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Fryers without oil today

It is true that we do not all have the same tastes, because as my grandmother used to say: “Every person is a world”. I say this because maybe you’re not one of those who like to accompany meals with the odd fry. Maybe because you are bothered by excess fat or because your health conditions do not allow it. Some people take the calories they consume very seriously and are against junk food. In short, each of us has our individual reasons for selecting what we eat.

If you felt described with what I expressed previously, I want to tell you about an appliance that can be very interesting. The intention of this topic is not to criticize anyone. What I try is to offer a viable way to enjoy fried foods, while still being healthy. If we want a healthy and balanced diet, this team can help us without having to give up fried foods completely.

I mean the fryers without oil or fryers by air, which is what they really should be called. Commonly we call it “without oil” because the amount that is needed is almost negligible. With this equipment we can fry our chips with only a spoonful of oil. Incredible true? That’s what I thought when I started looking for some information on this topic.

Not everything is rosy. There are some differences in the results, compared to traditional fryers. I want to talk about this topic later, because I want your conclusions to be based on a cost / benefit analysis. For that I will comment on how they work, benefits of having it at home, as well as the differences with traditional fryers. With these and some other elements, you can make the choice for yourself.

How do they work?

The first time I heard the name of this appliance, the first thing that came to my mind was: – Is it really possible to fry my chips without oil? How is this possible? – As we mentioned earlier, the idea of ​​”without oil” is a half truth. This type of fryer cooks foods with technologies that use hot air instead of oil. This does not mean that they do not use this product at all, but that only a very small portion is enough. Usually a spoonful is enough.

Its operation is based on the use of hot air at high temperatures. To achieve the cooking of the food, it must circulate at high speeds inside the container. These devices have an electric coil that is usually suspended above the food. It is responsible for the generation of dry heat that penetrates them and heats them inside. They also have a fan that sits on top of the coil to create a stream of hot air. In this way the superheated air circulates below and around the food.

In these teams, the small portion of oil they need turns into a fine mist that covers the food. On the other hand, they take advantage of the humidity inside them to create the necessary steam that helps to complete its cooking. In this way it is possible to imitate the behavior of traditional fryers.

Types of fryers by air

When I talk about types, I do not mean a technical classification of these fryers. Rather, groups that I wanted to distinguish one from the other to help you in your choice. My goal is to give you elements that help you choose the model that best suits you. You know your needs and circumstances well, what I propose is to show you the options.

According to the cooking system

The first classification I want to tell you about has to do with the size. If you have problems with the space of your kitchen, this will help you to choose well. Some models have a design where what stands out is their height, while others are mostly wide. This is directly related to the internal cooking system. Let’s see the two types that exist.

        Vertical cooking system:

Fryers that opt ​​for this cooking system, focus on developing the height. They can be up to 40 cm tall. They use a fan to ensure the recirculation of hot air from bottom to top or in the opposite direction.

Horizontal cooking system:

The models that adopt this cooking system can be up to 40 cm wide. The height is not very considerable, usually only becomes 30 cm or less.

These are only approximate data. It is clear that before choosing the model you want to buy, you should consider the space available in your kitchen. This has to do with the surface that occupies the fryer, as well as the height of it.

According to the loading system

This is important to make sure to place it in a place that is comfortable for us to handle. Regarding this issue, not only the size of the closed fryer is important, but also how much the size increases when opening it. For this reason I wanted to present you another way of grouping these fryers and it has to do with the way to open them. I mean the way we can deposit the food inside it: the loading system.

Drawer type loading system:

Fryers that have this type of loading system are very comfortable to use. Generally they do not offer problems with the space, since they only require free space in the front part. Generally these fryers locate the compartment for the elements in the lower half of the equipment. In this way the cooking basket is under the coil that generates heat and the fan. Normally they have a handle in the front that will be useful to remove the drawer and place it in another place. We recommend that the surface be resistant to heat to avoid accidents when loading food.

