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Appliances humanize our daily life, making household tasks more bearable. The weekend is approaching and with it a pile of clothes waiting to be washed. Luckily there is nothing to worry about, the washing machine is the most faithful assistant for this work. Yes, today we will be talking about the domestic washing machine, that equipment that has become essential in any home.

Its advantageous help provides us with time to perform other functions. Well, they have a high level of autonomy today, without complicating their use. Therefore, to choose one in the market is not an easy task, given that there are several possibilities of choice. We could say that there is something for everyone, that’s why the right decision is in that washing machine that fits your needs.

Before buying your washing machine it is good that you know some fundamental issues so as not to make a wrong purchase. It is important to know the space you have set aside for her. Analyze how many people live with you. Choose a washing machine appropriate to the amount of clothing that accumulates. Which model will give better service provision, in short a group of factors that we will be seeing today in this article to help you in your choice.

Types of washing machines

Let’s first analyze the types of washing machines. There are two main types of washing machines on the market: the front loading washing machine and the top loading washing machine. Which is better ?, because as I always say the one that best fits what you need. Since each of these models has its advantages and disadvantages respectively.

Front load washing machines

This washing machine is widely used and recommended for larger families, because they allow a higher load capacity. Compared with top-loading washing machines, they are more expensive but have less use of water.

Top loading washing machines:

With a more compact design this washing machine can be positioned in any space and used by lesser families. Allows clothes to have more time without stopping in the washing cycle. And because of its superior entrance design it lends more comfort in its use and allows to introduce clothes while it is in operation.

The connections of the washing machine

We connect the water supply first, always check that the gasket is properly installed, otherwise there may be water leaks. In case it includes water-stop see if its correct installation was done.

Continue connecting the drain always at least one meter away from the washing machine. Connect to the electrical current verifying that the outlet is of the voltage that our equipment requires. If our washing machine is multivolt, there is nothing to worry about, it works for 110 v and for 220 v, do not forget that it has a correct ground connection.

Are you wondering what the water-stop is?

The water-stop is an extra security system that the washing machine can bring. This double protection provides security in case of water leakage caused breakage in the water inlet pipe or an internal leak inside the washing machine.

With this double protection we ensure that if one of the components of the water inlet fails the other will act in the same way and the possibility of leak is minimized. Another advantage for the water-stop is that once the washing function is completed it is not necessary to close the water shut-off valve.

Basic functions of the washing machine

These are some of the basic functions of a washing machine:


with the extra rinse it is possible to completely eliminate the remains of detergent on the clothes. This option is advisable to use when by careless we made an over dosage of detergent and because we are delicate and sensitive skin.

Easy or recessed ironing:

when the spinning of clothes is finished, the washing machine performs alternate rotations of the drum. In this way, a sponge is obtained in the pieces that due to the strong spin rotation stick to the walls of the drum and remain wrinkled.

Deferred programming:

an advantageous option that allows us to program the washing machine in advance. This gives us the advantage that we program the washing for hours when the electricity rates are lower. Even some equipment is equipped with special functions of night washing, these options to wash at night count a considerable reduction of noise in the washing process.

Centrifuge speed selector:

the speed to centrifuge must be taken into account. Always choose the speed in relation to the type of clothing. This prevents damage and give more life to the parts.

Temperature selector:

it is very common to see these washing machines that include heating the water. This option allows to regulate, separately from the chosen program, the temperature with which we wish to wash.

Some extra functions that you could analyze

Here I describe some that could be useful to you, and keep them in mind the day you decide to buy.

Foam sensor:

with the foam sensor we know or rather the equipment informs us when there is an overload of detergent. So the washing process stops until the problem is solved.

Automatic program:

according to the amount of clothes, water temperature and type of fabric the washing machine automatically adjusts to these values ​​to obtain the best result.

Balance sensors:

With these sensors the washing machine is able to detect if there is a bad distribution of clothes inside the drum. If there is poor distribution, the centrifuge function does not start. This prevents breakage or damage to our equipment due to drum beating or vibrations.

Ecological valve:

This device prevents soap and other washing products from escaping through the emptying of the washing machine before the washing process is finished. This saves detergent and water and results in better results.

