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The Realities that occur between you and your bossthat occur between you and your boss. What is your role? Discover how to play your role better.

When we start a new job we want to give our best. We launch ourselves in the first project. The imagine ourselves happy with our achievements. We imagine our superiors valuing our work and consequently our satisfaction for it. The hope to fulfill the expectations that our boss or the heads deposited in us to give us the position we have.

We have that doubt about what the boss will be like?

Grumpy, nice, polite, of bad fleas, intelligent, receptive? In the end, many ideas come to mind. Although we always hope that if we do a good job our boss feels proud of what we do. That is the real hope of many.

It happens that many times this does not happen. There are a group of bosses who, for certain reasons, do not provide the required attention to their employees. Sometimes they tend to be arrogant and arrogant. Few times they give the reason to their subordinates, although they have it. The work environment becomes a competition instead of a team effort. It is at that time when the worker begins to feel bad.

In this article I present some situations between bosses and employees. On a daily basis this can happen to you or a friend. If you want to know how to deal with each of them, I invite you to continue reading. You will not regret.

Nothing I do is recognized

This is one of the main problems that exist in the employee vs boss relationship. They have no idea what this can have on the development of a worker. It is true that the leader of a project or a company must be demanding. There is no doubt that the requirement often allows almost perfection in a certain process. But sometimes this demand becomes total dissatisfaction with the worker without motives. He begins to feel helpless, unused. He feels that his work is not worth despite his efforts.

If you are going through this I imagine how you should feel. The good thing is that, since you have worked so hard in your safe position, you are much more professional than before. You have perfected your techniques and reinvented your ideas. You have become competitive and demanding of yourself. Surely today you are much better than when you started. Maybe having a boss so cocky, has made you overcome the challenges. That is so that you do not see only the negative part. In the long run if you do your part, you will receive some reward.

For that boss who does not recognize the work of others. Despite your efforts.

Well, let me tell you something. You run the risk of losing that worker. If you have a member of your team that is valuable for what it does. Every time you demand a new plan, it complies. Do not hesitate to perform each task as you request. Well, far from feeling intimidated by him, feel happy to have that person under your command. Make him see that you understand his work, that you like what he does.

If it brings you new proposals, then value them with intelligence. Do not get carried away by the ego. You are not the only one who comes up with good ideas.

If any of your subordinates offers you a job or a novel idea. Do not think he wants to take your place. Always remember, you decided to hire that person, you chose it for something. Feel happy that he is working with you and it is not your competition but your ally. A good member in your team, or several can make your company grow enormously. Creating a relationship of recognition and admiration between you and your workers will always give you good results.

On the other hand is the boss who wants to be your “friend” in the worst way.

Do you have a boss who invites you to drink after hours? Does he speak ill of your companions? You do not even know what is worse. If that boss who does not want to see you or in paint. Or this one that invites you to drinks and puts you against your own companions.

If you want to be a good employee do not accept this type of offers. If you are a boss, never use this type of methods. In both cases they will only cause the division of the work team. The boss is not going to achieve the aspirated respect. The employee will be detested by his colleagues. In addition, this type of chief usually does the same with each member of the team.

Usually think that this way achieve more delivery of their subordinates. In the long run each of the employees discovers the modus operandi of their boss and this does not end well.

Extreme trust between bosses and employees is not ethical or professional. A cordial and respectful relationship should never exceed the limits. Everyone has a role in the group and this must be respected. Some are good in one thing, others in another. Good leaders know how to establish a close relationship with their employees without causing misunderstandings.

Some bosses do not tolerate mistakes happening.

For bosses who do not have good leadership skills it is very easy to offend those who are wrong. They do not measure public responses or look at the history of the person who made the mistake. They are only able to see what was done wrong. Sometimes this error can erase before the bosses all the tasks well fulfilled previously by that person. They do not take into account that this is a recursive process where errors can generate greater achievements.

It is proven that a good leader is the one who gives the green light to mistakes. A team must learn from these. Humans need mistakes to acquire the important  experience. Many good decisions are made thanks to mistakes in the past. Of course, this requires treatment by both parties. The boss must be able to tolerate error and get attention without offending or humiliating anyone.

But the worker or the wrong collaborators must know how to face and learn from these mistakes. This is one of the most obvious ways of establishing a relationship of respect and understanding between both parties.

A good leader after an error takes measures to eradicate them. It is the duty of the wrong employee not to make mistakes again and to fulfill the plan of measures.

Classifications granted to those called “bad bosses”.

There are multiple studies on this subject that demonstrate the attitudes mentioned above. Many articles talk about the worst behaviors of bosses. How people deal with this. Product to this, dissimilar names have been generated for those who do not know how to run their business, among some are:

  1.       The “guy”. It refers to the already explained, “friend” with ulterior motives.

2.       The “micro manager”. This is the one who seeks the least to get your attention. He is able to return your work for days because two words of the report you did were wrong for him. It demands a job from scratch with new specifications. He is never satisfied. He is sick of the perfectionism that he imagines and is not capable of transmitting.

