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Cleopatra in our times

If you are a woman lover of the mysteries hidden in the history you must have heard of Cleopatra. Maybe if it happens to you like me, you would like to discover why it became so famous. Was she really that attractive and intelligent? What is your story? Why did she become so famous? Why is it still a subject to be discussed?

The years and centuries pass but not for Cleopatra. It was a woman who lived in the midst of wars and family misery. Born in Egypt as a result of incest, it marked the final stage of a country in decline. Since her appearance as the youngest queen that this nation ever had and also the last, multiple stories were told. Bewitching an entire town and the men he decided to have in his walk has marked a milestone through time. The queen of Egypt is currently sought by multiple archaeologists. His death and life remain a mystery to all. It is practically impossible to know the truth when it has not been lived. However finding such a finding can mean the answer to many questions.

This article aims to describe Cleopatra as it was. Based on the stories that historians of the time capture. It is no less true that his fame has been marked by not so real ideas but in this article we focus on the common arguments for each writer. We will see how this woman was able to conquer the most important personalities of Rome. We will discover how in spite of the antiquity of the time this woman possesses qualities and characteristic of any person of the 21st century.

History of Cleopatra

Plutarch as a writer and historian of the time was one of the main authors of the stories that currently exist of Cleopatra. There are many versions that exist about the life of said woman. Many claim that she was beautiful, charming and very attractive to the point of driving all men crazy. His beauty can not be affirmed, however his personality managed to captivate important figures such as Julio César and Marco Antonio. Being these the two most important men in your life. They allowed her to rule Egypt as she wished.

Going a little deeper into her story we have that Cleopatra was born when Egypt was about to lose all its splendor in the hands of Rome. Last descendant of the Lágida dynasty, or Polemaica. It was torn from her homeland by circumstances alien to her. As he grew up, he dreamed of being the person who gave the splendor that his nation needed. This was the purpose of his whole life. He witnessed repulsive feelings in his family, such as envy and jealousy. Witness of murders in his family, which caused his character to be strong and determined. Each Ptolemy, he thought differently and longed for glory for himself. She was no different and as she grew up she did everything in her power to achieve her goals.

Amorous relationships:

She was married according to historians with at least one of her brothers, although both are mentioned. Marriages that ended badly because both wanted to dominate alone and in one way or another their destiny was death. While Cleopatra was unharmed by the collateral damage.

His first conquest in search of his goals was Julio César. Many historians frame the first encounter of these as one of the most exciting and daring. Cleopatra wrapped in a carpet entering the bedroom of Julius Caesar. Many compare it with Aphrodite in the verses of his verses. However there is no absolute record of this truth but if there was a relationship between the two bearing fruit to a son, Caesarion. The Romans were not very satisfied with this decision by Julius Caesar so they worked out a conspiracy against him that ended his life. Rome longed to possess Egypt as another province, Cleopatra hinders these plans to be the mistress of Julius Caesar for which the senate of Rome decided to eliminate it.

Marco Antonio

Marco Antonio is Cleopatra’s second target when she is alone without the help of Julio Cesar after her unjust death. This was one of the main generals who commanded his army. Cleopatra to be hidden in after the death of his lover decides to resort to the help of this to save himself and save his son. With his arts of seduction Marco Antonio is captivated by initiating a relationship between them that lasted approximately more than a decade. They had three children as a result of their unbridled passion. During the years of life with Marco Antonio, Cleopatra made Egypt a nation full of splendor through his knowledge of economics, medicine, philosophy, languages ​​among many others. He had great qualities to direct and decide on the fate of his people.

To complete the story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra appears Octavius ​​Augustus, another of the generals of the army of Julius Caesar. This considered that because of the nefarious nymph his commander had died. This is why he decides to take revenge and kill Marco Antonio in a war from which he escapes. Years later Octavio returns to kidnap Cleopatra and it is when Marco Antonio receives the false news of the death of this one, reason why he commits suicide. When Cleopatra knows about the death of Marco Antonio, her life also ends.

Suicide for love?

It has dramatized many about the possible great love of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra. Some claim that despite the toughness and government interests of Cleopatra, she fell deeply in love. On the other hand the Egyptologist Zahi Hawass has his own theory. For him the queen of Egypt conquered Marco Antonio for the same reason as Julius Caesar, flourish his Egypt in decadence. She also assumes that she herself sent the false message to Marco Antonio of his death and then tried to conquer Octavio Augusto and he rejected her.

