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More brands of washing 2019

machines are the household appliances most used in the home. Its price in the market is high so it is necessary to choose the best performance and ensure long-term use. In this article we will see which is the best option for you and to take into account to make the right decision.

To buy a washing machine it is important to evaluate size, type of load, electricity consumption and many other things. You also have to know the differences between automatic and semi-automatic washing machines and investigate a little about brands and their prices.

The best washing machine is possible to define it. And it is not to blindly surrender to the purchase of the best brand by rankings on the internet. The best washing machine is the one that best suits your needs, the one that best responds to your needs. The same washing machine does not need a person who lives alone to whom a family of four uses. The wider the family, the more clothing accumulates and the larger the washing machine should be.

What washing machine to buy?

In this sense, it is useful to define for how many people your team will be serving. From there you start to assess what would be the best price-quality option for your case. The idea is to go to the best brands, compare prices and know all the options.

Expensive brands and good prestige but expensive

Miele: The Miele brand is the most expensive washing machine and undoubtedly have an unquestionable fame. Their somewhat high prices for the common user range between 1000 and 2000 euros in case of Europe. In the market we can find washing machines with similar characteristics much cheaper. But never deny the unparalleled quality of these devices.

AEG: Among the best positioned is also the AEG, its prices do not reach those of Miele but are still high. The advantage of this brand is that it has a more diversified range of prices. With washing machines ranging from 400 euros being the simplest, to 1000 with higher performance equipment.

LG: LG brand with several years of experience in the production of household appliances is positioned within this group. It is without a doubt a good option and you have many new features and functions. Its price is around 400, but it is variable depending on the model.

Bosch: this brand has many models for sale. For example, the WQ244 model is one of the most recommended and has a high quality sales pipe in 2018. With good acceptance by users, it has a variety of prices to meet all needs. From the simplest productions for the best prices to the high range that reaches 1400 euros.

Electrolux: a brand of good reputation. It has affordable models but there is not much variety in cheap prices. It is comparable with the E AG in terms of provision but with a cheaper cost.

Siemens: this mask is high-end with prices from 400 to 1500 euros. Among its most economical models is the Siemens WM14Q467EE.

Cheap recommended washing machines brands


It is the second brand of Electrolux and AEG. This brand is quite cheap, the prices of washing machines are between 200 and 400 €. If we have little budget to buy this would be a good option.


This brand with a wide variety of models and prices has equipment for all users. We can find from just over 200 euros to 1000. It is low-end and a highly recommended option because they manufacture very economic washing machines with good benefits.


this brand of Chinese origin has been in the market for a few years now. With something to highlight is its improvement in recent times in the technical service. It is low-end but recommended for low budgets.


very cheap brand, has many negative opinions in the technical service network. You can save a lot on the purchase because of its low price. But as the saying goes, “cheap is expensive” if it breaks, discontented lake could come out.


these washing machines have good results and are very cheap. With its low cost it makes them interesting but for this same wreck you can buy a Balay.

Siemens WM12Q48XES

A moment ago we were a little puzzled by the price of the Miele. Now we will see a washing machine that for three times less the price has the same benefits. Among its features is the implementation of A +++ and with a load capacity of 8 kg. One kilogram less capacity but nothing significant when we look at the price difference with the Miele. It presents a good efficiency in the centrifugation and performs well removing stains. In the process of centrifugation generates about 74 decibels of noise, a little more than the Samsung brand. But in the wash with only 49 decibels improving compared to the Samsung.

Balay 3TS984B

The Balay brand has a very good user satisfaction, so they have a high number of sales. Of these equipment there are some that are among the best according to the O CU. Of course we are talking about the Balay 3TS984B. Among its advantages is its A +++ energy certification for savings. But not only saves this model of washing machine energy and water but also now our money. This equipment is at a very economical price in the market, for example in Spain it does not reach 350 euros.

With a powerful spin leave the clothes spongy. With a capacity of 8 km and in the washing function does not make considerable noise. In its functions of both washing and spinning noise levels averaged by 60 decibels. This washing machine despite having such a comfortable price for the user has very good benefits.

