etc.

Authentic relationship

It is an authentic relationship of reciprocity that is established between the teacher and you. A relationship of trust based on the exchange of ideas that enrich both one and the other. This incurs a considerable expense compared to other methods also effective, cheaper and even free.

The other drawback is that there is not always a music teacher and guitar in particular near home. Especially when you live far from the big cities. It is advisable to look at advertisements on the Internet. At music stores, at music academies or simply consult a directory to find the ideal teacher for you.

As we see, there are many ways to learn to play the guitar. Between online classes, classes with a teacher or the different methods. That can be found in magazines and other books, there is everything for everyone. Keep in mind that a bad method defines the student’s career, makes him a good or bad guitarist.

With a good teacher.

The student is motivated and wants to learn more . Look for more additional information, want to practice more, do more exercises and tests. Share the love for the instrument that the teacher has. A good guitar student must be able to make a general description of the different points. That must be worked on to become a great guitarist.

If you practice regularly, using the exposed methods, and every day making more effort. You will learn to play the guitar quickly and correctly. In a short time, you will be able to play any song and understand music and especially the instrument. Take good habits, motivate yourself and do not throw in the towel whatever your guitar level


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