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Refrigerators are the most important household appliances in a home. It can be said that in these times the refrigerator is essential for modern life. The refrigerator is a machine that has a different operation than other appliances. It absorbs heat and returns it at low temperatures. It aims to keep fresh, cold or frozen foods that are stored inside it.

The low temperatures of refrigerators allow to preserve the food that is graduated in them. Being one of the most efficient inventions and with the greatest demand in the appliance market. Therefore you must make a correct choice when buying it. Taking into account aspects such as size, models, types, materials, and brands will help you make a good choice.

The ideal size:

Buying a refrigerator for your new home, or simply replacing the old one is a big challenge. For this you must know the ideal size for your refrigerator. The ideal size will not only depend on your needs but also on the quality of the equipment.

The capacity is a vital element. In many countries refrigerators are measured per cubic feet. You should know that a cubic foot equals 30.48 cm. Therefore, it is important to choose the refrigerator with the ideal size. A very small team for a home of at least two people is uncomfortable and a very large one will cause you to waste energy. You must take into account the amount of member that owns the place where the refrigerator will be.

It is advisable to look inside the capacities and divisions of each shelf, so you will find the measures you want. Each make and model has different space distributions.

The perfect thing would be in terms of capacity 4.5 cubic feet per person, which is to say, if in your house live 4 people the refrigerator should have a capacity of 18 cubic feet. In the market there are many models of refrigerators with excellent capacities. Then, you must know their specificities to be able to choose.

It is also very important that you measure the distance of the doors of your house. It may happen that you buy a refrigerator that you can not place inside it afterwards.  

The models of refrigerators:

In the market there are multiple options and models of refrigerators. You must know them to be able to choose the perfect one for your home.

Superior freezer:

It is one of the best known refrigerator models, with an independent freezer located on top of the equipment. It has a capacity of easy access and has good prices. But you should keep in mind that it is difficult for children to reach their freezer. The best selling types of this model are: Daewoo DFR-44530GNDA Top Mount Refrigerator, Whirlpool WT-4020S Refrigerator, Large and Mabe RMS1951AMXX0 Automatic Refrigerator.

Bottom Freezer:

The freezer of this model of refrigerator is in its low part in the form of a drawer. It has greater accessibility to freezing foods. The models of this type of refrigerator that have had better acceptance in the market are: GE Profile PDM21ESKCSS Automatic Refrigerator, Mabe RMB1952BMXX0 Automatic Cooler 520 l, Cooler 9 Feet C / Dispenser Color Silver.


This refrigerator model is one of the most comfortable where refrigeration and freezing reach the same dimension. One is located to the right and another to the left. This makes the spaces narrow. The best sellers are GE GSMT6AEFFES Automatic Refrigerator, Whirlpool WD-5520S Refrigerator, Large. It is a very modern refrigerator and since its release to the market has been in high demand due to its structure.

Etilo Francés:

this type of equipment is a combination between the duplex and the bottom freezer. With two doors at the top vertically, and the freezer at the bottom. It is a refrigerator that is usually expensive but with excellent quality. It has an excellent capacity and space organization. The most demanded are LG French Door Refrigerator, Silver color, 25 Feet, LG French Door Refrigerator, Silver color, 24 Feet.

Compact Refrigerators:

this refrigerator model is perfect for locating it in hotel rooms and offices. Its main characteristic is to cool, but not freeze. In the case that it has a freezer, it is inside the equipment. Although they have little capacity, they are ideal for storing drinks.

Varieties of refrigerators according to models:

At present the dissimilar brands have designed different varieties of refrigerators according to models. The modern have new accessories and details that make them more attractive. Evaluate which ones are useful for you, will make you choose the best one.

With Dispatcher of Water:

in the last times this attachment has been of very good acceptance. If you are someone who has very little time, this refrigerator will be very useful.

Ice Dispatcher:

For those who like to do frappings or parties often, this refrigerator gives you the possibility to have the ice manually

by hand Ice Factory:

get the ice easier, although more expensive. The ice is produced by the same refrigerator Cold


The new refrigerators have divisions, the drawer for cold meats means that in this space the temperatures will be higher to maintain your meat. It also allows you to organize your frozen and not mix odors.

Crate for Fruits and Vegetables:

This drawer is very usual. It allows you to organize the spaces in the cooling zone.

Glass or Grid Shelves:

There are several types of shelves according to the models and brands.

Lighting type (LED or traditional): LED light gives you more visibility and less energy to your refrigerator. Modern refrigerators are mostly LED light.

Door shelves with space for gallons or large capacity containers: the interior capabilities are different in each equipment. This you must choose according to your needs.

