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An oven is a device that generates heat and keeps it inside a closed compartment. It is usually used in the kitchen to heat, cook or random foods. The heat generated is regulated by a thermostat. In this way, each food can be prepared depending on its characteristics.

The preparation of food in the oven does not reduce their nutritional values. So it contributes to the conserved of vitamins and minerals since the food is cooked quickly and without the need for water. The electric oven hardly degrades the original flavor. What has this inconvenience? Well given the speed with which food is cooked, it can not produce textures such as roasting in meat.

The possibility of regulating the temperature makes it a very useful domestic appliance and used in everyday cooking. When you are going to choose one, you must keep in mind some aspects for your choice when buying it. I recommend you keep in mind the size of the kitchen so as not to have surprises when installing it, as well as models, types and brands available in the market.

Types of Ovens

The variety of ovens is so wide that it can be said that there is an oven for each house, adjusting to your needs. But it is always healthy to have knowledge about the types of ovens that exist. According to its internal functioning and categories we have the following:


The heat is transmitted through the interior and we must monitor what we are cooking every so often. And we recommend introducing the food after preheating.


This type of oven is mainly used to heat food. . It works by generating electromagnetic waves at a frequency of approximately 2.45 GHz microwave

Key features are:

        They are small teams for very specific uses.

  •         It is primarily used to reheat food.
  •         Its cooking process is neutral. It is only recommended in very specific cases.
  •         Water, fats and other substances present in food absorb the energy of microwaves in a process called dielectric heating.

A very common mistake is to believe that microwave ovens cook food “from the inside out”. In most cases, with uniformly structured and homogeneous food, the microwaves are absorbed in the outer layers in a way similar to the heat of other methods.

Convection ovens:

This type of oven is therefore more expensive than others, and requires more space than traditional ovens. The fundamental of these ovens is the possibility of creating a uniform temperature inside. It has internal fans that make the temperature uniform, that is, the same inside the whole oven. Thanks to this system, less time is required to cook food.

Main characteristics:

  •         They work with gas or electricity.
  •         You can cook several preparations of different nature at the same time, without mixing odors or flavors.
  •         They are forced air ovens, which previously heated, transmit their calories to their food, at a constant temperature at all points.
  •         They exist of various sizes and powers.

Steam ovenssteam:

Theoven is gaining its space and each time they are generalized in the kitchen. A special feature is the healthy cooking, which is carried out in a homogeneous way, free of fats and better conserves the vitamins and minerals of the food. The most important thing to emphasize about this type of oven is that they cook by the action of dry steam at 100ºC, preserving all the appearance and flavor.


these ovens are created especially for the preparation of cakes, biscuits, cookies, etc. There are three types that are the most used: modular, rotary and convection.

The key features of these furnaces are:

        Convection by forced air.

  •         They can be attached to a fermentation stove.
  •         It needs a power of 10 to 13 KW.
  •         Its size varies between 2 m high and 1 m deep and between 0.80 and 1.20 wide.
  •         There are gas and electricity, with overhead doors.

The energy cost of the kilns

Something to take into account when buying an oven is its energy consumption, since this appliance is a high consumer of electricity. So to take care of your economy and reduce expenses you have to know the consumption of each of them.

To give you an idea, there are electric ovens from class A to class G. A class A electric oven usually consumes less energy than a class G. The European Union has an energy saving certificate that is used in household appliances. home. For example, the rating A is the one that saves the most, therefore, if you want to spend less energy you should lean towards the kitchen ovens that are of this class.

Of course everything is dependent on your needs. It would be good to have knowledge of this comparison. So you can decide which one fits more to what you are looking for.

What consumes more: the microwave or the oven?

These two appliances of common use, differentiated into two types, gas or electric. Being the gas furnaces much more energy efficient. Since you get a higher performance by generating heat directly from a fuel than by using intermediate electrical energy.


However, in homes theis more common electric oven, which has better performance in terms of cleanliness. This type of oven has an energy efficiency label that distinguishes between 3 types of sizes according to the useful volume of the appliance: small, medium and large.


Advice for use:

  •      It is not necessary to preheat the oven for more than one hour’s cooking. Furnaces with ” forced circulation ” reduce their cooking time by approximately 15%.
  •      We must not open the door during cooking or when it is on, this causes heat to be lost from storage and an expenditure of energy.
  •      When there is little left for the completion of what is cooking turn off the oven so use the residual heat of the oven
  •      Make the most of the capacity of the oven.
  •      The convention ovens favor the uniform distribution of heat, resulting more efficient.


When not used as often as other appliances, its consumption is usually not the “highest”. However, the furnace is a great consumer of energy when generating heat at high temperatures in a very short period of time.

It is always advised that what you want to do allows you to replace the oven with the microwave, because it is faster, consumes less and is more efficient. Using the microwave instead of the oven, we will save much more energy. Keep in mind that currently the most common is the microwave. Which is characterized by having different functions such as defrosting, heating or cooking.

