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Nowadays life in the home is much easier due to the new technologies that come out every year. Although most people are unaware of these new devices because they have too much work or have very little time to sit down and investigate. In this post we will inform you of some of the new technological advances. Which will make your work at home much more comfortable and fun. We must take advantage of the advantages we did not have a few years ago.

Every day we are more the ones that rely on these devices to make our life much easier. With dedicating just a few minutes to this post you can be one of us. You can be sure that if you know how to use technology well you will not want to detach yourself from it. Here we will show you a small list with the best and most advanced artifacts.

Moulinex Cookeo Connect

For those who love cooking, the Moulinex Cookeo Connect is ideal. With this device you can control the preparation of your food with your smartphone or tablet.

Contains mobile application. For this you can check if you lack any ingredient, what is the preparation of your food. Even research recipes linked to the dish you want to prepare.

With this technology you can fry, boil, steam and reheat in one purchase. It is very useful, comfortable and easy to handle. In addition to that it has a large space if it is a large family. Its price is 350 dollars and you can find it in several online stores.

Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect is a sound system that connects via WiFi with a phone application. It consists of a set of speakers that are distributed by the different rooms of your house. The mobile application allows you to configure the audio system to put in each room a different song or the same if you wish. The advantages this offers is that you can choose the song you want to hear in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. For example, if you are in your room you can access the corresponding speaker from your mobile and put a relaxing song for your nap. Or from the kitchen an album that motivates her to create. It is indisputable that music can cheer the day to any person and make it more enjoyable. It can make something like washing dishes or washing clothes more entertaining. This article can get it on Amazon for a price of $ 399.

Tile Mate

It has happened to all of us that we have to leave urgently because we are late for school or work. That is the moment when everything decides to disappear, your keys, your wallet, your backpack, your glasses to see etc. Well that you can avoid with this new device. It is very light, the width of a credit card. That adheres to those objects that you tend to lose. As it does? Well, through the Bluetooth of your cell phone. With just open your application you can find what is essential for your day to day. No need to be late for your meeting. Just try not to lose your mobile, in that case you would be lost. As you can see is what we have always asked for, you have the solution to your problem just one purchase on Amazon. 44 dollars is a very low price for the great benefit it offers.

Romba 960

Romba is a cleaning robot, but nothing to do with those we find in stores. This robot is set up to eliminate 99 percent of bacteria from every corner in your home. It works autonomously and reliably. You can activate it and go to work without any problem. Upon returning you will find the floor completely clean so that you have one less thing to do. Besides that it will be the envy of your guests. It is very easy to manipulate and has very good reviews. If you are someone who loves to have a clean house, do not hesitate to get this device. You can find it on Amazon for $ 599.

Schlage locks

If you are someone who likes to feel completely safe in your home, this is made for you. An intelligent lock that incorporates a keyboard to protect your entrance with thousands of possible passwords and a surveillance camera. In order to know who is trying to open when you are not there, who is knocking at the door, what do they do while not looking. It also has the functionality to open remotely through your mobile phone. You will not have to get up again to open the door to your guests. You can surprise them with this new acquisition. It’s a bargain, you never thought that a simple lock could have so many added functions. If you want to feel safe look for this article in Amazon. You will find it for an approximate price of 400 usd.

Philips Hue bulb

It has the same installation facilities as a common light bulb. Only that you can control the power on, off and light intensity of these. All through its application a Philips Hue switch or an Echo Dot.

Philips Hue switch

Philips Hue is an intelligent switch that allows you to regulate the amount of light emitted by the bulbs in your home. You can anchor it to any light in the house and control it from it. You can also program to turn on, off and adjust the lights at the time you want without touching it. This advantage allows you to configure the light. As it gets dark, the luminosity of its lights will increase, for example. It also helps to obtain a luminous tone appropriate to the environment of that moment. It’s very cheap, you can find it on Amazon for $ 40.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot is a multifunctional hands-free assistant. You can perform functions such as making phone calls, reading the news, playing music, reading books, being your alarm among many more. You just have to have a little imagination and you can exploit your functions to the fullest. How to put it in the kitchen so that it dictates the recipes, and thus not lose the thread of your kitchen.