Loading system with book type opening:

This is a completely different design. They usually locate the fan behind the cooking basket. In addition, they have a lid that rises upwards, that is, as when opening a book. Normally this lid is transparent, which makes it easier to control the cooking of the food, as well as to observe its progress. The drawback with the models that apply this system is that they need a little space at the top. I mean that there should be no obstacle that bothers opening the fryer.

Benefits and disadvantages

With an air fryer it is possible to fry your food with 85% less fat than traditional fryers. This will not only allow you to save oil, but you will enjoy much healthier meals. Since they work hermetically closed, when using them you will avoid the smoke and the strong odors in the kitchen. Nor will you have to fear the splashes of hot oil. Finally, I want to highlight the comfort they provide with the auto-off function. This allows you to not have to be too careful while cooking your food. In addition, they are very easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating they have. Against you, I just want to tell you that these teams usually are a bit slower than traditional fryers. This implies a greater electrical consumption. The taste and texture of the food are not exactly the same, but it is a price to pay for our health.

What you should consider before buying it

Ates to buy your fryer by air, you should evaluate some aspects. It is clear that the brand is what we perhaps look at first or the budget we have. Both factors are important, but we will talk about the brands later. For now I just want to talk about some features you should look for in an air fryer.

Aspects you should consider are:


At this point it is up to you to decide if you are looking for a simple or complex model. In the first case I am referring to a model with the basic functionalities for frying, roasting or baking food. On the other hand, there are models with more structured functionalities. They can include timers, temperature regulator, anti-overheating system, and others, which will help you get delicious, much healthier dishes.


This aspect is closely related to the speed in the cooking of food. In the market you can find fryers by air from 800 watts to 2000 watts approximately. Despite this, it is important to clarify that a longer cooking time is needed than with traditional fryers.


This aspect should only be evaluated if space can be a problem for you. However, it will always be healthy to think about where you will locate the equipment before buying it. We recommend that you pay attention to the dimensions so that your purchase does not become a problem when using it.


At this point what we want you know is how many servings will allow us to elaborate at once. A large family should think about buying an XL model. This will allow them to do the same one small plate that several rations at the same time. On the other hand, for a young couple we recommend a small fryer that will be much cheaper.

Some models available in the market

If you do a quick search on the internet with the keywords “fryers without oil”, you may be overwhelmed. The amount of information you’ll find may be broad enough and yet not find what you’re looking for. That is the reason why this article has been written, to give you useful information to help you select the fryer you need. Then, I present some of the models you can find in the market.

Philips HD9641

The first guarantee we have in this model is the company from which it comes. His experience in the production of household appliances is a good point in his favor. This model has incorporated TurboStar technology that helps the effectiveness and speed in the cooking of food. Not only can you use it for frying, but it is also possible to use it to roast or bake whatever you need. Its size will not be a problem, since it implements a drawer type loading system, with 800 grams of capacity. This makes it not suitable for large families, but very useful for individual use.

Aicok DEAFF70691-HMCMT

This is one of the cheapest brands on the market. This model has a non-stick tray with capacity to store up to 3.5 liters of food. This makes it a good option for large families. Its capacity will allow you to cook the amount you need at one time. It has built-in safety mechanisms that will prevent possible burns. This is extremely useful for homes where children live. Something that has against this model is that its lid does not fit completely on some occasions.

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1

This is a very interesting model given that using 2-in-1 technology will allow you to cook two different meals at the same time. For this it has an LCD screen that manages the two cooking zones independently. In addition, the baking basket has a non-stick ceramic coating. Despite being a relatively small equipment, it has a capacity of 1.5 liters. This is a brand recognized for the durability of its equipment, but it has its high price against it.

Philips Airfyer XL

This is a model that stands out for its large capacity of 1.2 kg of food, which is very favorable if your family is large. In addition, it incorporates AirFyer hot air technology, which is good to gain speed in cooking your food. It also has a touch screen that will make the interaction with the team very comfortable. Among the options it has includes an intelligent pre-adjustment button. With this button you can save the configuration to prepare the dishes that you commonly make.

With the elements that I have offered you I think that you already have criteria to make your choice. However, if you have any questions you can continue your search on the web. What we are discussing here can serve as a base for you to find what you are looking for.


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