  1.       The tyrant”. This was very funny, I know a friend who has a boss like that. This type of boss sees the enemy in his team. Who approaches him with new proposals wants to steal his place. Those who question it are a danger to the project. Those who are silent suffer from their incorrect way of handling the situation.

     4.       The robot”. It’s that boss who measures everything by statistics. Never connect with employees. Only measure who is valuable and who does not for the percentages.

  1.       The “visionary” My friend’s has a bit of this too . This type of boss is the one who comes up with the best ideas in the universe. You listen to them and they are great. But your boss lacks the skills to be able to direct them. It does not organize itself, it does not know how to coordinate ideas. When you deliver what you asked for the last time does not suit you. While you were doing your job he planned a new strategy or a different way of doing things.

6       The “lies”. That boss who invents you travel. Salary increases. New possibilities and never keeps his word. In a way it always tells you that it will be in the near future and it keeps you happy for a while. But it never fulfills.

The good relationship between a boss and his employees is vital for the operation of a good company or business. For the above said do not be scared. Not only are there bad bosses, nor are we always good employees. Actually this relationship is of two sides. One part needs to understand the other. Most of the time one of them must yield a little. It’s a matter of doing the job well and knowing how to recognize it. You have to be confident that there are still people you can trust.

To summarize, here is an idea of ​​how you should play your role better in this stage:

  •         If you are an employee:

  1.       Give your boss his rightful place.

Do not try to antagonize him in front of others. Be respectful and aware of who is in charge.

   2.       Do not be haughty

stand out too much.

  1.       All your ideas transmit them in a subtle and intelligent wa


  2. you have a boss with a high ego, you will have to let him take some credit in your proposals. It is complex but it is the only way to maintain harmony. This way your ideas will be seen in a better way. Although he makes them his to some extent.

   4.       Show your boss that he can trust you.

If suddenly an immediate delivery appears. A weekend job. The need to work overtime, and you have no personal problems. You have the job Your boss will see in you a secret weapon with which he can count in times of urgency. He will know that you will not fail him.

  1.       Comply with all work in team
  2. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Try to have all your tasks in order. Even if you do not believe it, your boss will know that you have a fulfilled person in you. When you least expect it, you will be entrusted with an important job.

6       Be always humble,

never competitive. Do not try to compete. Be yourself and give your best. Do not expect comparisons. Feel good doing what belongs to you. In this way you will be creating a pleasant atmosphere. Only not  to your boss but also to your coworkers. Ideally, they should form a good team where everyone exchanges learning.

7    Professionally demonstrate your personality.

If you keep a good deal with your colleagues. You are friendly and at the same time respectful. Everyone will see in you a good teammate. Your boss will see a responsible and compliant worker. It is very important that you create an image of yourself that is positive. This will open many doors in your workplace.

8       If you are unhappy, plant it.

In the best way if you have a complaint you must transmit it. It is not right to work unsatisfied as this will generate major problems. Distribute a time with your superiors to tell them about your doubts and questions.

  •         If you are a boss:

   1.    Recognize your workers.

It does not cost you anything to recognize a good idea. If you like a good suggestion for a project, accept it. Your collaborators will see in you an authentic leader.

   2.    Make them feel satisfied with what they do.

A meeting per month where you recognize the work of each one can be a good initiative. Make it clear that what they do is useful. Show them that you feel proud to have people like them on your team.

  1.    That they see in you a gentle and understanding boss.
  2. We can all have problems. If any worker needs to take the day off for any reason. First try to understand and if you see it feasible, help him. You may have a family problem or another. With a good action, you earn more than you lose.

4.    Make them feel that they are important to you.

Try to get closer to your workers. Know of them. Of their families. Their birthdays. At some point you can call a family activity together. Celebrating collective birthdays can be a good stimulation for them.

  1.    Keep in mind that thanks to them your business prospers.
  2. Do not do all of the above by mere manipulation. Feel that if it were not for your workers, you would not have the achievements you have. Be grateful. Do not forget that the group you have is formed by you and that they really form a team. They help you and you help them too.

6    Keep your promises.

It is better not to promise things that you are not going to fulfill. Do not play with people to cheat them. This will not give you any credit. Quite the opposite. Not fulfilling your promises, you are also losing the respect of your workers. Measure your words well. With the truth, all the battles are won.

7    Do not be an extremist.

Being a perfectionist is not bad. If you are to the point of extremism you can cause problems. Critically assess the tasks you order and increase the compliance margin. Not everything is as bad or as good as you expect.

8    Be friendly but not so much.

A good leader should get along with his work group. There are limits to this type of relationship. You should never speak ill of other team members with any other member of this team. You must be respectful to everyone and keep your distance. It is not bad to go out to share in a group always taking into account the relationship that should not be broken.

For those who reached the end. You already know that if you are an employee and you have these problems, you are not the only one. Be patient and comply with what is your due. A leader and you are not doing things the right way. You are still in time a  change. The feedback between bosses and workers is the day to day worldwide. If we learn to perform it in the best way, we will all win.


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