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Tattoos are modifications that are made on the skin temporarily or permanently. In which a drawing, phrase or figure is expressed through needles. Which inject ink or other pigment under the epidermis layer of the person’s skin.

What was considered taboo a few years ago is increasingly accepted in today’s society. And there is no one who can doubt that tattoos are fashionable. Many people choose to dress themselves as an aesthetic form. These are already part of our culture. Especially the youngest ones.

There are people who decide to get a tattoo as something symbolic. While others decide to cover their bodies with authentic works of art.

Tattoos express concerns, tastes, and even the personality of the wearer. The different types of engravings serve to express the different aspects by which the company is constituted. Not all are equal and much less mean the same. In truth, there are thousands of variants, so it makes the decision very difficult for the person who decides to become one.

This form of artistic expression can be classified into several categories according to styles and themes.

Since it is not very easy to decide what to tattoo we bring you below the different types of tattoos that exist. So that you at least know which is the one that most characterizes you. And so you have a starting point when looking for design options.


This type of tattoos arose when the techniques and tattoo machines reached the level of precision they have today. Realistic tattoos are one of the latest trends. The designs are realistic as if they were true works of art. As if you had a photo in front of you. They are usually made to capture loved ones, pets and / or characters that are no longer with us. Various types of needles are used to make these drawings. In order to give the perfect touches and resemble reality.

Abstract realism or surrealism

This type of tattoos combines the strength transmitted by lines and colors. It is inspired by the artistic current of the first half of the 20th century. They are images that are between reality and fantasy, the conscious world and that of dreams.


They are also known as watercolors by their name in English. Currently it is one of the most acclaimed and popular styles of this art. As its name suggests it is a style related to watercolor. This style of tattoo is designed with effects that make us think that they were made based on palette and brush. Nature issues such as animals and plants are almost always treated.

Unlike other tattoos are made without border lines, to achieve the effect mentioned above. In addition, its colors that are usually light colors simulate the color of a watercolor painting. What gives a spectacular finish for those who love this type of art. These shades of colors are achieved by diluting the pure inks in water, and mixing with each other.

It requires a knowledge or experience to perform this practice. We advise you not to get this type of tattoo with an amateur tattoo artist. If you are a lover of the plastic arts, to the point that you want to have an engraving on your skin. A watercolors is one of the options that will decorate your skin with style.


In ancient times tattoos were used on both men and women to beautify their skin. In addition to distinguishing which tribe they belonged to. Its origins come from the Celtic culture, the Maori, the Borneo tribes. Haida of North America and the Marquesas islands in the Polynecia. As an interesting fact you should know that the word tattoo comes from “tatau”, which means to hit or mark.

Currently most tribal people lack any meaning, people have it as a simple aesthetic. We can even appreciate some tattoo of this style but with a modern touch. Some modern image with the strokes that characterize this guy. Something that characterizes tribal people is that they lack any ink that is not black.

They are made with a black or a very intense red that gives the touch they had in the tribes in their time. These strong tones fill out lines that usually have a considerable thickness and a geometric and symmetrical design. This style of tattoo is considered as old fashioned. But I am one of those who thinks that tattoos are not a fashion, rather they are art. So if you’re looking for something more traditional, a simple tribal on one arm, leg or ankle looks spectacular.


This type of tattoo also called New School uses cartoons with an urban style, looking like graffiti. This style is characterized by having very bright and contrasting colors. To make them more striking. They also have a highly exaggerated design of the characters or objects.

A large part of young people today opt for New School, as it has a very youthful and street. Unlike the Old School, these types of tattoos were created to attract attention in every way. Due to the variety of colors it has, the use of contrast and shadows, its 3d designs, cartoons and its forms. A colorful tattoo gives life to the skin and says a lot about a person. If you want people to know about your happy and youthful character, a graffiti style tattoo will do it.

Old School

Due to new technologies and advancement in terms of tattoos, we have been able to appreciate beautiful works done in skin. Thanks to the increase of the precision that the machines have. And the new inks that we find in the market with a greater variety of colors and an excellent quality. But how were the tattoos before all these advances? That’s where the Old School comes in, or in Spanish, old school.

