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How to lead a good marriage

How to lead a good marriageRate this post How to lead a good marriage Marriage in society is nothing more than the social institution that can adopt a religious form,. Which in turn creates a conjugal relationship between people. Although in this century many people attribute the word marriage to...

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How to care for the environment

How to care for the environmentRate this post How to care for the environment on the world. The environment is nothing more than the set of physical, chemical and biological components with which we interact living beings. This is not only about a space in which life develops. But also...

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The best “places” around the world

The best “places” around the world5 (100%) 13 votes The best places. The world is full of wonderful places in terms of landscapes, architecture, people, idiosyncrasies. Many of which we are not aware of their existence. One of the greatest experts when it comes to travel...

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Speaking in public.

Speaking in public.5 (100%) 1 vote Public speaking. (How to overcome fear of the audience, minimalist approach to presentations, etc.) According to experts on the subject is described that the fear of speaking or expressing in public is one of the most feared experiences by most people in...

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Love in society

Love in society Rate this post Love in society. Love is the purest feeling that moves in society. It is the affinity that exists between beings. It is a feeling related to affection and attachment and as a result produces a series of attitudes and emotions. Within love we can find representations such as the goodness and compassion of the human being. Love in society is...

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How to be a good friend?

How to be a good friend? Rate this post Get a good friend When we talk about friendship, the first thing we have to take into account is its true meaning. When talking about being a good friend we have to think about how that friendship manifests in our interior and how we can make it known to other people in our environment. What is friendship? We can describe it as an...

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