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A correct cleaning of appliances can serve both to keep this type of electrical appliances in good hygienic conditions and to prevent possible breakage, malfunction or other problems derived.

Another aspect to keep in mind. That even when you buy an appliance. You have ensured that it meets good warranty conditions. Reliability, efficiency and quality. This type of products as it happens with everything in life, they deteriorate little by little with their use.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain a minimum. Maintenance of this type of elements. Since otherwise you will have to buy new appliances. Sooner than expected . You will have to carry out urgent repairs. When the problem could have been prevented with a simpler repair and economic or simply with a correct cleaning.

The maintenance of appliances on a regular basis. The best way to keep your appliances in perfect condition and increase their durability.

Repairs appliances in Miami and other major cities are a very good and even economical solution depending the type of arrangement appliances, as there are many companies specialized repairs and technical services multitude of brands such as Service Repair Miami, although as we have already commented, it will always be better to prevent than to cure.

In any case, the repair of household appliances will always. Be a real and very practical option. That you can use if even carrying out a constant maintenance, your appliances suffer breakage or work poorly.

If you want to know how to prevent possible repairs. Pay close attention to the advice on appliance maintenance that we offer below, for sure they will be very useful.

9 tips on appliance maintenance that you should know

These are the 9 most important appliance maintenance tips.

For their preservation and the best of their useful life

1. Never use an appliance without reading the manual

Read the user manual or instructions, in addition to teach you. How to use the appliance correctly. It will help you to know its limits and those aspects that deteriorate its maintenance and useful life.

These are the most useful and practical appliance maintenance tips to make them last longer. If you follow them, you will surely notice an immediate improvement or over time of these devices.


Up to here comes this post on maintenance tips for appliances. But not without first commenting on some important aspects to consider.

You have to keep in mind that depending on the type of appliance. The periodicity of the tasks described will be one or the other.

For example, some devices require continuous maintenance throughout the year. While others only need control and revision between 1 and 4 times a year.

Others, however, due to their use during certain times of the year. It is recommended that they carry out their revisions. Maintenance tasks prior to their use (mainly in certain specific periods of the year).

Such as the tools and gardening devices that they should be checked at the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall to make sure that when they are stored and not used so much, keep working correctly during the next

  1. Pay attention to the alarms and warnings

Modern appliances, currently have all kinds of acoustic alarms and visual signals that warn you. If the device suffers a problem.

That is why, to keep your appliances always have to be alert to these types of warnings and take appropriate measures as soon as possible to reverse the problem and not increase it with what it entails (greater breakage, higher economic cost, more time to its correction and worse solution).

3. Battery care

Many appliances work with rechargeable batteries that increase their operating time between use and use, but when used for a long time end up crashing, losing their capacity to retain the load and not fulfilling its function, in many cases due to a bad use.

Therefore, it is advisable not to overload (unplug them when they have been fully charged) never remove them completely. If there is always energy inside, it will be easier to extend its life.

4. Cleaning and treatments against water lime

In our country there are areas with high levels of lime in the water that cause appliances that heat the water for its operation suffer problems of lime buildup (causes the heating elements that heat the water work worse and worse), such as water kettles, steam cleaners, washing machines and steam irons.

The best option for the prevention and maintenance of this type of appliance is to use specific lime removers for each appliance.

  1. Change and clean the filters on a regular basis

Many household appliances and appliances have filters such as vacuum cleaners, extractor hoods for the kitchen or air conditioning.

For this type of appliance to work correctly and last longer, it is essential to change or clean the filters every so often.

And a bell filled with grease will extract less smoke, a vacuum cleaner with a saturated filter will remove dust less efficiently and an air conditioner with a clogged or dirty filter can cool or heat less and can also carry a risk to health.

To find out how often the filters should be changed and see how they are changed, it will be as simple as reviewing the appliance’s user manual where all the instructions of the appliance have to come.

6. Do not overuse your appliances

If you overload your appliances with too much work, as for example it can be the case of excessive use of the washing machine in terms of the number of washes per day and kilos of clothes in each load is likely to You end up having to call a specialist in repair of washing machines or buy a new one.

In addition, energy is wasted in this way, and the device does not efficiently comply with its work since they have been designed for a certain workload and if this is exceeded they may not offer the same results.

7. Use accessories to improve their efficiency

The accessories and accessories of household appliance repair service as well as being cheap products can be tremendously useful to facilitate the work of these devices and thus extend their durability.

And is that using an accessory such as those brought by vacuum cleaners. You can do your cleaning tasks faster. Better you will have to use the appliance for less time and therefore its life will be longer.

8. Beware of ice

The accumulated ice in both freezers and refrigerators. The main enemy of this type of appliance repair Miami. Since it will make them work less efficiently, since they will use more energy to maintain the temperature.

For the maintenance of household appliances of this type. To eliminate the ice. It is best to empty it completely periodically, let it thaw (you can put a towel to collect the water). Another option is to empty it . Scrape the ice with a specific tool . As not to damage the walls of the appliance or a steam cleaner to speed up the process.

  1. Monitor the seals and rubber seals on the doors of your appliances

This is a fundamental element for the proper functioning and proper maintenance . The appliance repair Miami with doors and they have to have a hermetic seal such as ovens, washing machines and Refrigerators

And is that if this type of appliance are not hermetically. Sealed will not work correctly, because they lose the optimal temperature. Due to water leakage or even cause water leakage in the case of washing machines.

For proper maintenance of appliance repair service with this type of elements.

It will be essential to check that the appliances work properly . That the rubber seals and seals are kept in good condition. Otherwise they will have to be changed.

We hope that this post has been illustrative of how to perform. A proper maintenance of appliance repair Miami in your business, home or anywhere else.

If you need, complementary services in your general cleanings and maintenance of facilities, in Cleanings LM2, we can help you. Get in touch with us and discover our professional cleaning and maintenance services. We will advise you in a personalized way and without commitment

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