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How to lead a good marriage

Marriage in society is nothing more than the social institution that can adopt a religious form,. Which in turn creates a conjugal relationship between people. Although in this century many people attribute the word marriage to the simple fact of living in the same house together. The union between people in a conjugal way is the motivation of society. If you have some doubts about how to lead your married life either in coexistence. Attitude or personality, in this article you can take several tips about how to make a happy and pleasant marriage next to the person you chose. I hope it will be very useful.

. Love

This is the main factor that we must take into account when talking about marriage or relationship, love. Well, through this feeling is that we are going to make the decision to join a certain person. It is necessary to really feel it, because this is going to be our guarantee of happiness, that is why I advise you that, if you really do not feel love towards the person, do not take this step. Because besides being important it is decisive, do not waste your time or do it to nobody. Every word, every gesture, every thing that happens in a marriage will have as its main basis love.

. Home

Establishing a home with your spouse is vital if you want a proper functioning of your marriage. They must move away from the family and go to live together in an environment in which only the two live together. Living with in-laws or other family members will never bring them the privacy and independence they need and could even generate certain conflicts. This over the years has been a solid motive in the destruction of many couples.

. The communication

It is of great importance in a relationship, because it is the basis of understanding and understanding. We must not let this aspect affect our environment. We should not shout or say words or phrases that we can later regret. For that communication was made, to sit down to talk. Mark our differences in order to resolve the situation.

Do not close yourself to anything, do not keep things inside, you should see in your partner a kind of refuge in which you express your concerns, differences, anger and conflicts. Saving this series of elements may at one point come out in anger and would not be advisable for the healing of the relationship. Not only should we put communication into practice after a fight, but at every moment we see fit to engage in a conversation with our partner.

. Share time together

We need to take a break from homework and work to have that much-needed privacy time. To spend a weekend away, to go to the beach or to have dinner in some cozy place would be wonderful to give a different turn to the relation. We must feel that connection and have time to dedicate it to the relationship. The key is to be present, focusing only on the person next to you, leaving aside all distractions.

Try to go out every now and then by bicycle together, to have a coffee or simply to contemplate the stars, these details are important in married life and should not be lost for any reason. Watching TV and cooking together is a time well spent and that will surely be fun. This aspect is fundamental if we do not want the relationship to wither and create an atmosphere of distance towards the person who is closest and most pending of your life.

. Respect in the discussions

No relationship is perfect, so we must know what to do to save a relationship from the arguments and the strong temperaments that it can cause. We must know how to discuss, try to make him understand or see our partner that this is not a situation out of control. Try not to raise your voice, because you do not need to shout to be heard, do not make unnecessary gestures with your hands that can be misinterpreted in the middle of the situation. Address the topic of the discussion and try to solve it in the most patient and friendly way possible, not attacks the person, much less the offense.

Take the time at that moment to remember all the moments lived and why you chose that person to be your company and that can give you the good sense you need. If they are very upset do not continue talking, try to take some time and when they are better and calmer they can sit down to talk in a different way. Never leave in the middle of a discussion, do not give to understand your partner that your anger does not let you see to such an extent that you do not want to listen. Try not to lose control of your mind and your mouth, because a slip in these aspects could bring devastating consequences.

. Make your peace

You should not let your pride be greater than your love, try to go to your partner and ask him how he is doing. Try to have a conversation in which they can fix their differences. If you have the sense of human it is time to use it to get a smile from your partner and try to divert the conversation. Show that you do not hold a grudge, on the contrary, that before any discussion or situation you will remain reasonable by their side. Do not let the inconvenience or arguments take over much of your space or time.

To forgive beyond the ego and our own perceptions is to give true love and understand that we are all human, and therefore imperfect. Also think that the day you are the one who makes a mistake you will also want to get forgiveness. The sense of humor has always been the best remedy for bad temper.