Minimum functions of the oven

To give you an idea of ​​the functions of an oven and to take into account to make a good purchase, you must take into account the following characteristics:

Heat up and down.

The most elementary function of all

Grill functions.

The grill will help you to prepare some delicious dishes such as cannelloni, macaroni au gratin, etc. Some ovens incorporate different grill modes that you can use as needed.


A useful function so that the meat roast does not last an eternity.


control.Either with electronic controls or the traditional rotaries. Here you should look at the range that usually ranges between 50 and 250 degrees Celsius, although cooking at lower temperatures (30 degrees) and higher (270 degrees) is sometimes useful

Clock and / or alarm

.  We also believe that it is interesting to have a type of oven that has a built-in clock with an alarm when it reaches the end, so that you do not have to keep an eye on the time and it is the same appliance that tells you when you want to remove the food. .

Trays and grills.

Another important aspect when choosing an oven for the kitchen is to look at the different heights in which the trays and grills can be placed. Normally these accessories can be placed in 5 different heights.

What can I cook in an electric oven?


There can always be the question of what can be cooked in an oven. It is good to know that in addition to heating food we can prepare many recipes in electric ovens for cooking. Everything will depend on the functions and accessories that are available. In an oven we can cook chicken, red meats, fish, stews, vegetables, even pizza, and if it has a basket, we can roast and brown food without oil. You can also make cakes, cookies, small candies, etc. In short, its use is very varied.

What should we know about oven safety?

Ovens are of great help in the speed with which they are processed to food, but they are also responsible for a good number of domestic accidents, so it is advisable to opt for a model that incorporates safety functions.

A good advice when choosing a furnace is to choose one that implements cold door security, that is to say that it has more than two panes in the door between the inside and the outside of the furnace, thus avoiding heating on the outside of the furnace. door, something very useful if there are also children in the house.

How to clean the oven?

Depending on the greater or lesser use that you are going to give the oven, you will need a model that facilitates cleaning, which you can do in one of the following ways:

  1.       Manual cleaning: 

    a)when the oven is already warm, you should clean it with a cloth with hot water and vinegar.

      2.       Steam cleaning:

the ovens that have a steam cleaning function have an interior coating of the oven with a special enamel to make automatic cleaning possible. The system is as follows: you must empty the oven (food, plates or dishes, trays …); pour a glass of water inside the oven; put it to heat the time and the temperature indicated by the manufacturer (in general, when less time is put will need higher temperature and do not exceed 270 degrees) to get the dirt inside soften; Then you can proceed to clean the inside of the oven by passing a sponge or damp cloth.


    Catalytic cleaning: 

    the oven itself – it uses the heat while cooking – to absorb the fat deposits and dissolve them – oxidizing the dirt. For this purpose, these furnaces have rough and rough walls, so that they attract the grease without getting stuck in them. The oven must have a temperature of 200 degrees for one hour. When the time is up and the oven cools down, you can now wipe dry.

4       Pyrolytic cleaning:

The oven itself decomposes all fat by heat. The oven is placed at 500 degrees through the self-cleaning system. The organic remains evaporate after becoming water and the non-organic ones turn into ashes. This being the only thing that you will have to clean, when the process finishes, it usually takes 1 hour. This cleaning is enough to do it every two months. The disadvantage is that this ease of cleaning means that it spends more energy so that the oven can reach that high temperature. In the Community of Leroy Merlin you have more information about pyrolytic furnaces.

Some recommended brands of ovens

Taking into account the quality of the equipment are some recommended brands:

Orbegozo HO232: Ideal for small families and its ease to place it in any small space, this oven has an extremely high power of 1500w. It also has four grills that are heated to achieve the desired cooking. On the contrary, its small size is not very advisable for a large family. Since they can not cook all the food at the same time.

Sindelen: As for their models of electric ovens, they have different options very affordable. The HE-100NG is one of the most basic, with a power of 750W and capacity of 10 liters, has a timer with alarm, automatic disconnection and a lower opening to remove waste.

Someone: On the other hand, its Steel Oven 46 model is made of stainless steel and has 2200W of power and capacity of 46 liters. In addition to grill and the same functions as the previous model, it has convection cooking, spit, chromed steel basket, double tray and other accessories.

Daewoo: From its DMO line, there are the 30QS and 42QS models, which differ from each other, mainly due to their size and capacity (the first of 30 and the second of 42 liters). Both have convection, grill, adjustable temperature control, expiration, timer with automatic shutdown, removable bottom tray that collects waste, 4 functions and 6 modes of baking.

In the end I have given you some suggestions and ideas about the ovens, that equipment that can make our day to day something more bearable. But always to choose, take into account your needs, whether you are from a compact family or a large one. Keep in mind the use that you will give, if you think about using it daily for all kinds of elaborations or only occasionally, in short, you already have some elements now the decision is in your hands.


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