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Washer-dryer equipment

If we have little time to wash or we are not very fond of this task in our home. We should consider the idea of ​​buying a washing machine. With a washer-dryer, if we wish, we will only have to put the clothes in and take them out when dry. With this appliance we have a washing machine and a dryer in a single unit. In addition, they are also an excellent option if the space we have at home is small. If the kitchen or bathroom is small. Or the place where you want to put the appliance you choose to wash is small. This saves us the space that would occupy the washer and dryer, without losing any of the functions of them.

Characteristics of the washers

The designs of washers have novel features that make them interesting for people. These characteristics can be general or dependent on the brand that made them.

Most washing machine models have built-in LCD screens and electronic controls that are tactile. These controls allow us to create the program that we want.

There are also intelligent washer-dryer models that we can control from the mobile phone. With applications that allow us to download additional washing programs. These applications are available for Android and iOs operating systems. In addition, we can program them to wash at the time we want.

Some models of washers have built-in automatic door locking system during operation. With systems to detect water leaks in case of any damage. They distribute the clothes in the drum and control the foam that is generated when we are washing.

Self-diagnostic systems that warns us about possible errors of the washer-dryer without having to call a technician.

They include anti-allergy programs, which thanks to steam reduce mites to 99.9%.

The washer-drier can also have the 6 motion DD function incorporated. This function combines 6 movements that leave the clothes as if washed by hand. And it allows you to adapt to any type of fabric that you want to wash.

Advantages of the washers

The main advantages of the washers are versatility, saving time and space and the treatment of delicate garments.

The washers can be used as a washing machine, as a dryer or to join the two functions in a single wash. It does not offer several cycles where we can soak our clothes and choose the number of times we want to rinse. If we want to just rinse and dry or wash and rinse. In short, we have a large number of combinations of actions when we are going to wash. Some models of washers include the steam function. This function removes wrinkles and odors from our clothes, thus reducing the time spent ironing.

In the market there are models of washers that have cycles from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Short cycles can be our allies. For this we must take into account when choosing the type of fabric and the level of dirt of the clothes.


Between the cycles brought by the washer-dryer we can choose according to the type of clothes. There are specific cycles for delicate clothes. This is possible because the movement of the drum is adapted depending on the type of fabric.

The saving of space is the characteristic that jumps to the view when we see a washer-dryer. If we had to look at two places in the home for two appliances with different functions. Now in a single space we will have an appliance that will do those two functions.

Another advantage of these appliances is that they are energy efficient. They warn us at all times in which phase of the washing they are. And they have a wide variety of washing cycles.

Front-loading or top-loading

washer-dryer The washing-dryer models on the market can be front-loading or top-loading. It is important that you know the models of washer-dryers to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Front-loading washer-dryer front-loading

Themodels have the lid on the front of the washer-dryer. They have more washing capacity than top-loading washer-dryer models. These models are more energy efficient than top-loading models and save more water by having the drum vertical. Although it should be noted that front-loading models are being manufactured with these same savings advantages. They are generally of greater capacity than those of higher load, centrifuge better and their washing programs are more advanced. They are not recommended for elderly people, with spinal problems or having problems when bending. Since, as its cover is in the front, when washing we must fold to enter and remove the clothes.

Top-loading washer-dryer top-loading

The models have the lid on top of the washer-dryer. They are narrower than front-loading washers. So they have more facility to fit in tight spaces. But we can not put it under the kitchen cabinet since we could not open the door. Therefore, when choosing where we will put it in the home, the door is an aspect to be taken into account. An advantage of this type of washer-dryer is that it allows us to incorporate clothes while we are washing.

To choose our model we must also keep in mind where we want to put it. There are places in the house where it is more advisable to put a model and not the other. If we want to install it in the kitchen and embed it in the furniture, we recommend a model of front-loading washer-dryer.

If we have a space for our washer-dryer we can choose the model we want. In that case we should look at other characteristics such as capacity and spin speed.

Aspects that we must analyze when buying a washer-dryer

There is a group of aspects that we must keep in mind when we are going to buy a washer-dryer for the home. As we saw earlier one of them is if the washer is front loading or top loading. Taking into account the space that you have at home to put it.


