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How to choose a good slogan is something that we must take objectively since, based on this we will be recognized. Brands offer us different types of ideals according to what they want to sell or promote. The reality is that we can find each other with different slogans depending on what each brand wants to sell. The important thing is that a brand offers its message based on what it intends to communicate about itself.

Slogan analysis

Let’s analyze several cases of sports brands such as Nike or Adidas. We will see with these examples “How to choose a good slogan”. Next we will see the messages that appear in the respective marks:


Just do it – “just do it”


Nothing is impossible – “Nothing is impossible”

While Nike intends to tell us that it does not matter if what you do is successful or not, you just do it for the pleasure of doing it. Adidas tells us that nothing is impossible, that you put the goals that you put, if you try you can get it. With this, both brands tell us that with sport and with their products, any of us can do it.

What slogan to choose? How to choose it?

Choosing a slogan well is perhaps as important as choosing the brand. This action will motivate users and future customers. There are different types of slogans, but the important thing to choose is to know what you really want for your brand. You have to choose between the different types depending on what you want to transmit.

There are different types of slogans, and basically they can be:

-Define the attitude you want to convey to your client exactly what you want to spread.

– Relate the brand so that when you remember the slogan remember your brand.

-To tell your customers how different they are if they consume your product.

-Describe your product to give a clearer and more precise idea of ​​what your brand is doing.

– Carry in the claim the imagination of people to what they can get with your product.

. The best slogan

They are remembered by people. Even if the brand goes bankrupt or closes, they are remembered. So I will make a brief analysis of those that to my taste are among the best. The order in which I have placed them does not mean that they have that order of importance for me.

  1. Think Different

Slogan of the Apple brand. This slogan is very appropriate because it goes directly to “create an elite” among users. An elite very well regarded by society, those innovators, creators, artists who do not think like others.

  1. Do you like to drive?

Slogan of the BMW brand. The brand appeals to something common to people, who does not like to drive? and if they offer you a high-end car, then more.

  1. Because I’m worth it

Slogan of the L’Oreal brand. L’Oreal knows that its target audience likes compliments. Added to this, much of the decision to purchase an L’Oreal product for its cost is made by a “whim”. This is where the brand gives the perfect excuse for this purchase intention and tells us: Because I’m worth it!

  1. There are things that money can not buy for everything else there mastercard

slogan of the MasterCard brand. Mastercard is seen as something good or bad, depends on the occasion, as close to the money as to generate debts. With this slogan, he decides to turn things around and tell us that shopping can be by your side. But for happiness or for important things in life you should not think about money!

  1. Think in green

Slogan of the Heineken Brand. This slogan is strange because the drink itself is not green. However, the brand is so powerful, with so much advertising push that it has managed to make its own color. With this, his design and advertising agency has managed to position itself in a market.

Here I mention others with a very clear message and intentionality:

Coca Cola is really feel (Coca Cola)

. Orange writes fine, Bic crystal writes normal, Bic, Bic, Bic Bic Bic.

Probably, the best beer in the world (Carlsberg)

.Nespresso … what else?

.Rexona does not abandon you


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