It also has additional functionalities. How to regulate by voice the intensity of your lights as long as they are Philips Hue, mentioned above. It has a perfect voice recognition because it has integrated 7 seven microphones to detect voices at different distances. You can give an order from the other end of the room with total ease.

Ecus Kids SMARTY

We are used to seeing technological devices such as cell phones, cameras, televisions, etc. But have you ever seen a smart mattress? Well, with the Ecus Kids Smarty, a technological mattress created for the little ones, you will control various factors through your Smartphone. Like the temperature and humidity. Achieving a suitable environment for your baby to have a perfect rest. It also allows you to obtain statistics of sleep quality. Then you can show your doctor to check if your baby is sleeping well and comfortably.

This is a great advantage since they can not express how comfortable your mattress is. It is a good way for your child to receive a better quality of life and grow up healthy and happy. You can get this article on Amazon for about $ 57.

Samsung AddWash

Another opportunity to take advantage of your Smartphone. Well with this you can control this new washing machine via wifi. It allows you to check the wash cycles of your clothes and the time left to finish them. It also sends you notifications when you can get the clothes ready. But in addition to these advantages it also has more space. An extra door that allows you to add more clothes to the wash and thus save you time. As you see it is a new leap that allows the heavy work of keeping your clothes clean is much lighter. Available in online stores for $ 1,000.

August Smart Lock

A device with integrated approach sensors. This will make your doors open just by approaching. Only you! Why? This is able to detect your mobile when it approaches, causing the opening of the door as a response. As soon as you stop doing it, it will close immediately. You can feel in the future, an important character with the doors opening in your path. You can research this on Amazon, and it has a value of $ 250.

Philips Sonicare for Kids

If you have children and want to monitor their dental care, this new brush will be very helpful. He is able to track how much use your child gives you. Every time you want to know if you really brush or you can not check it on your mobile through the application of your device. That little naughty can not help it anymore! You will know how often you brush and how well you do it. It is very important to create in the little ones the habit of brushing their teeth well. This is a good way to do it. You can have it for 60 dollars.

Frigidaire Smarth Windows Air

This device is a low-consumption air conditioner for those days when the heat becomes unbearable. It has multiple facilities that will convince you that you need one. This as all other articles of this post can be controlled through a mobile application. This will allow you to control all its functions remotely. For example, if you want to turn it on so that your room is cold for when you get off work you can do it. You can also control actions such as fan speed, temperature and set it to turn on and off at a specific time. All this at the temperature and speed of your pleases. This sophisticated air conditioner sends notifications to your mobile when it needs maintenance. This will prevent it from breaking or having deficits in its operation. They are all pure advantages. You never thought that your air could become so sophisticated. You can find it in online stores for approximately 350 dollars.


A smart coffee machine created for those who love coffee or people who like to have coffee at breakfast. This can be controlled remotely to prepare coffee from the comfort of your sofa. But the characteristic that I like the most is that you can program it to prepare the coffee at a specific time. For example, you get up in the morning, you turn off your alarm that is so annoying but you are encouraged because the aroma of fresh coffee already invades your nose. Nothing like getting up and having a cup of that delicious infusion already prepared and warm. But not only that, to end the day you can configure it from work. To arrive and find you again with that pleasant surprise. You will end up loving it, and you can look for it in online stores for 70 dollars.

You can also find a more sophisticated model. Which allows you to play with the water temperature and the soaking times. For the preparation of specific coffee recipes. You will see it at approximately $ 200.


Measuring the pressure can make a tedious or difficult task. But with the MocaCuff you can do it in a much simpler and faster way. With just placing the device on your wrist and wait a few seconds you will have an accurate result. You also save that rough grip of the other tools to measure the pressure. It is much smaller and easier to handle, lighter and cheaper. An option for everyone and I decided to add it to this list. It has a cost of 60 dollars and you can find it on Amazon.

You can buy this item together with the QardionArm if you are one of those who have a bad memory. This device is placed on the upper arm and will remind you that the pressure should be measured every certain time. Remember that health comes first. You can opt for a more sophisticated one like Omron Evolv. It tracks your results and is able to share it with your family members or a specialist doctor. In addition to comparing your results looking for irregularities and failures. The price is a little higher but if you are hypertensive it is worth buying it.


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