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Cleopatra in our days

Cleopatra in our times If you are a woman lover of the mysteries hidden in the history you must have heard of Cleopatra. Maybe if it happens to you like me, you would like to discover why it became so famous. Was she really that attractive and intelligent? What is your story? Why did she become so famous? Why is it still a subject to be discussed? The years and centuries pass but not for Cleopatra. It was a woman who lived in the midst of wars and family misery. Born in Egypt as a result of...

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Do you have a presentation and do not know how to do it?

  20 Tips to make it a success In professional life there are many opportunities to shine. There are many moments in which through a good presentation we must demonstrate our achievements. Moments like those can be the theses of graduates, masters. Diplomatic or commercial events. Conferences given by you about your work in your country or in another region. In short, the different spaces in which opportunities such as these occur are dissimilar. When we have a close presentation we dream...

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The laptop

What features should you look for in a laptop in correspondence with your work? You need a laptop and you do not know which one would suit you best. There are many aspects to take into account when making this decision. The market is very large and offers us so many options that we do not know which one to choose. It is very important that you are clear about what you need and the functionalities that you require from it. In correspondence with your profession will be the performance you need...

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Learn to play the guitar

Learn to play the guitar today When you think of the guitar as an instrument, and after watching many rock and roll videos, it is believed that it is easy to play, that in a short time you will catch the blow and we will be rock stars. This is not true, learning the guitar requires a lot of time and perseverance. Many methods that generate knowledge and a lot of practice, above all. Learning this instrument, like any other, is not an instantaneous thing, but depends on the dedication that is...

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Tips to reading study

Tips to study and improve your reading habits If, like many students, you suffer “the illness of the finalist”, I share some tricks to study that have worked well enough for me. Studying has never been synonymous with fun for anyone, probably all describe the study as something that is lazy. Who has not had to study all morning coffee-based to pass an exam the next morning? If it has happened you will know that it never brings good results and you end up suspending and stressing...

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