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Bicarbonate  Sodium

Bicarbonate  Sodium Uses. Baking soda is a miraculous product because every day new uses are found, both for personal care and for cleaning the home. In addition, it is widely used in the world of health thanks to its dissimilar properties that benefit the body. You have probably read and heard a lot about sodium bicarbonate in the different mass media; still I recommend you read the following uses that this versatile product has. Uses of sodium bicarbonate for health:         Baking...

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The fantastic world of our brain

The fantastic world of ours brains Your brain begins to form just when you are a small seed in the womb of your mom. First it starts with approximately 250 neurons that are then developed and multiplied. They allow you to evolve little by little when you have not even left to discover the world. The brain is a real mystery that goes with us everywhere. On many occasions it frees us from great troubles. We know that although we are totally alone will help us out of any circumstance. Traits like...

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How to keep our body healthy

How to keep our body healthy today   If you are one of the people who are frequently asked how to keep the body in the correct line without reaching the excessive I think this article would be very helpful to understand how your body works and thus maintain a regimen of healthy body life. The first thing we have to take into account when talking about a healthy body is the difference between mental health and physical health which are two totally different...

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Have a healthy life today

Have a healthy life Every person in the world chooses the way they want to live their life, but it is necessary to know in what way we can do to live that life as healthy as possible. Having a healthy life either physically or mentally consists of balancing our thinking with our action. When we talk about healing, we talk about restoring something that was sick, which can give us a clear example of how we can sometimes change and replace the wrong with the right, or sick with the healthy, in...

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Nap, yes or no?

Nap (Siesta) in Spanish, yes or no? Where does the word nap come from? The word “Siesta“ has its origin in the Latin “sixta”, which means “the sixth hour of the day”, and it supposes the moment of rest that allows to recover forces in the middle of the day. After a meal, many of us feel sleepy and eager to lie down for a while, no matter how much we fight against this sensation, the most common is that we finally succumb to the arms of Morpheus (Greek god of...

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