Another important aspect is the capacity of the washer-dryer. The capacity of the washer-dryer is closely related to the number of people living in our home. If you live only a 5 kg capacity washer is the one recommended for you. If you live with your partner it is recommended that you buy a capacity washer for 7 kg. But if you live with more people, a washer-dryer model with a capacity of 9 kg or more is recommended.

In case you do not choose a model with the recommended capacities it does not mean that your choice is incorrect. But, if you choose a model with less capacity for many people you will have to do more washing cycles. If your model has a lot of capacity for one or two people, you may have made an unnecessary expense of the budget. In addition, it means a greater expenditure of water and electricity. Although there are models in the market that calculate the level of water depending on the laundry.

An important fact that you should know is that large capacity washers are not equivalent to more space. This means that they have more capacity so you can wash more clothes in each cycle.


speed The speed must also be analyzed. More speed in the spin will make our clothes dry faster. It is recommended that this speed be at least 600 revolutions per minute.

You can also look at the centrifuge efficiency of the washer-dryer. This measures the residual moisture that remains in the clothes and is expressed in letters. These letters range from A to G, A indicates greater efficiency and G less efficiency.

Fitting model or free installation

Depending on the method, the washer-dryer can be fitted or free-installed. Of the type that we choose also depends the place where we can install it.

The  washers are designed for kitchens with little space that only have the right space to put it. Also known as integrable washers because they are integrated into the kitchen decoration. To do this we just have to put a door like the decoration and it is as if it were not there. The main advantage of these washers are that they are quieter than the free-standing washers.

The free-standing washer-dryer we put it in view, in the place of the house we want. These washers become part of the decoration of the house. They are also known as independent washers. They are usually white, black or stainless steel. This type of washers are abundant in the market and are the most showy and easy to sell.

There is a type of washer-dryer that is an intermediate point between the fittings and those of free installation. This type of washers are the panelab. These washers have a door that covers them as well as the fitting ones. With the difference that the function panel is exposed. These types of washer-dryer are not completely integrated in the kitchen and do not contribute to the design. For that reason at present they do not have great acceptance and they are less produced.

Noise from washing machine when washing

Noise is another way to pollute, and makes us feel uncomfortable if we have a household appliance that makes a lot of noise. It is therefore important that we pay attention to the noise produced by the engine. Nowadays, silent models are being manufactured with anti-vibration systems and other features to reduce noise. You can look at the label of the washer-dryer. They indicate the noise level of the washer during washing and during spinning.

Cleaning the washer-dryer

When we finish washing we must clean our washer-dryer, thus lengthening its useful life. Also with a systematic cleaning we will maintain in good condition its outer part and without stains of water or soap. Next, I offer you some points that you can take into account for the cleaning of your washer-dryer.

Wipe the outside and the function panel with a damp cloth. The cleaning should be gentle so as not to damage it and if you want you can use some cleaner.

Leave the lid of the washer dryer open for a few hours after using it. You can leave it until you’re sure it’s dry. This prevents molds from forming or getting a bad smell inside.

You must remove and clean the filter that collects the particles from the tissues every time you finish washing. If you want you can dry it out of the washer-dryer.

Extra cleaning

The drawer where you put the detergent can be removed and rinsed with water from the tap. This removes any residual detergent that may have remained when washing. If any residue is not removed with the tap water you can remove it with a brush. If you wish you can dry the drawer with a cloth and put it back in its place. But let it dry in the open air for a while and then put it in the washer-dryer.

You can clean the door of the washer with a brush. This way you eliminate the churre that may have adhered to it while you wash.

At least once a month you should put the washer-dryer to work without clothes and only with water. This removes tissue or detergent residues left in the equipment while we wash. Some washers have incorporated a cycle that can be called drum cleaning in some models or self cleaning in others.

Tips for using the washer-dryer

In spite of the cleaning that we must do to the washer-dryer when we finish washing. There are long-term details that we must take into account to ensure that our washer-dryer continues to function properly. Then I mention some of them.

You must check the pipes where the water reaches the washer and drains. If they are not in good condition, you should replace them. Some tubes have an anti scale filter that we must also check, to clean it if it is thick and if it is necessary to change it.


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