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Washing dishes is a daily task in our home and many people sometimes do not like it. With the development of society, teams have been created to improve our lives and liven up household chores. The appliance that is responsible for the scrubbing of our kitchen utensils is the dishwasher.

The dishwasher, also known as a dishwasher, is used to clean food scraps. With them we can clean the dishes, glasses, pots, pans and the rest of the kitchen utensils. They are widely used in restaurants and dining rooms due to the large number of containers that are washed daily.  

And although many people still do not see it necessary to have a dishwasher every day, it increases their presence in our homes. The dishwasher has one or more sliding trays where we must place our kitchen utensils. A filter that retains the remains, which in current models is replaced by a shredder. In addition, they include compartments where to put the rinse aid and the detergent.

In a rough way, its operation is as follows. Firstly, the filling is filled with water a space in the lower part. Through resistance, that previously accumulated water is heated. The detergent that we previously put in the dishwasher is added and the washing process begins. In this process, that water spills out strongly in the containers that we put to scrub.

Then the water used for washing is taken out and refilled to rinse the containers. It is removed again is water and dry containers, some models include hot air to facilitate it.

Among the most outstanding brands of dishwashers are: Balay, Smeg, Bosch, Teka, Siemens, Fagor, Miele, LG, Ganggenau. We can also find in the market the brands De Dietrich, General Electric, Whirlpool, AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Haier.


Balay is a Spanish appliance company currently belongs to BSH Electrodomésticos Spain. It is prestigious nationally and internationally. In the beginning they manufactured serial radio transformers, then electrical appliances and finally electrical appliances. Currently they manufacture washing, drying, refrigeration, freezer, oven, countertop, microwave, extractor hoods, cookers, combis and dishwashers. Currently, it has 5 production plants for household appliances, plus 4,000 employees and 5 factories throughout Spain.

It is highly committed to caring for the environment. It was the first Spanish brand that eliminated CFC gases from its cold equipment. They manufactured the cleaners and washing machines that consume less water in the world. They created a washing machine with drying function that does both processes without interruptions. This allows you to save 50 liters of water in each wash cycle.

The idea they convey to customers is that Balay is synonymous with comfort. They work so that their appliances have the highest quality and that satisfy the customer. Their models take into account the size of our kitchen and allow the dishwasher to pass unnoticed. They provide us with repairs and installation services for our appliances. Guidance on appliances 24 hours, online store to buy equipment. All the information that we need about the appliance that we have chosen and in a general way. They also offer discounts, promotions and many other advantages.


Smeg is an Italian company that is dedicated to the manufacture of luxury appliances. It was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni in the city of Guastalla of the province of Reggio Emilia in Italy. They make ovens, cooking plates, stoves, washing machines, washer-dryers, suction hoods, coffee machines, dishwashers, sinks, refrigerators and freezers. Among its materials they use steel, glass, aluminum and brass.

The synonym of Smeg is style and its passion for the product is recognized. To achieve the aesthetics of its appliances, it collaborates with architects who enjoy international recognition. His designs stand out for being rigorous and careful and for the excellence of his materials. He has received several recognitions and awards for the aesthetics and quality of their products.

In the development of their appliances, they take environmental protection into account. They have an internal regulation that poses restrictions on the use of substances that are considered partially harmful. They are governed by the indications of the European directives RoHs and REACH. They manage sustainability criteria by selecting suppliers that have environmental and safety certifications.


Boch is a German company created by Robert Bosch. It is dedicated to the manufacture of appliances, braking equipment for cars, power tools, boiler and security systems. Among the appliances that produce are refrigerators, plates, microwaves, ovens, freezers, dishwashers, dryers, air conditioning, ovens, hob and washing machines. In their dishwashers they include a third tray that gives them greater capacity and they are smart.  

The company has 264 production centers, 250 sales offices and more than 261,000 employees. His designs are eye-catching for our eyes and take into account every detail in the finish. He has received different recognitions and awards for the quality of his products. For example, honorable mention to good design, glass quality and sophisticated technology.


Teka is a German multinational, it is also known as the Teka Group. The products they make are for the bathroom and the kitchen. Focused on the manufacture of household appliances, taps and sinks. Among the appliances are microwaves, extractor hoods, washing machines, dryers, ovens, gas cookers, hob, induction, refrigerators, dishwashers and thermos. It has 14 factories and its products are sold in 116 countries.

It has the leadership in the manufacture of embedded appliances. Like the previous brands shows special attention in the care of the environment. Introduced on the market dishwasher models that minimize the consumption of electricity and water.


Siemens is a multinational company founded in Germany. It offers a wide range of products and services. Among the products they develop are medical equipment, transportation, household appliances, nuclear reactors, lighting and construction technologies. In addition, they provide business, financial and construction services. It has branches in more than 100 countries and more than 372,000 employees.