. Do not tell lies

The lie is like a sting that we feel in the moment we discover it, it can break the bond of trust that has been created in the relationship, however small or insignificant it may be. We must not allow ourselves to have a life of lies, because it is like a chain, when you lie once, you will always continue to lie. Be open with your partner, be sincere and honest, explain carefully what is happening that you will surely understand and support. Keep your marriage clean and free of blemishes.

. Know how to listen

We need to be that ear that our partner needs many times to vent. We must make him understand that we are there to listen and support in everything necessary.

. Support each other

This aspect is important, because we will always need the support of our family in life, but when we make the decision to unite in marriage, the support of our couple is the most fundamental. We must be understandable and know how to understand situations.

. The kindness

It is necessary that in a relationship endure kindness, education, good treatment, understanding and understanding. Help with kindness so that your partner does not feel alone. Show your concern and occupation of her at all times and even with the smallest details.

. Express gratitude

We must remember to thank even for the little things that we often take for granted. It is necessary to express your appreciation whenever you can in any detail, make your spouse see that you value and express gratitude.

. Use humor

Laughing and seeing your partner smile is one of the most rewarding things that can happen to you. Use this weapon often to create an environment of happiness and eliminate boredom and isolation from home, in this way it will become a healthy environment. Tickle him from time to time to steal a smile.

. Memories

It’s good that we keep details of how we went in the past. Decorating the walls with photos of the couple, or a couple together, will give a color and a great experience to your home. Keep the evidence of the first dinner together, the first party together and even if possible the first kiss. In this way you can sit down with your partner and review these memories and laugh when you see that time has passed and they are as much in love as before.

. Be romantic

It is essential to keep the relationship alive and ardent, look for those details that however small they may be, will be of the total pleasure of your spouse. Make a romantic dinner at home with a wine and surprise him once in a while. Give a teddy bear that is a symbol of tenderness in the relationship, or simply a bracelet that identifies both.

Take the relationship out of the routine and make an invitation to watch a movie by your favorite director, make a love note or just write a letter. These are small details that clearly express love and importance. It’s just a matter of not losing that romantic and tender side in the relationship.

. Monotony

It is the reason why many marriages break up. That’s why we should not let monotony pass through our door. Let’s try as much as possible within the conditions of doing something new from time to time to kill boredom. Going to the movies, watching a show, watching the sunset, reading a book while having a coffee, observing the stars, and infinities of activities that we can do so as not to cage the relationship and become boring.

. Do not retire to sleep angry

We must always do our best to talk about differences and try to resolve them before going to sleep.

. Respect

It is essential in a relationship, both in the part of the woman towards the man or vice versa. Always remember that your partner is in your life to improve it, not to become your property. Try not to impose orders, on the contrary, use education and do it with the best smile and willingness to be pleased. Always keep in mind that if you expect respect you must give it.  

. Treason

It is one of the biggest factors that prevent the durability of a marriage or courtship. We not only betray with acts, but also with words and thoughts. Let’s always try to be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves if we really feel so great love to take the great step of marriage, otherwise we do not take that step, and that is the factor that leads to betrayal. Focus on our relationship and leave aside the problems of other couples.

Keep the distance with friends who have ulterior motives. Always take care of your partner and do not give reasons to be rumored about her or your relationship. If you feel you can fall into temptation, Do not make your spouse suffer, just finish in the best way possible and I assure you that you will be much better in their eyes than if you had betrayed her.

. Have children

This is a step that you should always try and approve both. They must be very clear that it is an extremely important decision since it is a life that is at stake. The marriage must be as solid as possible and must have good conditions to receive the child. This is a fundamental and determining step in a relationship. Which involves a certain level of maturity to be performed correctly.

. church

It was the same that united them in sacred marriage. It would be a brilliant idea to go from time to time to thank God. For bringing a beautiful and prosperous marriage. He united and he is blessed before his eyes. Always remember that perfect couples do not exist because there are no perfect people. But if we play our part. We think of our spouse as the support of our life we ​​can achieve a prosperous and long marriage.


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