Choose the Right Color:

Colors vary, from silver, white, ivory, black, etc. You must find the perfect combination according to the area where you use it.

Refrigerators Types:

Difference between Direct Cold, No Frost and Side By Side:

When it comes to refrigerators there are different systems that you should know about. This will allow you to make the right choice according to your possibilities and needs. You should know that there are three types of systems: direct cold, No frost and side by side. note.. Refrigerator Repair Miami

The No frost:

it is the automatic system and it is the most common nowadays, since it is the most used. It is the technology that freezes without making ice. This American technology works by using the circulation of cold air in a forced manner and allowing no ice to be made. This by means of a self-thawing and freezing very quickly. For this it is convenient that the thermostats are located in medium temperature. This type of refrigerator or freezer by not forming ice on the walls, does not allow food to stick.

A defrosting is not necessary manually. It also takes care of the environment because it does not emit gases into the atmosphere. But, in this type of refrigerators, food should be stored in plastic bags. These refrigerators do not generate humidity, therefore, the food is very dry. It is recommended for those people who want a quick frozen, but taking into account that the smells of food can mix.

Cold Direct:

this is the oldest technology, but nowadays it is also used. The defrosting system is mechanical so the ice can be seen in the freezer. The defrosting is manual, for this you must turn off your equipment and wait for it to thaw.

This will bring as a consequence that large amount of water will fall on your floor and the rest of the refrigerator, so you should remove everything inside. These refrigerators, although they are old, have a great advantage, because the food is kept fresh and not dry.

The prices of these models are lower every day, and every day there are fewer of them. This due to its technology that is not manufactured. In addition, its cooling system is much slower than the previous one.

Side by Side:

The Side by Side, beyond being a cooling system, refers to the cooling models of these devices. The Side by Side are the best known and belonging to this era, which have two doors. One of those doors is for cooling and the other for freezing.

Also the thermostats are different, for each zone of the refrigerator. It is very important that you do not confuse Side by Side with two-door refrigerators. This is ideal in homes with large families. Side by Side also have other functions such as ice dispensers, and water dispensers.

Which is the best brand?

The brands are many to choose from, so sometimes it becomes a headache with so many options. But, there have been several studies in the market that expose the best brands of these equipment. Then, you can choose the refrigerator you want according to the price-quality ratio.

1-   Samsung:

Considered one of the best brands of home appliances and where the refrigerator is located in the first position. It has all the models. With a fine design and great capacity. With new models Side by side, 4 doors, three doors, 2 doors, 1 door. Some include exclusive spaces for wines. With great style and most are large.

2-   LG:

with a great diversity of models, from the most traditional to the most modern. With distinctive designs of curved doors, the modern ones have LED lighting. Some models have smart openers, ice system and water tanks and have low consumption.


In the third position, it has a great variety of refrigerators. With modern designs and colors. It has intelligent air flows and sensors that control changes in temperature.

4-   Whirlpool:

with excellent divisions and state-of-the-art technology, this brand is in fourth place. With mordernos models. Of different sizes and with great elegance.

5-      Mabe:

There are several models and different prices. The modern ones have a first class technology. With great capacity and originality. They are mostly No Frost type.

The brands have created in the market their style, their designs and their identification according to models and quality. These brands are the most recognized, which means that they are also the most expensive. You must choose according to your economic possibilities and needs.

Which refrigerator to buy?

Which refrigerator to buy? It is possibly the most difficult question when it comes to including the necessary purchase of this equipment in your list. Then you must take into account some aspects that will surely be very useful for you.

The size:

depending on the number of people living in the house and depending on the space you have for your location.


You should keep in mind if it is a refrigerator that works with 110 volt or 220 volt. Consumption not only tells what you have to pay for electricity but also tells you the power of the refrigerator. In addition there are countries that the most common is 220.


the manufacturing materials can tell you the quality of the refrigerator. The stainless steel refrigerators have greater durability. In addition to the finish, and stain resistance.

Attachments / Accessories:

Some refrigerators have accessories that are very useful as dispensers, screens, wifi, etc. . Despite its usefulness, maybe you do not need them, because it also increases the price of the refrigerator.


it is said that a refrigerator can last up to 15 years and even more. But this depends on the care that is given. In addition, the brand influences, the best brands tend to last longer.

Buying a refrigerator can not become a problem. The refrigerator is a very useful and necessary household appliance. Being a domestic purchase of great importance should not be a decision taken lightly. You must take into account all the recommendations given and then make the choice that you consider correct for your home.

Do not fear the replacement. If you consider that your kitchen needs a new refrigerator, give it the opportunity to look beautiful.  

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