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Appliances are equipment that has arrived to humanize household chores. After finishing a family dinner we have an unpleasant task in the kitchen. The scrubbing task is somewhat tedious and takes a considerable time to complete. It is here that a saving appliance emerges that improves the quality of life in the home. The time saved is considerable.

The dishwasher is the appliance that will get us out of trouble. This with a circulation of hot water and detergents makes the cleaning for us. The projection of water under pressure together with the other ingredients makes its function. In the end everything is rinsed with clean water to finish the scrubbing.

If you still do not have this appliance and you are thinking about buying one, today I have what you need to know about it. I’ll tell you how it works, what features it has, tips on how to use it, etc.

Understanding the dishwasher

The dishwasher whose function is to wash the dishes for us. It has one or barias trays that slide. Here the crockery is placed depending on the characteristics of the model. Everything with great care not to get piled up. If it is misplaced, an unexpected result can be obtained in the cleaning. In case of larger food remains are stuck in the filter. For this reason it must be cleaned periodically. Currently dishwasher models instead of filter have a shredder. In this way, with the passage of water the waste is eliminated and we avoid the manual cleaning of the filter.

In the market there are equipment with double water intake one for cold water and one for hot. Depending on the automated that the device has, it would be able to make use of the cold and the hot one. With these water mixtures, the cleaning of our slab is achieved together with the detergent.

Parts of a dishwasher

To understand how a dishwasher works, we must first know what its components are.

  •         The first and most visible on the outside is the control panel. This section is where we choose the type of scrub to use. There are many washing programs, always depending on the model we have.
  •         Inside we have our arms. These play a fundamental role in washing. That’s why we should clean them frequently.
  •         The trays is another component, this is where the tableware is placed.
  •         Finally there is the filter  


How a dishwasher

works We have already seen how a conventional dishwasher works in general. Now we will see in more detail how this scrubbing process occurs. In the market there are many models of these appliances. Each one with different characteristics but most work under the same principles. Now I will involve you the common point of all to realize your goal.

  •         The first thing the dishwasher does is to get water. In an interior compartment stores water used as a reserve to perform its washing function.
  •         The second step is to heat the stored water. The equipment through electrical resistances makes the process. This is key because hot water is essential for efficient scrubbing.
  •         After heating the water, add the detergent that we previously put in the dishwasher. This team is able to administer it and use the necessary amounts.
  •         With the hot water and mixed detergent starts scrubbing. Inside the dishwasher you can see how water is fired under pressure. This water with detergent at about 60 degrees removes all dirt.
  •         When the washing is finished, the water is drained. This is how the rinsing process begins. The water with detergent loaded at the beginning has already been used and drained. Now it is charged again with clean water and heated to rinse.
  •         After rinsing and draining all the water, the drying process occurs with the heat that the dishes still hold. This concludes the task and the dishes are ready for their next use.

Types of dishwasher

We have already seen the operation of the dishwasher a moment ago. Now we will see the types of lava dishes since there are different models. Although in recent times this appliance has evolved there are three types fundamentally.

  •         The integrated ones are those that are placed inside a piece of furniture. In this way they become the preference of many people because it does not change the style of your kitchen.
  •         Dishwasher free installation are those that we can put anywhere in the kitchen. They are usually placed below the plateau. In this way the space is used more. Of this type there are many designs and models to fit the different kitchens.
  •         Finally, there are partially integrated dishwashers with a combination of independent and integrable. The panelables can be installed embedded in a piece of furniture or how they come.

What to choose to choose

To choose the dishwasher we have to keep in mind some things. It’s not just looking at the face or models. There are other things that are important to not make the wrong purchase.

First part

  •         First let’s look at your washing programs. These are variables depending on the model. The best dishwashers have programs that adapt to different needs and preferences for energy saving. There are dishwashers with options that allow you to program the equipment to perform its function in deferred time.
  •         Size is important in what you have to look for. If we do not take this into account, we may bring home a very small team or perhaps a very large one. This characteristic is eligible depending on the need of each person. By size they are usually divided into three groups, large, small and compact model.
  •         Look at the layout of the trays, that you have the possibility to adjust the height is very useful. This adaptability allows us to have more options to put different dishes.
  • Second part

  •         Noise levels are important so as not to feel annoying shaking of the dishes on the equipment. All dishwashers have on the label the noise levels produced by the scrubbing process. Within the standards it is not recommended that the noise exceed 60 decibels
  •         The material with which this fact affects its durability. It is recommended that this be made of stainless steel. With this material we should not worry about the action of water on the metal.
  •         The energy saving is of note if we are facing one of the appliances that consumes a lot of energy. This is because it is put at least twice a day. In addition, it has any  heat resistance to heat the water to do its homework.
  •         Finally it is a question of aesthetics and personal taste presence. But having an appliance and using it every day without liking it like it looks is annoying. So choose a nice one for your eyesight.

