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It has happened to all of us that we see that person that we love every day. That which makes the day happy only with his presence. And we ask ourselves the famous question. Would you like me too? A question that most of the time remains unanswered for fear of rejection. And if he does not want to? I could not look him in the face.

However, the human mind allows us to discover through certain gestures and actions whether you are reciprocated or not. Just devote a few minutes to this post for information that will serve for life. It is a few pages of discovering the tricks and secrets to know if you can launch that little person that drives you crazy.

In this blog, we will guide you with some tips to know if you like that special person.

Exit with friends

If that person invites you to go out constantly with your friends, then you probably like it. That kind of invitation is just an excuse to share time with you without raising suspicion. In addition, that you have relationships with your friends would strengthen the relationship you have with that friend. Which is a point in favor. So if you insist that you accompany him to his exits, you have done it.

If you are constantly contacted by social networks

Social networks are currently an advantage to maintain contact with people despite any distance. If you write frequently for no reason, invade your profile with likes, make positive comments on your photos. Then it is worth saying that he likes you.


If you always show a special interest for what happens to you. Because of how you feel, how you are doing, how your family is doing. Notes that you hear when you speak and always look for a way to help you, is another sign that something special can come from you.

Start conversations

It is very likely that if you like that person look for any excuse to contact you, either by SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger. As for another social network. Always try to start a conversation that you will notice as it then takes a less friendly course. In order to know a little more about you, the things you like, the ones you do not, etc.

Does he compliment you?

Does it tell you how good you look this morning? Did you notice your new hairstyle? Those are clear signals. One does not tend to be so precise with friends or co-workers. When someone likes you more, you like to let them drop certain signals. So that you realize that you are aware of all your changes.

Your smile

He laughs at all your jokes, even the worst ones. It makes you feel a nice and fun person. Those smiles are inevitable when someone likes you. It’s because you’re happy just for the simple fact of sharing that moment with her. For others it is normal, but in his case it is pure joy.

The look

When you like a person you can not stop looking at it, it is inevitable for you. Therefore it is important to be attentive at the crossroads of looks. If he stares at you frequently, then he can not deny the truth. Another important point is that you are chatting and from time to time lower your eyes to your lips. This unconditional action is caused by your desire to kiss you.


If you notice that your behavior is different when you are present to when you normally chat with your classmates. If that person gets nervous when you get to a group, his tongue gets stuck, he says stupid things, he gets clumsy, etc. Then you know where the thread goes.

Its proximity

You are talking very calm, about work, leisure, etc. But you notice that each time it is closer to you. You can see how it moves slowly even invading your space. Seek to see your reaction, find the minimum opportunity to give you a hug or steal a kiss.


It is inevitable to feel jealous when the person you like speaks with another or another. All your friends seem a threat to you. Well, the opposite is the same. You will notice that he asks you who you were talking to, who that friend who speaks so close to you. Also as a trick you can talk about your love affairs, even if they are a lie. If he likes you, his expression will change immediately, it will be easy to recognize if he became jealous.

New Adventures

Not only can you invite them to share with friends. There is also the possibility that you want to start new projects with you. And thus gain more ground and time to conquer you. A cooking course, photography, pastry are some of the examples of activities that could be proposed.

Your gestures

If you like that person, you will always find an excuse to touch you, either in the middle of a conversation, even if it does not come to the subject. It can be a joke and touch your shoulder, thank you for anything and hug you, etc. It is quite common for this to happen because of your impulse to want to have physical contact with you. Even being a bit far, trying to hide, throwing a ball of paper or touch your shoulder as a joke, always try to capture your attention.

Remember to be attentive to their gestures. A small smile, look into your eyes when you speak, etc. These are small signs that can help you know the truth.

How often do you watch?

Do you feel a look that weighs you? Find out how often it looks at you, turn in surprise mode to where it is. Look directly at his eyes, surprise him and investigate if he looks at you quite often and in what way he does it. If you do it quite often then everything is already said.

Do you behave like a gentleman or a lady?

Do you open the door and set your pace? Do you take the coffee to the office? Do you give flowers for no apparent reason? Many times more than education is usually that he likes you and wants to show you how educated or educated he is. But you must be very careful since this can also be simple chivalry. Everything depends on the frequency in which it does it and the other points that we explained previously.

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