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10 adopted children who killed some member of their new family

Adopted Child Syndrome is a term used to describe children who have been adopted who have problems. Whether they lie, they do not relate easily, they are aggressive, they defy authority, among others.

This expression has caused great controversy, and although it is not completely accepted by professionals it is used in many cases. Like the ones we bring you next. Situations, in which many families gave children the opportunity to have a new home. And nothing turned out to be as they imagined it. Stay with us and discover the most chilling stories of adopted children.

We want to clarify that murder cases that occur at the hands of children whether adopted or not are very rare and have nothing to do with adoption. They happen due to the problems they have experienced in their previous life, since many have been victims of abuse, rape etc. The function that the new family will fulfill will be to guide them and help them to get out of that trauma or problem that affects them. In addition to the care and warmth of the family they never had.

Sabrina Zunich

This girl was adopted by a couple of 40 years old, whose marriage did not seem to be working. Said marriage had a small boy of 3 years. When this girl arrives at her new home, her adoptive father Kevin Knoefel begins to notice her in a sexual way. It did not take long for her to convince her to have sex. Then he persuaded her to kill Mrs. Lisa Knoefel so she could collect his wife’s life insurance. And to be able to start a new life together.

Sabrina Zunich in November 2012, when she was only 17 years old, murdered her 41-year-old adoptive mother, stabbing her 178 times. His little brother was in the house when the events occurred, hidden in a bedroom closet. She was sentenced to life in prison. With the possibility of being released on parole when he turned 30 years of punishment for his cooperation with the authorities. Mr. Kevin Knoefel was given the same sentence for pleading guilty to inciting the teenager to kill his wife.

Carl Edward Brewer

This boy along with his two brothers was from Russia at a very early age. Carl Edward Brewer murdered his adoptive parents: 60-year-old Troy Gene Brewer, who was a pilot, and 64-year-old Mary Brewer in Texas. A friend of Brewer called the police after Brewer confessed that he had killed his adoptive parents while both smoked marijuana. Mr. Troy Gene’s body was in the master bedroom, while Mrs. Mary’s was in a trash receptacle.

Many of his friends and teachers described Carl Edward as very intelligent and calm. They said he was a teenager who was brutally educated, forcing him to sleep on the floor. And that once they left without eating so many hours, that he fainted at school. Many teachers told the authorities that their parents were very military and not at all affectionate. They punished him in the front yard of the house, with buckets in both hands. And while his arms trembled with pain, his father threatened him not to let them fall.

Carl Edward Brewer is accused of this double murder. They have not sentenced him yet. He is waiting for the court of the United States.

Joseph Wayne Cook Goswick

Joseph was a child who went through many foster homes. Until at the age of 10 he decided to adopt Wes Goswick. Who was not married, was a single man. Already in the custody of Mr. Goswick, he had to be moved to a group home since he had serious problems of anger, showing later a small progress. After being discharged from the center, he abandoned his studies and returned to live with his adoptive father.

Joseph Wayne Cook Goswick, at the age of 17, strangled his adoptive father in one of his fits of anger with a belt. And then he hit him with a blunt object. Wes Goswick, 36, was found days later on the floor of his garage. After a colleague from his job called the authorities because he had not been to work in the city of Burlington for days. He was covered with a blue blanket, and his body had cuts and scratches.

Moses Kamin

Moses Kamin was adopted in 2002 by a marriage of officials. Mr. Kamin, 55, who was a clinical psychologist in the San Francisco jail system and 50-year-old Mrs. Proff, who was a medical assistant, mentoring hundreds of medical students and nurses. Since childhood he was practicing karate, thus reaching a black belt in said martial art.

At the age of 15 Moses murdered his adoptive parents for fear of being punished for his suspensions at school. He strangled his mother with his own hands and later with some kind of ligature. When his father arrived at the house that night he approached him and also strangled him. The bodies were found by the authorities covered by a blanket in the family car. After one of his employers reported that they had not shown up for work, as he had said before, they were both public officials. Moses Kamin was sanctioned as an adult before the court after having confessed his crimes.

Sapan Purani

In Manjalpur, there lived a couple without children. Shrihari Vinod and Shena. They wanted to enlarge their family but their age no longer allowed them. So they decided to adopt a beautiful girl with only 1 year of birth. What they did not know, is that in the long run, this would be the cause of a terrible event.

On August 3, 16 years later, the authorities burst into the house where this family lived. Due to the multiple complaints presented by neighbors because of the bad smell. And suspecting the lack of activity presented by the house. In it they found two corpses that belonged to the couple. Which were decomposing so it had been at least 2 days since the homicide. His daughter, who was not at home and did not report any problems to the police, became the first suspect.

After questioning her, she confessed that she was guilty of the crime. She, and her boyfriend Sagan Purani who at that time was 21 years old. They drugged parents with narcotics. And when they no longer had the strength to defend themselves, they suffocated with a pillow. The couple just left the bodies rotting in the house. Passing each time to spray them with perfume and thus disguise the stench. According to the young woman, the reason that impelled them to kill their parents was because they governed her too much. Besides, they did not allow her to marry her boyfriend. She also confessed that during the 3 days after the crime, she was living with Purani.

Sapan Purani was sentenced to life imprisonment two years after the events. The adopted girl was sent to the intervention of minors until she reached the age of majority to be transferred.

