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Electric pressures cookers

In general, a household appliance is designed for two fundamental purposes: to save you time and offer you comfort. Having the time in your favor is crucial when you have a tight schedule. On the other hand, if cooking is not your favorite place, appliances can be a valuable help. Such is the case of electric pressure cookers. This appliance has become a revolution in any of the kitchens of the world. Their comfort and ease when cooking, they place them in an indispensable equipment for any lover of the kitchen. Not to mention that its benefits are numerous. I will comment on them a little later.

An electric pressure cooker works on the same principle as traditional pressure cookers. Since they are hermetically sealed, they use the trapped vapor to cook the food. In this way it is possible to reduce the cooking time of the products. The most notable differences are that this pot has an integrated electric resistance that generates heat, in addition to being self-programmable. This feature is really loved by both the beginners in the kitchen and by the more experienced. Avoiding the stress of cooking times is a great help.

I think his high level of autonomy in cooking food is the key to his popularity. Users can prepare their favorite dishes with the least possible attention. In them you can cook meats, vegetables and cereals without the slightest problem. The options panels will indicate the appropriate time in each case. However, it is worth experimenting and playing with your options, but it is not very recommendable for novice chefs.

Later I want to talk about some models, as well as several items to take into account before making your purchase. I just want to show you the way, the decision is yours.

Benefits of having one at home

I think these electric kettles have a number of advantages. We could even say it’s a mini kitchen. Because with them we can do many specialties and is that they can cook almost anything. The fear that existed of burnt foods no longer exists because they are programmed. This is even better than I thought, because by programming I can leave without worrying about my home. Upon return and dinner is ready and hot.

It does not take much space to place it in your kitchen and nothing to give off heat. You will have the same comfortable and fresh atmosphere to prepare the homemade delicacies. It should also be mentioned that they are very economical if it is electric power. They save a lot more than electric burners and ovens.

These pressure cookers are much safer than traditional ones. They usually implement several security mechanisms, with the aim of avoiding accidents. Its design is prepared to handle the excess pressure, which will be ventilated if necessary. They have cold touch handles to prevent burns. On the other hand, some models are prepared to regulate the temperature in such a way that your food is kept warm.

Regarding food, I should point out that with these pots, vitamins and nutrients are preserved more. They maintain the texture and color of the food, as well as keeping the flavor of the meat very well.

Models available in the market

In the market you will find a great variety of models, since what is sought is to satisfy your needs. The size also aligns with your preferences, so you can find a pot especially for you. The offers you will find can vary from very modern designs to the most simple and traditional ones. Next, I present to you some of these models.


This model has a capacity of up to 6 liters. It stands out for its ease of use despite having options to cook up to 16 different recipes. The preparation of food is quite fast thanks to its 1000 W of power.

Aicok ESAFF70638-HMCMT:

This model offers you 7 different functionalities: Pressure Cooker, Slow Fire, Sauté, Rice Cooker, Oats Porridge, Heat and Vaporize. Each of them has configurations that you can use according to your need. It has a power of 1000 W and a capacity of up to 6 liters.

Grand Finn Mayor F PLUS:

This model can be operated through a convenient control panel and even has a voice guide in Spanish. If you do not have much time, with the pre-programmed function of up to 24 hours you can leave your meal programmed. It has a capacity of up to 6 liters

Instant Pot IP – DUO60:

This model has 14 intelligent programs and an improved pressure sensor. It has a power of 1000 W and a capacity of 6 liters. Bring with you a book of very interesting recipes to make good use of your pot.

Orbegozo HPE 6075:

This model has a capacity of 6 liters, with a power of 1000 W. It has a control panel that is simple and easy to operate. It allows setting the cooking time of the food, in addition to offering pre-configured options.

The ideal size

The question of size has two areas that you should examine. The first thing is space, but I do not think that is the biggest problem. Most current models do not differ too much in the space they occupy. On the other hand, it is important to assess the capacity that fits your family. I mean you have in mind the amount of food you need to cook daily.

If you only cook for you and your partner, it will be very economical and convenient to look for a 2.5-liter model. On the other hand, if you usually cook for more than three people, it is advisable to look for a 4-liter model. However, if your family is large, the recommended is a model with a capacity between 6 and 8 liters.

What you should examine before buying it

From the offers you will find in the market, choosing the best one is complex. Each model has its own characteristics that you must combine with your needs. In this section I want to highlight some of the features that can help you make a good selection.