Water load sensor:

it is good to have control over the water to be used. With this sensor it is maintained at the appropriate water levels depending on the washing program chosen.

ECO, SPRINT, or similar functions:

these are functions that allow you to reduce the wash time to the selected program. Keep in mind that these functions can not be confused with fast washing programs.

Programs BIO, XL, EXPRES.

If it is the case that the clothes are particularly dirty or laced with some organic residue, these programs are for those cases.

Digital screen:

to keep us informed of the washing process. The information shown always depends on the model and manufacturer.

The energy consumption of washing machines

We have several household appliances at home and we must not let go of the electricity consumption of each one. That’s how we take care of our pocket economy. That is why a point to assess to acquire a washing machine is its electricity consumption.

There is an energy label consisting of colors and letters. Distributed from A +++, A ++, A +, A, B, C and D where the letter A +++ is of better energy efficiency and D is the worst performance in that sense.

Energy awareness is reaching the producers and most washing machines in the market boost savings. To know this you can look at the labeling of the equipment to know what energy category it has. But we can not fail to mention that the more efficiency and performance our washing machine has, the more expensive it will be in the store. But we must also say that it would be more long-term savings. Well, this product has a long life and its savings in water and electricity will be significant.

The load capacity

The washing machines with the years have evolved and with this evolution their benefits have been improved. One of these improvements is its capacity, today we can find washing machines of more than 10 kg. To choose our washing machine we have to know for how many people we are going to wash.

For example, stopping a couple living together or a single person, with one of between 4 and 5 kilograms is enough. But if it is already a small nucleus of families of at least 3 members, a washing machine of about 7 to 8 kilos is more advisable. If your family is large and there are more than four members, you will undoubtedly need a washing machine that is around 10 kilograms.

This information that I just gave you in very important. We should not buy a washing machine much higher than what we need, as this can mean unnecessary waste of energy, water and so on. It is also worth mentioning that many modern washing machines already have adjustment programs for depending on the amount of clothes they use with water and products for washing. But always the best case is to have the equipment that best suits what we really need.

If bad is having a spacious washing machine and little clothing inside, it is also not advisable to use a small washing machine with a lot of laundry. In this case, with hardly any space between the different pieces of clothing, the washing products will not be able to perform their function. This reduces the efficiency of the washing machine, since the detergent can not reach all corners.

The centrifugation

Every modern washing machine has the function of centrifugation. In this way it reduces humidity in a great way. The revolutions of the centrifugation per minute measure the power of this function, which can range from 400 revolutions per minute to approximately 1800 rpm. The higher the speed the drier the clothes are.

A while ago we were talking about the load capacity. The larger the size of the cylinder, the easier it is to dry clothes. But this will also increase the value of our team.  

If it is difficult for you to lay the clothes, a washing machine with good centrifugation characteristics will be the best solution to your problem. Even if you have all the conditions, clothesline and a favorable climate this function will always be very useful. Because the drying time is considerably reduced, when the clothes come out of the centrifuge it is practically dry and with a little air it will complete its drying.

Something to keep in mind is that the spin power can be accompanied by noise. This can be annoying for some people, so always check the decibels that are issued in this function on the equipment label. Decibels with levels above 65 decibels can be somewhat annoying.


programs The programs that a washing machine has to wash are very diverse in terms of the model and type of appliance in question. Modern washing machines have many functions to do their job. Washing cycles depending on the type of clothes or how dirty is etc.

Depending on the programs that we will actually use we must make the choice of the team to choose. Otherwise we may buy a washing machine with many functions and in the end we only use a few. But this brings with it a steep price for functions that we never use.

There are some programs that can not be missing in our washing machine. Among them is the washing of cotton with temperature between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius. For synthetic washing at 400 and cycles of cold water for wool clothing that is more delicate.


Safety is an issue that we can not ignore when choosing a washing machine. That is why we must verify if the team implements a security system. Some of these devices have an automatic door lock while it is in operation.

For centrifugation, it may have a braking system in case the cover is opened for any reason. Finally it is important to check that it implements the equipment that we are going to buy with respect to security.

The key to making a decision when you go to buy a washing machine. It is first values ​​your need, always looking which is best suited to what you are looking for. But do not forget that size would be a quality of weight in the decision, never big or small, but just to your needs.


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