Marco Antonio and Cleopatra’s relationship lasted more than ten years. From her three children were born. It is not possible to determine if they really committed suicide for mutual love and misfortune for not being together. Only the lovers knew what they felt in that determining moment. No one will ever know the reality after the death of these great personalities. Some authors reflect Cleopatra as a frivolous woman interested only in gaining power over Egypt. Others claim that the only one who managed to conquer the heart of the nymph was Marco Antonio.

After so many stories and theories, it only remains to know the story. Draw your own conclusions and stay with the best version for your taste and interest.

Interesting data.

Time and man have created an image of Cleopatra beyond reality. It is compared with the goddess Aphrodite and there is speculation of its great beauty. The truth is that we will never know unless we travel in time. There is no possibility of knowing with certainty what the real Cleopatra was like. But according to the currencies that she ordered to elaborate and in which we can see her face, this is not as perfect as they make us suppose. There are even writings that talk about his nose that was not very graceful.

But what difference does it make if it was pretty or ugly? Cleopatra was an admirable woman. She lived in a time when the world was being born. She was one of the first women who raised a nation and made it splendid. He lived his life as he wanted, with all the luxuries and loves he wanted to have. There was no man who wanted to conquer and reject it. He had his own coin, sculptures in his name and has survived in history through the centuries. It is currently a mystery that many archaeologists and scholars of the subject long to discover.

How Cleopatra died

No one knows how Cleopatra died. For years, this possible theory of the bite of an Egyptian cobra has been elaborated. The asp that ended the life of the eternal Cleopatra. The love story that ended in a tragic ending. The reality is that no traces of poisons were found or charged at all. The body of Cleopatra lies somewhere in ancient Egypt and has not yet been found. Many mysteries to discover are left and the death of this nymph is another of them.

Some realities were not captured, nor is it possible to ensure what is written. Truly all the authors agree in their intelligence and character when raising a nation in decay as it was Egypt. It is not possible to assure how he died and his grave or whereabouts remains a mystery to planet Earth.

Will his grave be found?

Many archaeologists continue to investigate for years the enigma that circulates about the death and physical disappearance of Cleopatra’s body. It can not even be said that a cobra has truly murdered her as narrated by legends. The mystery of his tomb lies under the sands of Egypt next to the great pyramids or in some other unexplored place.

According to the work of Plutarch who was one of the most realistic historians about his life, his body was buried. The Egyptologist Zahi Hawass after ten years of research affirms his theory that the nymph can lie at the bottom of the sea of ​​the ancient port of Alexandria. Excavations are currently underway in the Temple as well as in the depths of the sea that bathed the ancient port of Alexandria. Cleopatra coins, statuettes, other tombs have been found but nothing of the whereabouts of the last queen of Egypt or of Marco Antonio.

Other theories suggest that perhaps it was incinerated and kept in some mausoleum in Alexandria. The place of its deposit remains a mystery. Archaeologists are eager to find it because it will be an impressive find full of history.

Shakespeare was inspired by Cleopatra

Many were the authors who were inspired by the life of Cleopatra to make sense of his works. One of them was William Shakespeare who immortalized the love of the couple in a romantic novel with a tragic end for love.

The work called “Marco Antonio y Cleopatra” was written by Shakespeare in 1606 where the story of the two lovers is told. Work that, according to unanimous opinion, unites all the arts that Shakespeare knew how to use. It contains a double plot: the political and amorous disputes, which lead Marco Antonio to a tragic ending that unites the two themes. The conflict between East and West is suggested. But above all is the complex personality of Cleopatra, which stands as one of the top creations of the author’s collection of human characters. (Shakespeare Total, nd)

The woman of today reflected in the figure of Cleopatra.

Many women have marked history but Cleopatra survives the centuries and the new generations. It has been one of the most coveted secrets of the queen planet. His figure is presumed impeccable. Its accurate character. Her personality, structured by beauty and a born intelligence turning this woman into a symbol for all. What woman of our days would not like to feel that way?

Cleopatra was authentic despite her time of her circumstances. She was a woman without prejudice and with very clear objectives. He fulfilled most of his wishes and not because they fell from heaven but because he persecuted them. He was very intelligent thanks to his studies and knowledge, which many were acquired in the great library of Alexandria.

Any woman can be a Cleopatra. That one that fulfills its aspirations and follows its instincts. That which faces the impossible and with its ideas achieves a change around it. Cleopatra was a woman like any other living in her time and space. Women today have the opportunity to show how much they are worth. As long as they do, they may not mark the history of the planet as did this Egyptian. But they will mark the history of his family and will be an example of purity and authenticity worthy of being followed for all its transcendence.



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