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What features should you look for in a laptop in correspondence with your work?

You need a laptop and you do not know which one would suit you best. There are many aspects to take into account when making this decision. The market is very large and offers us so many options that we do not know which one to choose. It is very important that you are clear about what you need and the functionalities that you require from it. In correspondence with your profession will be the performance you need and the characteristics with which the computer must count.

Many are the sites that offer the best and most modern laptops. They offer good prices, good technologies and designs. But, how do you know which one is best for you if you have no idea of ​​the characteristics of a laptop? How can you be sure of your decision?

If you are one of those people who wants to know what you are buying before doing so, stay with us. In this article we will show you the main features that you should look at a laptop before purchasing it. We will explain what function they perform within the team and how to identify them. Once you are clear this will leave you suggestions to acquire a computer depending on the profession you make.

From here you will have your ideas clear before buying a new laptop and you will be more sure of your choice.

Fundamental parts of a computer’s hardware.


The processor is just the part of our laptop, the brain of this. Without it, no function in our machine would be possible. In the market there are multiple laptops with different processors. According to your needs you should look at certain values ​​so that you can acquire the best option for you. The most recognized processor families are Intel and AMD. The first ones are always a little more expensive than the second ones. Both are very popular with unique and similar features. Below we explain briefly the qualities of each type of processor so you can choose.

  •         As for the INTELs:

In the Intel family, the Core i3 are currently considered to be good performance processors. There are also Core i5 and Core i7. As the number after the i increases the processor will be more modern and powerful. These processors vary in the generation to which they belong. We can have two Core i3 from different generations, with the best from the last generation.

How to know what generation it is?

The number that appears after Core i3. Example, Core i3-2100, the 2 indicates that it is second generation. If we have Core i3-5400, it would be 5th generation. According to the generation, the processors are more advanced and powerful.

The rest of the numbers allow to compare the processors in terms of range. If we have two 6th generation Core i5 processors, the highest range will be the one with the three highest digits. The higher these numbers are, the greater the processor power.

Finally each processor number has some letters at the end each of them has an additional meaning.

H – High performance graphics.

K – unlocked for overclock.

Q – quad-core (four physical cores).

T – optimized for greater energy efficiency.

U-ultra-low power consumption, ideal for laptops.

Depending on your needs this set of letters can be decisive when selecting your computer.

As for the AMD:

The AMD bring a processor that includes a graphics card and are designed to enhance video functionality. That is why for designers, players, editors of videos and photographs, among others is a good option. They are currently winning in the market because they offer cheaper prices than Intel and are usually recommended. So that you have an idea, a Core i7 compared to an AMD of last model will be much more powerful and better performance, however it will also be much more expensive.

RAM Memory:

RAM is the fundamental memory of the computer. It has the functionality to perform read and write events. A high-value RAM will allow your device to perform the tasks entrusted to you more quickly and efficiently. This number appears among the features of the computer. If you have a laptop before you with 8GB of RAM and another with 16, the second is better in terms of efficiency and speed. Currently most computers come with a minimum of 4Gb of RAM. This is a standard measure that will allow you to perform any activity on the computer. If you require more power and speed then you must choose a laptop with more RAM and ready.

Hard Disk:

It is your storage unit. The more capacity the disk has, the more information you can save. Although with the facilities of the cloud perhaps this is not vital to you and you can lean towards a solid disk that allows you greater performance on your laptop but this will also require a bigger budget. If you are a user that does not need a very sophisticated equipment you can work with a hard disk of a Tera. However, there are already solid discs on the market with capacities of 120 and 300GB that can make your job easier and are not as expensive.

Video Cards:

The AMD as we explained above bring this add-on with the processor. On Intel, video cards come separately. Generally if the processor is state-of-the-art or modern, they contain good graphics features. This should not be a problem when purchasing a good laptop. However, if you want to take this into account, the integrated cards Ati and Nvidia are the most recommended. Depending on what your specifications are, the price of the laptop tends to vary.

HDMI input

We recommend that you choose a laptop with this input as you can always need an auxiliary screen. All modern computers bring this entry.


USB inputs are necessary. You should note that your laptop has at least two entries and if they are 3.0 or 3.1 C, then better. The speed of transmitting files from these ports will be higher than in 2.0. For the last times looming that the port C is the most widespread. Acquire the equipment that allows you greater stability over time.