LG Washing Machine

As we have mentioned to have a good washing result, we have to resort to the best known washing machines in the market. The LG brand has its place of importance in the development of household appliances. Their washing machines have years of exploitation and have a good acceptance in the customers.

With a wide variety of products for all tastes and with different prices. They range from small washing machines to the largest ones. At the moment they exhibit a novel design, the LG Twin Wash. Another of its products is the LG FH2U2VDN1 that has a capacity of 9 km to wash. This washing machine implements the A +++ labeling, more efficient in saving energy and water.

If you’re looking for something more compact, this brand has the LG F2J5WN3W model. With about 6.5 kg capacity and a very economical price. In the energy cost is very efficient and very easy to use.

Balay 3TS986XA.

This is one of the best washing machines in Balay and its price is 800 euros. Some of its main features are that it is an extremely silent washing machine. For dosing, it has an automated system. In this way it distributes water and detergent very efficiently. It has 3G balance sensor. More important than we can think because it directly influences the drying of clothes and tissue care. The VarioSoft drum has a decisive importance for that care, since it reduces the friction of the garments with the walls. Implements the highly appreciated A +++ energy efficiency standard.


Samsung is a washing machine brand that handles its value for money very well. With innovative technology makes the washing process very efficient. In its production range it has top loading models. Very comfortable for people who have trouble bending over. But if you’re looking to save space you can choose a model with a front load, so you can put it under a piece of furniture.

General Electric

General Electric has very efficient washing technology. Its main problem is that it does not have a great variety of models. For example, there are no washing machines of this brand with front loading. But they are very efficient in washing and withstand heavy loads with continuous use. A slogan that characterizes them is to wash more in less time.

In its production line there are still round washing machines with vases and porcelain tub. With this design it achieves a high efficiency in washing and with 25 minutes it has completed its work. As we said their loads can be large up to 18 kg. The washing and rinsing time is controlled with an automatic timer.


Mabe offers its Aqua Saver Green technology that saves up to 76% of water per wash. They are characterized by extra large washing capacity of up to 24 kg. For small or compact models offer capacities of 7 kg. For a single person or a couple with one of these compact models is more than enough. With automatic and semi-automatic productions it has had good acceptance in the market. It has no front loading models.

Semi automatics have an affordable price. These offer greater control in the washing cycles and in water consumption. These washing machines also have two independent tubs for washing and spinning. In this way you can do both functions at the same time separately. Mabe is one of the best brands of washing machines if you are looking for quality at a low price.


The washing machines have a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. Models from front loading to top loading with double tub. No doubt Daewoo is one of the washing machine brands that best combines the quality and price. Some of the models have an ecological system that combines high efficiency with low water and energy consumption.

These washing machines have everything and for everyone, from low ranges for people with fewer possibilities to high ranges of better performance. Never neglected no matter the production line the quality of the result. These washers with lint catchers and tubs with designs to avoid damaging the tissues is a good adoption for the purchase.

Candy CST 372L-S

The Candy washer has a top loading system. Drum capacity of 7 kilos and energy efficiency of type A +++. In the centrifuge it is equipped with a power of 1,200 revolutions per minute. It is good to note that it is very sea bass with only 55 kilograms and has a size of 85 x 40 x 60 centimeters.

the  includes NFC technology, thanks to which features are added through the use of the Smartphone. It includes 14 programs for washing and has digital touch display and its noise level is 61 decibels.

Bosch WAYH890ES

High-end Bosch model with a price of 1600 euros and belonging to the Professional production series. With high-tech features such as Home Connect (remote control via Smartphone or tablet). Equipped with automatic spot selector, which can differentiate between 16 different types of stain. With this equipment the user can know what the water and energy consumption is at the beginning of each program. It also has the automatic and intelligent dosage of detergent and water.

EVVO 3.10

This front loading washing machine has a washing capacity of up to 10 kilos. It has a centrifugal power of 1,600 rpm, includes an inverted motor and allows to add clothes during the washing process.

Implements A +++ for energy and water savings. It has 16 washing programs presented on LED screen. It has a locking system for children’s safety and an automatic variable load. For things like this is very good acceptance by the user.

Characteristics to which we can add its dimensions of 59.5 x 62 x 85 centimeters and at very low prices.


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