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Makers’agree with us that a sandwich maker is an appliance that should not be missing in a kitchen. This is true, if what we need is to save time for our breakfasts. Its simplicity in using it will always be an element in our favor.

Some models can offer us a greater number of options, but without complicating us too much. On the other hand, the crunchy texture of the sandwiches will make your palate dance to the rhythm of each bite. If you combine this with the mix of ingredients you prefer, you will surely not regret acquiring this equipment.

Before materializing your purchase, surely the first thing you will do is an online search of the available models. Overwhelmed by the breadth of the market this search can be tedious. In this article we want to propose some of the most outstanding brands in the market.

We want to give you the main characteristics of each brand, but only to facilitate your choice. It really is not a good idea to tell you what you need. Rather we show you the options and the choice is on your side. You are the one who best knows your needs.

It is important that you take into account not only your budget, but also the use you will give the team. Preparing breakfast for you or your family is not the same as setting it aside for a business.

Before presenting the different brands that you can find in the market, we want to advise you something more. It is about the care and maintenance of the equipment.

No matter which brand you buy, without proper care and cleaning the durability will not be as you expect. Where you keep it, the frequency with which you clean it, what you will use to clean it, are small details that will bring a life of use to your equipment.

Jata Sandwich Makers

This brand enjoys a high prestige in the market, so its products are in high demand by users. In the case of the sandwich makers that produce this brand, they are distinguished by the simplicity in their designs and efficiency in the toasting of the bread. They have up to four compartments to make the sandwiches, providing a tasty and crunchy texture.

Their models have an adequate seal, which is accompanied by the plates with non-stick coating. This feature will be very useful when cleaning it, as well as having simple designs so as not to complicate its use.

It is not our intention to tell you all the available models, because we do not want to overwhelm you. We show you a selection that, in our opinion, you should not ignore.

Model SW222:

It has capacity for two large sandwiches, energy efficiency of type A and a power of 700W. Both plates have an ecological non-stick coating that does not use PFOA in its manufacture.

Model SW232:

It is manufactured with stainless steel, consumes 780 W. Both plates have an ecological non-stick coating, with a capacity for 2 sandwiches.

Model SW270:

Models in stainless steel and plastic are offered. Both plates have an ecological non-stick coating that does not use PFOA in its manufacture. These can be disassembled to clean and / or exchange it. This model has three plates: sandwich, grill and waffle.

Model SW507:

It is manufactured with stainless steel, with capacity for two large sandwiches and a power of 1000 W. It incorporates a knob to regulate the intensity of toasting.

Model SW546:

It has an on / off switch, type A energy efficiency and a capacity for 4 sandwiches. Both plates have an ecological non-stick coating, without using PFOA in their manufacture.

Philip Sandwich Makers

This is one of the most recognized and prestigious brands in the manufacture of household appliances and other electronic equipment. It is true that they are best known for the production of high-end televisions, powerful music equipment, among others.

However, we want to highlight its presence in the world of equipment for our kitchen.

This brand brings to the market sandwiches that are distinguished by their exclusive designs, very liked by users. In addition to the quality and durability of them, a very desired attribute in every purchase we can make. They are easy to clean, to use and also provide a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Model HD2392:

They offer models in white and black. They have a power of 820W, handle cold to the touch and switch on / off. Both plates have a non-stick coating.

Model HD2395 / 90:

Made of black plastic. It has a grill plate, which provides versatility to its use. It has a power of 820 W, which provides rapid heating. It has an on / off switch built-in.

Model HD2395 / 00:

Made of white plastic. It has no automatic shutdown, so it has an integrated switch off / on. They have a locking handle and stay cool to the touch. It has a power of 820W.

Princess Sandwich Makers

This brand is recognized for its focus on obtaining appliances that make the daily routine a special moment. They focus on the comfort of users without neglecting the elegance and quality of the equipment. On the other hand, they offer very affordable prices that favor their competition in the market.

Its products have intelligent functions, which facilitate work in the kitchen. They stand out for the innovations in their designs, without complicating the usability of the equipment too much. The multiple facilities offered are a way to surprise users.

Model 112412:

Available in black and stainless steel. They has a cooking surface large enough to prepare 4 sandwiches at a time. It has a built-in grease tray, for the case you want to use it as a grill. It has a power of 2000W.

Model 127002:

Made of stainless steel, with an energy efficiency of type A. It has a power of 750 W with capacity for 2 sandwiches. It has a space for cable storage.

Model 117002:

Manufactured in stainless steel with a power of 700 W. It brings with it three types of plates that give it versatility in its use. It has a space for cable storage.