Their equipment is developed with advanced technology and has a sophisticated appearance, they are synonymous with quality, longevity and robustness. He received the Ecology Prize in Paris in 2011 for his Cool Efficiency that now 60% of energy. In each new design it aims to make a contribution to the care of the environment.


Fagor appliances S.Coop. It is a Spanish appliance company. It specializes in the manufacture of products for cooking, washing, dishwashers, refrigeration, furniture and advanced systems for the home. It has been a pioneer in technology presenting revolutionary designs in the market. It has a great variety of models that adapt to our needs in which the quality of the product is maintained. It is characterized for being energy efficient.

Their models offer less consumption of electricity and water. It offers its customers plans and discounts. It offers a 2-year warranty with full coverage for household appliances and a 6-year warranty on furniture.


Miele is a company founded in Germany. It specializes in the manufacture of high-end commercial equipment and household appliances. Among the equipment they manufacture are dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, induction hobs and extractor hoods. His philosophy is always better. With the premise that success is only lasting if we preserve the quality of products in an unquestionable way.

Always take into account the quality of the product that is why their appliances are related to long life. For the manufacture of their products they respect the environment. They also manufacture cleaning products such as detergent for washing machines and dishwashers and fragrance for dryers.


LG is a company based in South Korea. It has a wide range of products on the market, for example, telephones, televisions, washing machines, video equipment, dishwashers and refrigerators. It is one of the companies with the highest consumption in the world. Its products stand out for being flexible and energy efficient. It is considered a global leader and technological innovator in home devices and mobile communications.


Ganggenau is a German factory of high-end appliances. The quality of their products is largely due to being checked manually for imperfections. It is internationally recognized and commercialized in more than 50 countries. Among its products are dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, hobs and ovens.

De Dietrich

It is a French brand that is marketed in Spain by Frigicoll. It is a pioneer in the introduction of technological solutions for brands in the air conditioning, refrigerated transport, hospitality and household appliances sectors. Among its products we can find ovens, hob, stoves and dishwashers. It is a brand of recognized prestige, rich in creations, innovations and passions.

General Electric

General Electric also known as GE is a multinational company originated in the United States. It has a wide variety of products and services in the areas of energy, transportation, health and water. In addition, it provides information services and commercial and consumer financing. He has a affiliate in NBC Universal through which he produces and offers film and television services. This company has more than 300,000 employees and is present in more than 100 countries. It has branches in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and other countries.  


Whirlpool is an appliance manufacturing company, founded in 1911, based in the United States. They develop reliable equipment with excellent performance and the ideal capacity for our needs. Bringing design and functionality at all times. The company has more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of household appliances. Its equipment manufacturing branches are laundry, refrigeration, cooking and household.


AEG is a company that originated in Germany in 1883. It is specialized in the manufacture of high-end electrical appliances. His philosophy is that everything that is designed must be impeccable in terms of design and functionality. Always betting on innovation. Their models are designed with a long useful life and so that it can be used professionally. They manufacture washing equipment, kitchen and refrigerators.

Of these, plates and ovens stand out. Because some of their models offer us a more economical and ecological steam cleaning. Dishwashers stand out for their good energy classification. In addition, they manufacture coffee machines, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, kitchen robots, drills, screwdrivers, circular saws, among others. It has a marked presence in DIY.


Electrolux is a multinational corporation based in Sweden and founded in 1919. Specializing in the manufacture of household appliances, you have models for both the home and the professional field. Some of its products are dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, induction plates, ceramic hobs, vacuum cleaners and ovens. It has 22 factories in Europe and more than 52,000 employees. It is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of household appliances. Its products are characterized by elegant, original, modern and quality.


Zanussi is an Italian appliance company, born in 1916. In 1984, it became associated with Electrolux, which has been of great help to continue fulfilling its main function. They develop cooking equipment such as extraction hoods, ovens, cooking hobs, cookers and microwaves. Inside the refrigerators freezers, refrigerators of a door and refrigerators combi and two doors.  

Dishwasher and washing equipment such as washing machines, washer and dryer dryers. His designs are innovative, of great durability, quality and accessible to all. During the design of its models, it takes into account the protection of the environment. It gives us the manuals and documentation of the electrical appliances that we have acquired through its website.


This is a multinational of consumer electronics and Chinese appliance company, founded in 1984. It has a wide variety of products including telephones, computers, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and air conditioners. It is the most sold appliance brand in China and is present in more than 100 countries. It has 66 commercial companies, 33 production plants, is present in more than 143,000 points of sale. Worldwide, it has more than 73,000 employees. The brand has been evolving little by little and its products are energy efficient.


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