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Bicarbonate  Sodium Uses.

Baking soda is a miraculous product because every day new uses are found, both for personal care and for cleaning the home. In addition, it is widely used in the world of health thanks to its dissimilar properties that benefit the body. You have probably read and heard a lot about sodium bicarbonate in the different mass media; still I recommend you read the following uses that this versatile product has.

Uses of sodium bicarbonate for health:

  •         Baking soda is an excellent home remedy for stomach gas. This product reacts with stomach acids generating carbon dioxide, which helps to eliminate them completely. For this trick to work properly, only ½ teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a cup of water should be taken with caution.

You can also ingest the juice of a lemon with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda on an empty stomach. This will help to purify toxins from your body, alkalize the blood and eliminate parasites.

  •         It is very uncomfortable to run into a bad water on the beach. If this happens to you, you only have to make a mixture of 3 parts of baking soda with 1 part of water to eliminate the irritation.
  •         If you have chickenpox, applying baking soda powder in the buds will relieve the itching.
  •          And If you are suffering from tonsillitis, gargle with a cup of water and a teaspoon of baking soda. You can also use this mixture if you burned your tongue with some food one day.
  •         This trick is well known and is very effective: mixing baking soda with toothpaste in daily brushing helps whiten teeth, combat gingivitis and get rid of bad breath. With this trick you also have to be careful, because an abuse of sodium bicarbonate when brushing the teeth, leads to a long-term loss of tooth enamel.

You can also use it in rinses with water to eliminate halitosis, that is, bad breath.

  •         It acts as an anti carcinogen and as an antioxidant capable of preventing premature aging.
  •         If you suffer from constipation, you can remove this condition from your life if you combine the following recipe with the completion of physical exercise, a healthy diet rich in fiber and the consumption of the recommended two liters of water daily. To make the recipe you must heat a glass of mineral water, when it is warm remove it from the fire and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Stir until bicarbonate is as dissolved as possible. This mixture is recommended to drink it one or two hours before or after having eaten, twice a day.
  •         Increase sports performance. For this reason, many high performance athletes ingest sodium bicarbonate as a supplement to obtain greater physical performance.
  • Others

  •         To relieve insect bites you can apply a mixture of baking soda with a part of water on them.
  •         It is highly recommended to fight colds, flu and flu symptoms. The first day, ½ teaspoon is dissolved in a glass of fresh water; 6 doses are taken at two-hour intervals. On the second day, 4 doses of ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate are taken in a glass of cold water, also at two-hour intervals. On the third day, two doses of ½ teaspoon are taken in a glass of fresh water in the morning and in the afternoon. Subsequently, ½ teaspoon in a glass of fresh water every morning until you notice a relief in the symptoms of the flu.
  •         A mixture of water and bicarbonate relieves the burning sensation when urinating, as it balances the acids in the urine.
  •         Used on a burn after having properly disinfected, prevents blisters from scarring.
  • Warning

  •         If your baby suffers from diaper rash, add two tablespoons of baking soda to the water in the tub, it will give you immediate relief and reduce irritation.
  •          Helps you lose weight. The bicarbonate helps to balance the Ph of the blood, which means that it reduces the acid tendency and favors oxygenation of the cells and digestion. Collaborate in the alkalization of the agency; an alkaline body transforms fat into muscle and energy.
  •         If you have a splinter, add a tablespoon of baking soda in a small glass of water. Submerge the area where you have the splinter for several minutes. Do this twice a day.

Uses of baking soda for beauty:


  •         Mixing baking soda with water can decrease acne. You can also replace the water with the juice of a lemon, but you can only use this mask at night, because the lemon can cause spots on the skin to come in contact with the sun. It is extremely effective in treating the annoying blackheads and pimples of the skin. It even serves to eliminate the red spots that come out in the pores after waxing or shaving with rake.
  •         To make a facial scrub that removes impurities, mix three parts of baking soda with one of water. Apply the mixture on the freshly washed face and make circular movements while extending it all over the skin. Rinse with plenty of water and continue with your facial routine as you normally would.
  •         Add baking soda to your shampoo to remove the dirt that has accumulated on your scalp. Perform this treatment every 15 days.
  •         If you have dark spots in the armpits, you can apply baking soda mixed with a little water and scrub the mixture. Do it once a day before bathing and you will begin to notice results in a month.
  • Second

