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20 Tips to make it a success

In professional life there are many opportunities to shine. There are many moments in which through a good presentation we must demonstrate our achievements. Moments like those can be the theses of graduates, masters. Diplomatic or commercial events. Conferences given by you about your work in your country or in another region. In short, the different spaces in which opportunities such as these occur are dissimilar.

When we have a close presentation we dream of making the audience fall in love. That our audience is left with their mouths open for our skill and ability. We long for not making mistakes and for spectators to admire what we wanted to convey. However, achieving this requires effort and sacrifice. Long hours of internet searches will make your presentation something to remember.

So, if you are one of those people who need a guide to direct your presentation. I invite you to stay with us. The preparatory stage for a presentation can be divided into three fundamental moments: The total writing of the ideas. Bring these ideas to a PowerPoint presentation. Rehearsing the presentation of the presentation to avoid errors of eloquence.

Here the tips to guide your presentation on the path to success.

1.      First, create a Word document or the type you like with everything you are going to defend:


No matter how stupid it may seem, it is necessary to capture the ideas. Even if you have your thoughts very clear, it is necessary to capture them. Before an unknown audience nerves tend to play tricks on us. That is why we must write every story we plan to expose. In this way we will avoid future errors and gaps in the middle of the presentation.

2.      Order your ideas well:

Create an itinerary. Organize your ideas Let the presentation flow organically. You must make the exhibition take you to one place. Although you speak from different angles, they all make up your project. You must not deviate from your subject. Draw a course and follow it without leaving the script.

3.Create your Glossary of Terms

Remember that it may be that only you know what you are talking about. You must instruct your audience. Explain your rarest and most complicated concepts. Your audience must understand what you are proposing. If you do not get your audience to understand your proposal you will not be making a good presentation. In an entertaining and dynamic way, clarify your less understandable concepts, making your exhibition interesting.

4.      Find yourself in a current context:

It is very important to locate the public about current reality. It does not matter what theme you try. By talking about the present you will achieve that each member of the audience will be interested because you will talk about something that concerns you. For your audience, today means that they can understand you. Your theme can captivate you from the first moment. You just have to place your theme in this era in the most appropriate way in a way that is interesting.

5.Define your objectives:

Define the objectives pursued by your proposal. Why is it necessary? What are the achievements to obtain. What is the goal behind your project? What is the vision that shows.

6      Show background of your proposal if they exist:

It is important that you make a search on your own solution. If similarities appear, you must show why your solution is better than the existing ones. If nothing appears, you must explain the need for what you propose. This section is essential because it will give value to your work. To do this you must demonstrate your innovative contributions and ideas. From this moment on you should not lose the attention of the audience until the end. You already know what you want, now you have to convince them that they want it too.

7      Show why your solution is appropriate and is superior to what already exists:

You must make a comparison between the background and your solution. Present briefly the novelties and advantages of your project in comparison with the existing ones. Focus on proving the importance and necessity of your idea. Show that you solve a real problem that can not be solved without your project.

8      Explain your solution in an attractive way:

Briefly and dynamically explain your project. What’s going on? Who would be the beneficiaries? Who would interact with him? What sector is targeted? What impact will it have on society or economy? Show with statistical data the potentiality of your project. You can perform a cost versus benefit analysis. Some graphs that show the news without your project and others that show the rise of these values ​​after applying your idea.

9      Write your conclusions:

Every presentation has a section of conclusions. Focus on the positive points of your presentation. The ideas embodied in the conclusions is the last thing the audience will see. You must create in this space a direct content according to what you want to convey in your exhibition. Make sure the last words are satisfactory and good to remember. Read your writing from the point of view of your audience. Be self-critical and you will get an excellent result.

10  Find a good PowerPoint Template that will help you in your presentation:

Once the document of your presentation is written you must go on to design your presentation. Power Point templates are widely used for these cases and are usually very helpful. Exposing any topic accompanied by a good presentation is usually our secret weapon. There are multiple templates on the internet that can help you. Most come with graphics, images and a small guide. It is important that you organize your slides well to achieve the desired effect. It is essential that people understand what they are listening to.

11.  Guiding you through the Word that you wrote, take your ideas to Power Point:

Selecting the template can be a difficult task. You must be able to choose the right colors for your presentation and always keep them. After you have clear the template to work with, it’s time to translate your ideas. This does not mean that everything you wrote puts it in the Power Point. The presentation is only an instrument to guide you in your exhibition. You must fill it with images, schemes. Few words. The most content will be your words, your viewers do not have to read a slide loaded with text. Abbreviate your ideas.