First of all, I recommend that you pay attention to the capacity of the team. This is extremely important if you have a large family that you love to cook for. Before making your purchase, verify that the delights that you prepare in your pot will be enough for everyone. However, if you live alone, a smaller model is enough for you. It will surely be much cheaper, but remember that your future situation may change.

You should also check the features that the model you choose. At this point it is important that you know what you are looking for. If you do not want to complicate with advanced options, choose a model with the basic functionalities. For example, there are models that have a small rotary button to indicate the cooking time of the food. Others a little more modern have a LED screen with various options to configure the cooking of your food. I do not think they are too complicated to operate, just read the user manual a bit.

Another important point in your selection should be the ease of cleaning the equipment. This has a lot to do with the materials with which the equipment has been manufactured. The food container should have a non-stick coating for easy removal of food debris. The outside should allow the stains to be removed with a damp cloth. So it will be very easy to maintain your aesthetics.

Culinary tips when using them

At this point it is good to remember what the saying says: “Each teacher has his little book.” This is very true, but I think that good advice never hurts. Usually, these pots practically do not waste the water that you incorporate into your food. That is why I recommend you use a restricted volume of liquid ingredients when cooking your meats. Usually, after finishing the cooking time, I need to reduce the sauces a little. Of course, this is applicable for the case in which you like meats with a thick and concentrated sauce.

This type of appliance should not be used to fry food. In addition to not being designed for this function, the non-stick coating of the container may be damaged. Of course you can experiment with the configurations, but the recommended is to use it according to the features it has.

Another important aspect is that you should not use them as steamers if they do not have this functionality. Most of these pots have a built-in fuse to prevent overheating of the equipment. They also have a pressure sensor that is useful to prevent this from happening, and automatically regulates the heat.

Recommendations for the care of the equipment

When we buy an appliance, we always want that in addition to giving us a good service, it accompanies us for a good time. This has a lot to do with the brand of the team, but in turn also influences the care we give him. That is why I wanted to give you some recommendations to take care of your pot and thus ensure that it works well.

The first thing I want to recommend is that you do not fill your pot above the top of the capacity. It is usually 4/5 the size of the container, but for foods that grow you should not exceed 3/5 of the capacity. On the other hand, you should not cook a quantity of food below the minimum indicated in the container.

Be careful when placing the lid. You must place it in line with the top of the pot and press down when closing it. On the other hand, when you open it, verify that you have lost all the pressure. This will prevent accidents or damage the structure of the equipment.

If after each use you clean the board of the pot, you will help in its conservation. When placing it on the lid, you must move it to both sides to verify that it is well placed. You should not try to replace it with another one of a different model. This can affect the proper functioning of the equipment.

Before closing the lid, it is recommended to turn the container to verify that it is correctly in contact with the resistance. This helps to take care of the components of the pot and ensures proper operation.

Other technical care

Being careful is very useful to extend the life of our equipment. It is true that they are not eternal, but good care helps durability. Next, I offer you some of the technical tips for the care of your electric pressure cooker.

  •         Do not connect the cooker to electrical outlets that are not safe or in poor condition.
  •         You must place the pot away from flammable products.
  •         Do not place the pot in spaces with humidity.
  •         In case of breakage, consult the technical staff. Do not attempt to repair it or replace internal parts by yourself.
  •         Do not add weight or cover the pressure valve with any object.

Traditional pressure cookers vs. electric pressure cookers

Perhaps you have a traditional pressure cooker at home and you doubt if you really need a pressure cooker. I must tell you that both are useful, but analyze for yourself which one offers you the greatest benefits. Next, we will evaluate some aspects of these two types of pressure cookers.


In traditional pressure cookers all its structure is made of the same metal. Electric cookers combine stainless steel with plastics resistant to high temperatures. They incorporate insulators to avoid overheating on the outside.


Both pots can have two or more mechanisms to adjust the pressure. However, electric pressure cookers have a valve to release the steam in case of emergency

Heat source:

The traditional pressure cookers need an external heat source, while the electric ones have their own incorporated.


In this aspect traditional pressure cookers have the advantage. However, the wide range of features offered by an electric pressure cooker can be impressive. It is worth investing a little more economy in favor of your comfort.

With these elements it is up to you which of the models of electric pots you need in your kitchen. I hope I helped you make a good decision.


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