  •         To exfoliate the elbows, make a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice to form an abrasive paste. Rub this mixture on your elbows to soften and exfoliate them, while producing a calming effect. Apply this trick twice a week to notice the results.
  •         If you like to show off healthy hands and nails, make a paste with baking soda and water, apply it on your hands and massage to remove dirt and dead cells.
  •         Make a mask of coffee and bicarbonate to exfoliate your skin and leave it firm and smooth.
  •         Sodium bicarbonate is a very good product to eliminate the bad smell caused by excessive perspiration. You can apply it in paste directly on the armpits.
  • Third

  •         If you have skin burned by the sun, add ½ cup of baking soda to the warm water of the bathtub. When you finish your bath, let your skin dry with the air. You can also add the mixture in a compress and apply it directly on the burn.
  •         Make a mixture of warm water and 3 tablespoons of baking soda, let your hair brushes and brushes and makeup brushes in this mixture and will be as good as new.
  •         To show off a spectacular tan, put a part of water with two parts of baking soda. Use this mixture instead of the common tanner and then rinse with plenty of water.
  • Fourth

  •         Sodium bicarbonate can be used to clean orthodontic appliances in a solution of two teaspoons of this versatile product dissolved in a glass of warm water.  The Sodium bicarbonate loosens food particles and neutralizes odors, keeping appliances cool. Another way to clean them is to rub a brush designed for oral appliances with baking soda.
  •         Add baking soda to your bath water, this will remove the acids from the skin and sweat leaving your skin soft and smooth.
  •         Introducing the feet a while a day in water with baking soda not only eliminates the bad smell, but also produces a relaxing effect.
  •         Sodium bicarbonate is also a good ally to eliminate the annoying dark circles. Just mix one teaspoon next to another one of filtered water or chamomile tea. In a small glass or container, mix the baking soda with the liquid you have finally chosen until a liquid paste forms. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and leave it on the skin under your eyes for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse with plenty of water.

Uses of baking soda for household cleaning:

  •         Add two tablespoons of baking soda to your dish washing detergent, this will help reduce fat and release food from pots, dishes and pans. In the case of pots, if you have food stuck, put them in soaking with baking soda, water and your usual detergent; then use dry baking soda to scrub them.
  •         Helps neutralize odors Put it inside the refrigerator, shoes, trash cans and dirty laundry, or anywhere else where you want to eliminate strong odors. In the case of shoes, you only have to sprinkle the baking on the templates and let the night pass. The next morning, the bad smell will be gone.
  •         If the microwave has a bad smell, heat inside it a cup of water with two tablespoons of baking soda for two minutes. This will eliminate those annoying odors.
  •         After washing the towels, tablecloths, tea towels or napkins, if they still have a bad smell, soak them with baking soda.
  •         To remove the musty smell inside the car, spread a little baking soda.
  •         When you take out the garbage, pour some baking soda inside the garbage basket that you have at home to eliminate bad odors.
  • Helping

  •         Helps remove stains thanks to its abrasive properties. In stains that may have walls, furniture, apply the product directly on the stain with a sponge or cloth slightly moistened. For stains of clothes, just apply a little baking soda in the washing machine.
  •         Add some baking soda to the water you are going to use to clean the refrigerator, freezer or stove. In this way the dirt will come out faster.
  •         It can be used to remove oil stains on the floor. It also fades the coffee stains that remain in the cups.
  •         To clean the jewelry mix two tablespoons of baking soda with three cups of water. Brush the jewelry gently with a toothbrush that you no longer use. The jewels will recover their original brightness.
  •         It can be used to extinguish a fire. In fact, sodium bicarbonate is the main component of fire extinguishing powders.
  • Cleaning

  •         To clean the baby’s toys, mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with ¼ gallon of water.
  •          Clean carpets, sprinkle some baking soda, let it act for 15 minutes and then vacuum.
  •         To clean tiles, just pour baking soda on a damp sponge and rub as usual. In addition to removing dirt, this will provide a rejuvenating effect to your tiles, as the bicarbonate gives them shine.
  •         Soak sponges with bad odors in a strong solution of baking soda in order to remove all dirt that is retained in them. To make this solution, mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in 1 liter of warm water.
  •         To clean the oven, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven. Moisten the baking soda with water. Let rest throughout the night. The next dawn, rub and with the help of a sponge or a vacuum cleaner, remove the baking soda. Then, rinse the inside of the oven.
  • Conclusion

I hope you have found these curious tricks to be very useful. Many think that to have a clean and radiant house, healthy hair and skin and enviable health, it is necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on treatments and products; but it is not necessarily like that. Many times we have at home various products enriched in properties that favor all of the above. We just have to know the correct way to use them.

Gretel García García

Philosophy student, University of Havana.



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