This style of tattoo arose during the second world war. Therefore, a considerable number of designs of these traditional Americans have a patriotic theme. Bring one, was a symbol of support for the country in such hard times. His strokes are thick and his finish is grotesque. Because at that time, the techniques and tools were not as sophisticated as they are today.

Generally, in addition to black, only yellow, red, blue and green are used to make these. Highlighting the first two. They are also characterized by having quite simple designs and a specific type of letters. Despite being very old and so unsophisticated, this style of tattoos is in great demand today. Because of its vintage style, many people choose to adorn their skin with these which were part of the beginning of this beautiful art. The inexperienced tend to tattoo what is fashionable. Then they become obsolete, and removing them becomes a painful and very expensive task. If you are one of those who are afraid of something similar, an Old School is a style that will never be forgotten. Since it is recycled again and again. Therefore they continue creating more and more designs to create variety in this type of tattoo.


It can be said that this type of tattoos is somehow a mixture between Old and New School. Well, it uses that traditional design style, but this time with a greater variety of colors and more striking colors. In addition to various strokes, unlike the traditional ones that had very grotesque lines and opaque colors. It also has an addition of new shapes, styles, shadows and vanishes, which differentiate them from their predecessor.

If you want to design your own Neotraditional tattoo, you just have to take an Old School and decorate it with more intense and varied colors. And this time, use thick lines for simple structures, and fine ones for more detailed ones. This will prevent the tattoo from becoming distorted over time. This style is one of my favorites since it is based on the traditional. But with a modern touch that makes this is another of the types most demanded by youth today.


This type of tattoo is very popular. There are many people who carry texts tattooed on their body. Either a name, a song fragment, a famous phrase or the title of your favorite movie. This style of tattoos can be seen in both genders, both male and female. Although it is more common in women. Since it is a type of delicate tattoo and that brings a certain glamor to the person.

People choose this style because they can engrave on their skin a phrase that defines them. Or immortalize the name of the person you love so much. Having the possibility to modify the typeface. Which has many variations, the size and thickness of the lines. Achieving a fully customized tattoo to your liking.

It also has the advantage that it can be done almost anywhere on the body. And even so it looks good and gives you a good style and highlights your personality. If your skin is still virgin, this modality is very good to start with. Well they are mostly finished in short sections so you will not go through a lot of pain and they are easy to do.


It is quite predictable that this type of tattoos is constituted by triangles, circles, squares, rectangles etc. This style is based on various images such as animals, plants, people and others formed by the fusion of geometric figures. Giving rise to a minimalist tattoo which can only carry fine black strokes, at least generally. Although some are constituted by only lines, colors are not scarce in this modality. In fact, with or without colors, the finish of this tattoo is very clean and elegant. Without a doubt it has become one of the trends of youth in recent years.


Undoubtedly, Japanese body art is one of the most beautiful cultures in Asia. A large part of the designs of traditional Japanese tattoos comes from old drawings made by themselves. With an antiquity of up to 400 years. His prints are mostly based on mythological figures, monsters or flowers with religious themes. As for example the popular lotus flower.

The traditional Japanese tattoo is made with strongly marked lines, that is, with a very dark black. In addition, intense green color predominates, red, yellow and brown with a gray and black background. Each design of this style is thoroughly analyzed. Its creators study every detail of this, the distribution of colors, the tonality of the background, the combination of subjects. Achieving that this is not imposing and has a meaning related to Japanese culture. These tattoos represent discipline and honor. Without a doubt it is a good option to take your art with pride.


The Black work is a fairly modern tattoo technique emerged about 6 years ago. This is based on making the design only with black ink. But we do not just talk about the lines, the filling will also go black. Different shades of this ink will be used to differentiate between one or the other.

These different shades give the tattoo its own and very elegant style. They are achieved by diluting the dark with different amounts of water depending on the color you want to achieve. Of course it is characterized by not wearing any other color or shadows. Their lines vary between thick and thin according to the complexity of the subject to be tattooed.

This type of tattoo can not be carried out by an amateur tattoo artist. If you want to wear one of this style to decorate your skin, you should investigate the path of the tattoo artist. As well as if your drawing skill is so good with to achieve a perfect finish of your tattoo. Since it requires certain skills and knowledge for their practice.


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