12  Look for interesting and striking images:

A good image usually transmits more than a thousand words if used in the right context. Search the internet until you find some full-screen images that convey what you want. The photographs make the presentations refreshing and authentic.

13  Use diagrams, graphs that show statistical data and concepts:

Do you want to represent a concept or something theoretical and do not know how? Make a pie chart or diagram. It turns out that statistics are very fashionable. If you present recent data and concepts in schematic forms you will capture the attention of the audience from reality.

14.Download packages of vector icons that represent your idea:

Other very attractive means are vector icon packages. There are multiple sites that allow you to buy them for free although there are others for Premium users. These icons come in many designs and for different themes. You can use them in the representation of schemes, of any idea to form diagrams. A short subtitle accompanied by one of these icons makes the presentation dynamic and attractive.

15.  Make subtle animations in your presentation:

Power Point has a set of animations available for the objects and slides of the presentation. In a subtle way you can animate your slides and the different elements in it so that you do not bore your audience. This does not mean that you load each page. You can enter the same effect for each slide or alternate them. In the schemes that you have icons you can animate them separately or together. You have multiple options of animation. Take some time to work them and you will not regret it.

16  Rehearsing your exhibition

You have finished preparing your presentation. Now you only have to prepare for the big day. Try at least two hours so that you have clear ideas and prevent future mistakes. Try to guide you to the presentation and that is not the other way around. If you rehearse properly, you will memorize each slide so that the nerves do not betray you on the day of the exhibition.

17  goal for your exhibition:

Set a time Define a time to finish. Do not be too pleasant or too extensive. Depending on the content you have to expose plan. Remember, the goal is to get the attention of the public.

18  Show fluency in your ideas:

Do not lose your way. Stay on the path you defined and choose your words well. The coordination of ideas is essential to demonstrate good preparation and knowledge. Never behave unsafe Eliminate half sentences, interjections like huh, ah, and that kind of links between sentences. Make sure all your ideas flow and you will show certainty.

19  Go to the public:

There are certain rules for making an exhibition. One of them is always to address the public. You must never turn your back. Focus on a fixed point between your audience and go from time to time to someone in particular. This is usually a sign of security in your words and knowledge.

20.  Finish with some teaching or phrase:

Find some motivating phrase that relates to your exposure. This will give a good image of you. The human brain usually keeps the last words and ideas. Try to leave a mark on your audience. The last words you say are very important. It is the same advice that should be followed when drawing conclusions.

Then I leave the main websites where you can find everything you need for your presentation:

On this site you can find a list of different websites that offer multiple Power Point templates. All free to download. You will find all tastes, from the most diplomatic to fun. Each template can be customized as you want. You will not have to settle for what you download. You can play with the designs and add your touch. A Power Point template that makes you feel comfortable is vital to your exposure. Take your time until you find the one that impressed you the best. Remember to always be self-critical in your decisions.

In this site there is a list of 25 most outstanding sites to download vector icons, free and payment. Among them are freepick and flaticon that can surely help you a lot. In these sites you will find cool designs with nice colors in sight. this is really important. When you apply the icons in your presentations you will not regret it. It is a very feasible technique to transmit your ideas in an attractive way. A figure is usually better than a paragraph that is difficult to read. Transmit your ideas with images and icons whenever you make an exhibition.



Pinterest will find all kinds of images, phrases and ideas that you can accommodate in your presentation. If you need something in specific represented by an image or phrase, you’re sure you’re in the right place.

In this article you will find some banks of images in high resolution without copyright. Among them are Flickr, Pexels, Pixabay, among many others. The images are fundamental in your presentation. Use them to fill the size of the slide and you will achieve a great impact.

Well until here our article arrived. We hope we have been able to help you. Always keep in mind that the most important thing in your presentation is your safety. Have confidence in yourself and in your words. Nobody knows your project better than you. You are the one who elaborated your ideas and developed the work. You do not have to be nervous. As long as you prepare well and organize yourself properly, you will not have a problem. If you have any questions, ask a friend. Expose your ideas to your family and friends. They can help you and tell you how you are going. Accepts criticism and possible improvements. Human beings can achieve everything we set out to do, you are not the exception. Good luck in your presentation. You can leave comments if you liked the article or have something new to contribute.


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