Galen Stevenson

George Stevenson, a 43-year-old man adopted an 8-year-old boy. Which I name Galen, in honor of his brother. According to the relatives, as the young man grew up he showed clear signs that something bad was happening in his head. Therefore, they were forced to send him to a treatment center. Even knowing about the obvious upheavals that Galen suffered, no one imagined what would happen at the end of April. According to police, the small boy stabbed his father repeatedly inside his apartment in Baltimore. George, died because of the multiple injuries caused, among which were, a cut kidney and a punctured lung. At trial, because of the extent and severity of the crime, Galen was convicted and charged as an adult. At this time, he is only 16 years old.

In spite of the facts, the young man’s family stress that the care of minors and the adoption process are beautiful and very important experiences. And they do everything possible so that the thinking of the people and the decision at the time of adoption is not affected by this type of case. They still want the best for little Stevenson. Qualifying the crime as an isolated accident. Elizabeth Lopez, the lawyer in the case, said the accusations were out of place for the teenager. In addition, one of his teachers explained that the boy played chess with him daily. And that he was an exemplary student.

Johnnie Jordan

Toledo, 1996, Johnnie Jordan, a 14-year-old boy, coldly murders his elderly adoptive mother, Jeanette Johnson. This brutal crime perplexed everyone who knew this family. Since they could not think of any reason for this to happen. In addition, the young man raised in front of the police, that his mother liked. That he loved her and liked to stay with her. But they diagnosed, that Johnnie rarely had control of his actions. Little Jordan suffered an unpleasant childhood from his biological parents.

Both were drug addicts and their father, a convicted pedophile rapist. Also before being welcomed by the Johnson family, Johnnie had already lived in approximately 20 foster homes. Where he had presented violent actions.

This crime, due to its seriousness, was tried in an adult court. The young man was sentenced to life imprisonment. With the possibility of obtaining a conditional after 30 years.

Ana Carolina López Enríquez

Ana was adopted by a couple when she was only 1 year old. The father was 65 years old and the mother 45. The husband already had six children as a result of their previous relationship. Although it is stated that they only visited him to ask for money. So Carolina did not see them as brothers. The young woman claims to have received abuse and sexual abuse by the father. He used alcohol very often. So he was mostly drunk. He owned several bars and canteens. In addition to various properties and bank accounts. Thus having a high economic position.

The young woman says that she never received affection in a humble way. Well, her parents had a lot of money and they always tried to buy it with expensive gifts. And that did not give him the family love he needed. He also explains that from the age of ten he received multiple abuse and humiliations. What was creating more and more hatred towards this couple. One day, Ana decided to end it once and for all. Planning with her boyfriend and a friend how to kill them.

She wanted both of them to have a quick death, without much blood.

Entrusting the friend to strangle the mother and the groom suffocated the father. Then Ana pretended that her parents had been kidnapped. The police started with the interrogation process. Including the uncles, the girl and her boyfriend. They tried to lie to the police as planned, but they did not forestall the contradictions in both quarters. Which is why I have no choice but to surrender. This case took place on May 3, 2013.

Currently Ana is 22 years old and is admitted to the Specialized Center for Social Reintegration for adolescent offenders. As for her boyfriend and friend, they are in prison serving a sentence of 37 years.

Larry Swartz

This child was adopted by pajero Robert and Kathryn Swartz. Which could not have children of their own. Larry was the first to join the family. He had had a very difficult life. He spent all his time living in different places of welcome. The second was Michael David Swartz Michael. Which had a similar past that had made him a little rebel. The relationship of both children strengthened quickly and they became best friends. Little Michael stood out a lot in the studios because he was very intelligent.

But he was also immature. Causing your notifications to go down considerably. He was increasingly impulsive and disobedient and showed fits of anger. While Larry was the opposite. He had academic problems and very low grades. They sent him to analyze and discovered that he had a learning deficit. So they sent him to special education classes. Solving your problems like this. This made him clearly the favorite son.

When the children turned 13 the couple decided to adopt a third party.

An Asian girl of 4 years, which became the new favorite leaving Larry in second place. Larry met a girl who quickly became a boyfriend. The problem is that this was not accepted by Kay. Causing a great discussion on January 16, 1984. The young man went up to his room and began drinking from a bottle of rum.

The next day someone calls 911 for an emergency that occurred in this house. When the investigators arrive, they find Larry and Annie holding hands at the entrance of the house. Upon entering they find Robert’s body inside a small office in the basement. It was covered in blood and had multiple cuts in the chest area and arms. Kay was found in the backyard, lying in the snow completely naked. His neck had been cut deep in several spots.

He was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and $ 200,000 bail. His sister Annie went to live with some friends of the family in Annapolis.


Teresa Cameo Belenguer suffered a brutal death at the hands of her adopted son SRC Of Indian origin who was then 16 years old. The murder occurred around 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning. At number 24 Sainz Avenue in Varanda. According to the police report, the crime took place 11 years after the adoption of the minor. Caused by a discussion between mother and son. The reason for the dispute was related to the separation of the couple. Failing to reach an agreement, the young man punches his mother by throwing her on the ground. Immediately the boy runs to the kitchen and is made with a knife. Upon returning his mother still on the ground receives more than a dozen stabs in the thorax. Some of them piercing the heart.

The young SRC was sentenced to 15 years in a correction center for minors. Until he comes of age.


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