Dishwasher washing programs

In this section we will analyze more deeply the dishwasher programs. It is a very useful advice to buy the equipment to review your washing program very well. It is good to know exactly what it is and how much it actually consumes electricity and water per wash cycle.

Only this way it is possible to know if the fusion “ECO” or “BIO” of the dishwasher is really effective. Manufacturers tend to recommend these scrubbing programs because they heat the water a little less but run for longer, questioning whether or not it actually saves more.

In this sense it is advisable to look for dishwashers that include in the washing cycle with cold water. So dishes that are not very dirty will not have to subject them to washing with hot water. Considering this a considerable saving of energy.

How to choose the washing cycle of the dishwasher? The most advisable is to adjust a cycle according to the detergent to the needs of the moment. The OCU determined that the most economical dishwashers have a water flow of less than 12 liters per cycle. This in itself is already a saving, because a manual washing consumes 4 liters per minute.

Energy efficiency

The consumption of electrical energy is always valuable. A team that does not implement rational use of this energy could be a long-term problem in the home. The dishwasher for its frequent use is one of the appliances that consumes the most. That is why it is advisable to choose the device it is good to take into account its energy efficiency.

These devices implement a labeling system to know their energy efficiency. They are values ​​of letters from the letter A to the G (A, B, C, E, F, G) they represent the electrical performance. With this distribution the letter A will have the best efficiency while the letter G will have the worst performance. Know that for the case of letter A there are denominations such as A +, A ++, A +++ where A ++ is the best.

How to install a dishwasher

Dishwashers are easy to handle. If we compare it with other appliances such as washing machines or ovens, it has fewer functions. That is why its installation is not complicated and it is very simple.

First install the socket at the sink entrance to the equipment. Always install the cold water tap, since the dishwasher heats the water. If your device is one of those that use both types of water, you must install both. These are usually more expensive.


You will be asking yourself what is important about the detergents. The detergents counteract the mineral deposits and the hardness in the water. With them the remains of food dissolve more easily. For this reason you can not use any type of detergent. Only those that are indicated for use in dishwashers should be used.

Using another type of detergent could damage the crockery or simply cause overflow of equipment due to excess foam. A problem that usually occurs is inefficiencies in the washing of the dishes. Residues of food or detergent can be found. This case it can be caused , problems with water pressure.

If hard water gets into your house, the accumulation of minerals such as magnesium can clog the water. To avoid this once a month put a little vinegar in the detergent dispenser and you have run this load bacía.

How to care for the dishwasher

  • Carefully put the dishes in the dishwasher. That the plates and vessels have an adequate separation. This way water can have a good effect on them and better results will be obtained.
  • Check that the blades rotate without tripping. Keep the rinse aid and salt levels supplied.
  • Keep the dishwasher filters clean. Always remove the thickest debris after each scrubbing
  • Once the wash program is finished, keep the appliance door closed for half an hour.

Tips for buying a dishwasher

Many times we get carried away by the cheapest or by characteristics that we do not even know what they are for. Why before taking action to buy a dishwasher, keep this it:

Choose the A +++ energy label. They have a reduced consumption of electricity. That has favorable long-term results.

For washing choose the most suitable program for the dirt of the dishes. To make use of a long program for a little dirty crockery means a waste of current and water. There are manufacturers that incorporate features in their appliances that automatically adjust the consumption in the normal program.

Ensuring that the equipment

Ensuring that the equipment has anti-overflow protection is essential. The current models are well equipped. This does not mean that all functions are very useful. One piece of advice is that the functions include water stop, anti-overflow and water leakage.

The Most dishwashers have double pipes, this avoiding dripping in the event of a break in the inner pipe. Depending on the model, some implement a float that catches in the drain if the water exceeds a certain level. The much more revolutionary dishwasher models, the valve is ordered to cut the water inlet.

 Look at the time it takes to do your job. Most have a duration time for a normal program between two hours.

We talked about everything related to a dishwasher. At this moment you are with the necessary knowledge to make your choice. Choosing one is a personal decision,  when you have the necessary knowledge this is  appropriate.


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