Most laptops come with lithium-ion batteries so the autonomy of these is considerably satisfactory. None of them will be eternal but for a good time you will have a stable and autonomous battery. You can follow the different recommendations on how to take care of your[E1]  battery in this same place.

Keyboard and Touch:

We recommend that you write a time in them so that you can determine how the keys work and if any is locked. As for the touchpad you should check if it contains buttons or is only a single part. Lean on the one that makes you feel more comfortable and try it whenever it works correctly. If you choose the touchpad completely touch. We advise that you decide on the one that offers the most possibilities of personalized gestures.


This goes in correspondence with the size of the model of laptop that you choose. If you need it to work from home only, we recommend 15 “or 17”. They are usually the largest and most powerful but also heavy models. If you require it to work outside the home and take it with you everywhere. You are in the University or you are a reporter, you work from a coffee or something, because the best thing would be that you will be inclined for a 13 or 14 inch that are lighter. There are also eleven inches but they are a bit more uncomfortable to work with. Hard drives and video cards can be a burden for computers. Keep this in mind if what you need is portability first of all.

Operating System:

This is important because it is what will really allow you to work on your computer. Mac Windows and Ubuntu are the most used and demanded operating systems. In terms of durability of components and the computer the Mac are the most recommended if you have a high budget. If you are looking for a normal computer with good features, we recommend Windows.

So far we have explained what are the benefits of a laptop internally in correspondence with its functionalities. Now according to your profession we help you choose the best computer for you.

What is your profession?

From this knowledge you can dedicate yourself to search with more certainty the laptop you need to develop your work. We made a selection of the professions that need a computer in order to be carried out. If yours is not click here[E2]

  1.       If you are a programmer or software engineer:

You need a powerful and advanced processor so that the programs you use run well. According to the specifications shown in this article, look for the one that best suits your budget. If this last one is not a problem, the more power the lighter processor has, the more work you can do for the Core i7, which contains all the features you need in terms of processor, graphics card, RAM and other additional features. You must ensure that you have the best equipment so that you can have the greatest amount of resources. If you want to listen to music, program, open 20 tabs and compile your code at the same time you need the best processor.

2.       If you are a graphic designer


you need a laptop with good graphic features and a good processor. Editing and design programs usually require a lot of resources. Mainly those of Adobe. If you are also a video editor even more. We advise you to choose a computer with excellent processor, good video card and RAM. Maybe a Core i5 of last or middle generation can help you.

It is a good idea to have a solid-state SSD drive for better performance. Being a graphic designer is a profession that can go into many areas. If you are one of those who manages multiple knowledge and work daily, we recommend that you look for the best option. It is always better to find the computer that meets your needs to one that does not comply. It is true that it can go a little more expensive but it will be worth it.

  1.       Journalist or writer

Being a journalist or writer you have multiple options. You do not need a very sophisticated laptop. With a laptop of good characteristics and not very expensive you solve your problem. You can lean towards a 6th generation Core i3 or if you want to stay in the middle maybe you will lean towards a Core i5 that has a good processor and good graphic qualities in case you do editing work. This in case you edit yourself photos or videos that you publish in your articles. If you are interested in something more portable and light you can investigate if there is a notebook that suits you. This market is very broad and maybe you do not need something sophisticated like a computer.

4.       Youtuber.

If you are youtuber. You need a laptop that has a good webcam and that allows you to edit and record your videos properly. For which you need a good graphics card, processor and RAM that allow you to perform several functions at once. You must have an LED screen that lets you see how your videos are doing. It will be necessary that the laptop contains microphones or you will have to acquire it as an external medium. The webcam can also be purchased as an external aggregate as well as the microphone. Generally Core i5 computers and above will favor you. If you want to go for it all, Mac can be a good investment.

  1. Architect

Like other professions you will need a good processor. An adequate RAM and graphical qualities that help you. Architects usually work with programs that generate plans. These can consume computer resources. You must make sure you have a team that supports your work comfortably to deliver a product in good condition.

By way of conclusion we have that if your profession requires many resources in your computer you should focus on the processor. If what you need is for the video to flow smoothly, the graphic card will be your goal. And in a general way we can say that: with a powerful processor, a good graphic card and an adequate RAM we will have a good computer that will cover our needs. Always remember, if you know what you want, you will find what you are looking for.

[E1]I can make an article about this if you want aunq I have seen that there are several on the internet.

[E2]I do not know if this could be an option to connect directly with any of his executives in case someone has doubts ..


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