Model 127004:

It has a capacity of up to 4 sandwiches, thanks to the extra large surface it has. It heats up very quickly because it has a power of 1200 W. The plates are shaped like a shell, which will allow you to prepare sandwiches regardless of the amount of filling.

Tristar Sandwich Makers

This brand is known for bringing to the market very simple models that are very easy to operate. It usually proposes small formats, very convenient when there is not enough space to store it. Like most sandwiches producers, their equipment has a non-stick coating. As we have said before, this facilitates the cleaning of equipment.

Most of the offers you will find in the market achieve a good price / quality ratio. With this you can save your money and continue preparing your delicious sandwiches. Some models can be used to prepare meats, fish and vegetables. A good option that offers multiple uses.

Model SA-3050:

The plates of this model are grill style, which makes it favorable for various uses. Besides being able to prepare any type of bread, you can heat meats or vegetables to your liking. It has a power of 750 W and space to store the cable and a security lock.

Model SA-3060:

This model of reduced size is good at saving space while still preparing succulent sandwiches. The carapace-shaped plates will allow you to make more loaded sandwiches of the ingredients that you like. It has a power of 900 W.

Model SA-3056:

It offers a stainless steel finish that brings great elegance to the team. With a power of 700 W it will allow you to prepare up to two sandwiches at a time. It has a compartment designed to store the cable. In addition, it has a security lock to prevent the equipment from being stored.

Model SA-3065 XL:

Achieves a suitable temperature in a short time thanks to the 1300 W of power it has. It has a surface of 26 x 24 cm, which offers us a capacity of 4 sandwiches per batch. In addition, it has a space to store the cable.

Taurus Sandwich Makers

This brand is dedicated to the production of small appliances, useful in the home, the kitchen and even for personal care. Their models have been widely sold in the market because of the great acceptance they have caused in the users. It has managed to captivate the confidence of those who buy registered equipment with this brand.

Some models can be used both for making sandwiches and in the form of a grill. This is one of the characteristics most demanded by those who buy it. At the moment of choosing, you will find a varied offer that hopes to satisfy your needs.  

Model TOAST & CO:

With your grill plate you can give it the use you want. It has 700 W of power with an A ++ energy efficiency. It has a design that will save space and bring elegance to your kitchen. In addition to being very practical and useful for preparing sandwiches of normal size.

Grill & CO model:

Its grill plates allow an opening of 180º, with a power of 1500 W, as well as an energy efficiency A ++. Contains a tray to collect the fat from the food.

Model Phoenix Grill:

It has a cooking time of two minutes, thanks to its 800 W of power. This has light indicators that will let you know when your sandwich is ready. It has a cold touch handle that prevents burns when opened.

Model 968075000:

It has an adjustable height grill, with a power of 2200 W and energy efficiency A ++. Includes an iron to collect fat, more than one button to regulate the temperature.

Moulinex Sandwich Makers

Despite not being a well-known brand, we can say that their teams distinguish themselves by combining good aesthetics with quality in their functions. It is a French brand with great aspirations in the market. It is dedicated to the production of small appliances, such as: fryers, coffee makers, blenders, sandwich makers, etc.

Most models of sandwich makers have light indicators for cooking food, safety lock, handle cold to the touch and the valuable non-stick coating. Their simple designs will allow you to make a delicious sandwich without knowing too much about cooking.

Model Sm 180811:

You can find models in black or red. It has a power of 650 W with a capacity for 2 sandwiches. It has a compartment to store the cable.

Model SW6125:

You can find models in red and white. They are made of stainless steel, with a power of 700 W. It includes three removable plates: grille, traditional sandwich and waffles. It is not recommended for the use of young children.

Model Ultracompact Plastic:

It is made of plastic, with a power of 700 W and a capacity for 2 sandwiches. And it has included an on / off switch in addition to having removable plates. It has a compartment to store the cable.

Tips before choosing

So far we have presented you with a selection of the brands of sandwich makers available in the market. Maybe you can find many more, but with this summary you can take an idea before conducting a deeper search. However, I would like to give you some practical tips that can help you in your selection.

First point

Meditate on the amount of sandwich you need to prepare at once. If time is a limitation for you, this is important. The models can vary between a capacity of 2 to 4 sandwiches. However, some models only limit the maximum amount to those that fit, such is the case of grill plates.

Second points

Think about where you can place it or where you will store it after you use it. If space is a problem for you, you should look for a model with a small format and allow it to be stored vertically.

 Third points

If you like to maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen, I think that most models can help you. However, you must take into account the combinations you want to make with other equipment, as well as the elegance of the model.

If you already know the options and apply these tips, it is enough that you look for what best suits your needs. Buy then!


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